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Ceramic Painting Fundraiser for Alpine Eagle Scout Project – May 7, 2016

ceramic painting

boy scouts eagle scout logo CERAMIC PAINTING AT THE FUNNY FARM!! SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2016 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm at 2146 Lilac Lane, Alpine Ca. ALL ARE WELCOME!  This is a fundraising event to support the Eagle Scout Project of Josh Weidauer, Alpine Troop 105. Josh’s Eagle Scout Project will benefit Camp Oliver.

Camp OliverPlease come and express your creativity. (Cost for ceramics $10-$25, donations appreciated) Pet the goats & pigs and support Josh and Camp Oliver! Got Questions? Please contact Charity Weidauer



LOST CAT: Orange & White Female, Dunbar Area Alpine El Cajon 4-30-16

4-20-16 Lost Orange & White Cat Dunbar Ln_2

LOCATION_DESCRIPTION: 4-30-16 LOST CAT!  Our Kitty Tasha took a hike last night around 5-7 pm in the area of Dunbar Place (El Cajon / Alpine) – anyone seeing a white and orange cat who definitely does not belong outside overnight please try to keep her around and we will come get her.

NAME: katie patrick and mike robinson
TELEPHONE: 619-654-7672

Alpine Resident Concerned About “ROUNDUP Weed Killer” Being Used in Wright’s Field

letter to the editor

April 28, 2016 – This all started out when I was taking my puppy for a walk out at Wrights Field in Alpine like many residents do… That has been over a month ago now. My puppy was just about a year old then and he had become so pitifully sick. I don’t have a lot of money as I am on disability, so I waited awhile before taking him to my vet. I kept trying to figure out what had happened to him. I have had dogs most of my life so I am familiar with a lot of things that happen to dogs. But I was perplexed. He was having awful diarrhea and it wasn’t clearing up in the normal amount of time that it usually does with a dog that has eaten something bad. He was eating grass like crazy to help himself feel better. His muscles in his legs became very weak and he could hardly climb the stairs to my upstairs apartment or get into the back seat of the car where he always rides with me. His breathing was labored and it continued to be labored 24 hours around the clock for at least 3 to 4 days. He was listless and had no energy. As he is only a puppy still this was not normal at all. I prayed over him and cried over him. I asked friends who had more experience than me what to do. He would not eat. Finally I took him to the vet but I didn’t have the money to pay for the blood tests he suggested. He, also was perplexed but didn’t want to put me under a financial burden so he did what he could.

While he could not say for sure it was poisoning, my dogs symptoms were the same as though he had been poisoned. I looked on the internet and read about poisoning and dogs. After a lot of treatment from the vet he finally, about a month later recovered. I have never cried over a dog like I did him with this sickness. I was so happy when he began to recover.

Then later, as I was walking him in Wrights Field again, I saw workers there with a big truck. I went over to see what they were doing. They told me they were planting a species of native mint. I saw what looked like poisoned plants surrounding the enclosure where the mint had been planted and so I asked the worker if they were using “Round Up” on the plants and he said “yes”. I asked why and he said “to kill two non native species which were the mustard plant and the wild oats”.  I told him that ROUND UP was poisonous to dogs and other animals and wondered WHY they would put animals at risk knowing this. He said they were using it on a limited basis and that they would not be using it any more but would be digging up the non native species instead. I was relieved to hear that. I asked him if they were posting when they used Round Up and he told me “no, that they were not required by law to do so”. I said to him that many people bring their dogs to the field and either on or off leash that their dogs were put at risk by them not posting this information.

I pointed out that apartment complexes where I have lived posted this  and thought that they should also, whether or not required by law to do so. Our conversation ended there. I had suspected that my dog may have eaten the wild oats that had been sprayed by this highly toxic chemical because he was craving grass to help his stomach. I had wondered whether he was poisoned out in the field. But I could not prove it. This lead to two conversations and many texts that I engaged in with Jon Greene who is , as he told me, the only full-time employee of Wrights Field. I repeated the same questions and comments that I had spoken with the employee earlier at the field. Jon said that it was another employees decision to use Round Up and that he was a highly qualified professional. That person would be Scott McMillan. He said that Scott convinced all involved in the maintenance of the field that the use of Round Up was absolutely necessary.

I asked Jon Greene to send me Scott’s contact information and to forward mine to him as I wished to educate myself on this issue more. He has not done so yet. That was about a week ago. We talked about the issue of the lack of posting of information regarding the use of Round Up. He said they could not afford to do so. I told him I would make the signs myself and post them at no charge. He said that their board had to discuss it and vote on it but didn’t say how long that would take. I spoke with the sheriff to see if I could act on my own and post the info myself but the sheriff advised me not to. The sheriff suggested I go to County meetings where they discuss these kind of issues instead.

Meanwhile, I have been in the process of moving. I live by myself and have little help or money and so I have been overwhelmed with the details of my move  –  going to meetings and even finding out when and where they were have been put on the back burner. I asked Jon to invite me to a meeting when he knew they would have one. I have not yet received an invitation.

I have to say that I do not wish anyone with a dog or dogs to experience the sadness of watching them suffer from poisoning. May I also say that I do not wish that kind of suffering on any living being, domesticated or not. Jon has dogs. He told me that sometimes he allows them the freedom of being off leash to run and frolic just like so many others do. This issue warrants the attention of our community as well as those who visit Wrights Field from out of the area. I have found out that Round Up and/or other toxic herbicides are still being used out there. So what the worker told me about not using it anymore must have changed. Also, though my dog recovered I am told that down the line cancers have been known to develop. This is common knowledge to many people but not to all.

I am going to end here for now as I could go on but I have run out of time to say more today. I will continue to talk to people when I am out walking and listen to what people think and feel about this pertinent issue.

Thank you – Concerned Alpine Resident Mary Harris

Here are some Articles about the dangers of Roundup:



Lost Foster Dog! Male Black Pit Mix, Japatul Area Alpine Ca. 4-30-16

4-30-16 Lost Black Pit Mix Foster Dog Japatul Alpine Ca

Lost Foster Dog!!!

City dog lost in the hills near Japatul and High Glen in Alpine! He’s mostly black pit/lab mix. He has an underbite kinda like a mastiff, a black collar and a skin irritation around his eyes. He bolted out my front door and into the hills. He’s super friendly but since I have only had him a week i am afraid he does not know where home is yet. Sometimes he answers to the name of Shadow. Please call if he us found or seen. I feel like I have failed the rescue I am fostering him for. Let’s make sure this sweet boy doesn’t end up back in the shelter!

NAME: Becky Wyrick
TELEPHONE: 619-647-1847


Alpine Library Calendar of Free Events – May 2016

Library events Logo

Alpine Library Calendar of Free Events – May 2016

Our last day at the library’s current location will be Saturday, May 14, with the new library’s soft opening on Tuesday, May 17. The Grand Opening Ceremony and Celebration for the new library will take place on Saturday, May 21. Festivities will begin at 10:00 a.m. and continue into the afternoon with fun programs and activities for all ages, including live music, face painting and balloons, crafts, henna tattoos, snacks and refreshments and more. See the attached flyer for more details. This is a monumental event for our community and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you. Meanwhile, check out the attached calendar of events for May 2016 to see what’s happening in the coming weeks. We’ll be adding lots of new weekly programs once we’re in the new building, and we’re always open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas for programs you’d like to see at the library (or if you’re interested in volunteering to host a program of your own), please let us know! If you have any questions or just want to say hi and tell us how awesome the library is, please stop by at 2130 Arnold Way, Alpine, Ca. 91901 or call us at (619) 445-4221. “Like” us on facebook for the latest library news and program photos:

MAY 2016 SDCL Alpine Library calendar-2

MAY 2016 SDCL Alpine Library calendar-1

Alpine AYSO Youth Soccer Registration Dates & Information – 2016

Flyer AYSO reg 2016-17

Alpine AYSO Soccer Registration Dates & Information – 2016

Alpine Region 295 invites all Girls and Boys who are ages 4 to 18 on or before 7/31/16 to sign-up for some exciting outdoor soccer. Games start in September! There is still space available for all ages, but don’t miss one of the Walk-in Registration Events

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Barons Market Alpine Weekly Ad Specials: April 27 – May 3, 2016

Weekly ad 4-27-16 Barons

Barons Market Alpine Weekly Ad Specials for April 27 – May 3, 2016 – Limited quantity on some items. Not responsible for misprints. Barons Market is located at 1347 Tavern Rd. Alpine, Ca. 91901. (619)445-5600. Open Everyday 8 AM to 9 PM (except holidays) Barons Market is your neighborhood market. We carry a terrific

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LOST CAT: Black & White Male, “Toby”, Tavern Rd. Alpine 4-28-16

4-28-16 Lost Cat Toby Black & White Tavern Rd

LOCATION_DESCRIPTION: LOST CAT 4-28-16 Missing from Tavern Road near Joan MacQueen in Alpine. Possibly on Roble Grande.

NAME: Amy EMAIL ME HERE TELEPHONE: (619) 851-9388 TYPE: Lost DATE_STAMP: April 28, 2016 TIME_STAMP: 6pm

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Gymtrix Flip for Friday “Got Glow” Night – May 6, 2016

New neon glow Flip for friday Nov 2015

Gymtrix Flip for Friday “Got Glow” Night on May 6, 2016 at 6:30! Parents! Come drop the kids off and enjoy a night out! Kids, come have fun with all sorts of activities or just hang out with friends! LOTS of FUN & PRIZES! No membership required, kids ages 4-18 are welcome. Cost is $15.

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FOUND POT BELLY PIG: Alpine Ca 91901 (Now at Bonita Animal Shelter) 4-22-16

4-30-16 FOUnd POT BELLY PIG ALPINE Bonita Shelter

I was found in zip code 91901. I’m a male BLACK PIG. I’m in the Southern Region shelter.

619-767-2675 I entered the shelter on 4/22/2016.

My ID number is A1713278, My necktag number is S368, and My kennel number is SHUT. My age is NO AGE. My weight is 0 lbs.

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