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LOST DOG: White & Brown Rat Terrier “Rambo” 8-1-15

8-1-15 lost Dog rat terrier rambo


LOCATION_DESCRIPTION: 8-1-15 Our rat terrier got out of our yard yesterday and didn’t come home. His name is Rambo. He is white with brown spots. $100 reward for his return. He was last seen on Willows Rd and Viejas View Lane in Alpine Ca.


NAME: Karina


TELEPHONE: 619-357-8928

TYPE: Lost

DATE_STAMP: 8/1/2015


A Heartfelt Farewell to Joan MacQueen Middle School Principal Jon McEvoy – By Lou Russo

My opinion

jon mcevoyYesterday I heard a rumor that the principal at Joan McQueen Middle School, Jon McEvoy, had left Alpine Union School District (AUSD). I had it confirmed today that he has left for a school in La Mesa/Spring Valley. The advisors around JFK were referred to as “The Best and Brightest” and I shall always consider Jon the Best and Brightest of AUSD. I first met Jon when he was principal at Alpine Elementary School (AES) and considered him then, and still do, as the quintessential elementary principal. Jon cared deeply for the students of Alpine and showed it in every way.


When parents went to him asking his support for the lighted crosswalk at AES, Jon gave it, fully and willingly. His “all in” for this safety measure was what was needed for the County to get it done. He did the same for the new school signs on Tavern. Over and over, he stood with the parents and students to provide safety, academic excellence and a nurturing school environment. Anyone who has seen Jon during an assembly or fair or just walking around campus, knew that his students, our children, loved him as much as he loved them.


More than all of this, I knew Jon to be a man of integrity, ethics and moral compass. He was a team player, but always made sure his superiors knew where he stood. In many ways he is like the many Marines I have known in my career, people who make a reasoned, intelligent, informed opinion known to their bosses, but in the end say “aye,aye, sir” and do their best to follow their bosses’ direction.


I have my ideas as to why Jon left us. I am sure many of you do also. I am not surprised that another district grabbed him up so quickly, he is an excellent catch. I am saddened that AUSD did not keep him.


Finally, on a personal note, Jon was, and is, special in my daughter’s eyes. He always ensured she was fully included, both academically and socially, in all school activities. He is a testament to the difference a dedicated administrator can make in the full inclusion of special needs children into our educational system. She will miss him the most.


Jon, you’ve no idea how much you will be missed.   “Fair winds and following seas”

Louis Russo

CRIME ALERT: Car Break in on Marshall Way – August 1, 2015


8-1-15 We woke up this Saturday morning to find that my minivan parked in front of our home on Marshall Way off of Eltinge had been rummaged through. they tore through all of my glove boxes there were personal papers and mail registration all over my car and up and down my street. This is the second time in 6 months. It just so happens I forgot to lock my car last night which I rarely forget to do. If you have seen any suspicious activity please report it.


Report Suspicious Activity_2

Alpine History Mystery SOLVED: Vintage Cameras – Vintage Photos – July 2015


Vintage Cameras – Vintage Photos                                             July 2015

Benjamin Arnold Alpine Historical societyOur mystery for July involved four vintage photos of buildings in early Alpine. The photos were all taken with vintage cameras such as those on display in the Fred Bray Collection at the Alpine Historical Society’s John DeWitt Museum. We know that all four buildings were erected in the 1890’s and two of them are still in use today. So what is the mystery that these four buildings have in common? Well, these important structures and many more civic projects were financed by Benjamin Arnold.

Mr. Arnold was born in Rhode Island in 1822 and lived most of his life in the New England states. He married Harriet Leonard in 1843 and ran a very successful business trading American-made goods for spices, coffee, tea, fancy fabrics, furs, ivory, and all manner of goods from countries all over the world

The Arnolds moved to Alpine sometime during 1887-1888, to see if the clean, dry air would soothe Mr. Arnold’s asthma – and it did. So they stayed on, purchasing property in the center of town. They hired local labor and built a fine home on what we now call Alpine Boulevard, just east of the original Alpine Store and Alpine Post Office. Only the stone pillars and iron gates remain today, but in its day the Arnold house was something to see.

Gates at Arnols Home Alpine Historical society

There were fewer than 100 folks living in Alpine when the Arnolds arrived and most were homesteaders just trying to scratch out a living while they learned how to cope with the hot dry summers in east San Diego County. So it was no surprise that the community did not have Alpine Historical Society_oak grove hotelthe funds to erect buildings to serve anything other than their basic needs. The Arnolds brought with them ample funds and generous hearts, and they soon set about making civic improvements that would change Alpine from a settlement of homesteaders to a bona fide town. Among the projects that were paid for by the Arnolds were improving the road from Alpine to Lakeside and El Cajon; establishing the Alpine Center Stage which offered regular service from Lakeside to Alpine and Descanso; donating land for the Alpine Cemetery; building the Alpine Center School, the Parsonage, the Oak Grove Hotel in Descanso, the Alpine Hotel (later called the Alpine Tavern); and providing half the funds needed to build the Town Hall.

A little more than 10 years after moving to Alpine, Mr. Arnold died of heart failure, but he will forever be remembered for his kindness and generosity which in a very big way helped to create our picture-perfect little town.

Alpine History Mysteries are created and edited by Tom & Judy Myers from stories, collections, and archives maintained by the Alpine Historical Society. Your membership in the Alpine Historical Society helps us collect, preserve, and publish stories like these and to maintain the John DeWitt Museum and Library, located at 2116 Tavern Road in Alpine. For information go to our website:, or call us at 619-885-8064.


Alpine Library Calendar of Free Events – August 2015

Alpine Library Calendar of Free Events – August 2015

The Alpine Library offers tons of free events, activities and programs for residents of ALL AGES! Take a look at our calendar to see everything we are offering this month! We are located at 2130 Arnold Way, Alpine, Ca. 91901 (619) 445-4221. Elisabeth Newbold – Librarian 1  *View calendar larger here: August 2015 SDCL AL calendar-pdf version

August 2015 Alpine Library calendar-pdf version-1 August 2015 Alpine Library calendar-pdf version-2

Essential Oils Health & Wellness Classes in Alpine! – August 2015 Schedule

Spa scene with natural cosmetics

Topics to include Arthritis & joint/muscle pain, animals & oils, depression, stress & anxiety, digestive & respiratory issues, healing wounds, rashes & skin issues, using the modern essential book, weight loss & detoxing, eyes & oils, building your Essential Oil business, etc.. Due to limited space, classes will be for essential oil newcomers

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Alpine Design Review Board Meeting – August 3, 2015 (Agenda)


Alpine Design Review Board Final Agenda   Monday, August 3, 2015 7:00 pm

Alpine Community Center 1830 Alpine Blvd. Alpine, CA 91901 (619) 445-7330   

Note:  Action may be taken on any of the following items: I. Call to Order – Roll Call: Peggy Easterling, Kippy Thomas, Henk

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Looking for a Great Elementary School? AUSD Has the Right Fit for Your Child!

Alpine Elementary Schools

Looking for a Great Elementary School? Alpine Union School District has the right fit for your child! *View this flyer larger here: Elementary Schools

Pet Adoption Page 7-30-15: Puppies, Kitties and Lots of Little Cuties!

Crosby_Shelter Pet Partners_7-30-15

This Page is sponsored by Barons Market in Alpine



Shelter Pet Partners Rescue

A 501(c)(3) No Kill Animal Rescue “A Loving Home Is A Forever Home!”​

Visit our website at



Tyronne- Lab/

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Barons Market Alpine Weekly Ad Specials – July 29 – August 4, 2015

Barons Weekly Ad 7-29_15

Barons Market Alpine Weekly Ad Specials – July 29-August 4, 2015 Barons Market Alpine Weekly Ad Specials – Prices effective July 22-28, 2015. Limited quantity on some items. Not responsible for misprints. Click here to view ad larger: Weekly Ad 072915_Final . Barons Market is located at 1347 Tavern Rd. Alpine, Ca. 91901 (619)445-5600. Open

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