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LOST DOG: Male German Shepherd, Harbison Canyon Alpine Ca. 2-24-17


2-24-17 Lost Dog Make GErman Shepherd Harbison Canyon Alpine Ca 91901 (619) 569-0300


LOST DOG: Male German Shepherd, Harbison Canyon Alpine Ca. 2-24-17. He got out when I left the gate open. Very Friendly. He is chipped and has tags on a purple collar. Please call Brendan at (619) 569-0300 if you have any information


CRIME ALERT! The Tag Shop in Alpine Burglarized – $2,500.00 REWARD Offered for Information Leading to Arrest


February 22, 2017


suspect in Alpine Tag Shop Burlary 1-2017On Monday, January 30th 2017 a commercial burglary occurred at The Tag Stop located at 2157 Alpine Blvd. The individuals involved have burglarized several other businesses in San Diego County area in the last month. Video Surveillance captured the entire burglary and this case is getting very close to being solved.

The Tag Stop is offering a $2500.00 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the individuals who committed this crime. The items that were stolen are registration stickers and license plates that are serialized and inventoried.

If anyone bought or knows someone who purchased any of these items please come forward and claim your reward! We believe these individuals either live or frequent the east county area of San Diego.

Additional Burglaries:
76 Gas Station (Genesse/Governor Dr in University City)  and Outkast Grill in University City. 10 News Video Coverage:

Suspect Descriptions:
Suspect 1- 5’9, very slender, mustache, and has a very distinct walk.
Suspect 2-6’0+, 260+,

Vehicles Involved:
Tag Stop Burglary- Minivan Early 2000 Dodge Caravan
76 Station Governor Drive- 2015 Kia Optima, (Right front has spare tire)

Additional Details:
1. These suspects or their accomplices used stolen credit cards at Walmart and Jack in The Box in Santee on February 15th.
2. Suspects have connection with Lakeside as our safe was found cut up on Westhill Rd off of Marilla Dr in Lakeside.
3. Some of our DMV inventory was recovered at a residence in the Bostonia area of El Cajon.
4. Cartons of cigarettes and a Snapon Modis scanner was stolen from the 76 Gas station Burglary.

Alpine Sheriffs Station: 619-659-2600
Detective: Michael Mascarenas
The Tag Stop 619-722-4077


Sunset Open House, 1859 Highlands View Rd. Alpine Ca – February 24, 2017

Join us for a sunset OPEN HOUSE on Friday, February 24 from 5pm to 6:30pm at 1859 Highlands View Rd. Alpine Ca 91901! The Property Place, Inc. invites you to wind down with us and enjoy the breath-taking sunset views, refreshments and hors d’oeuvres at one of your newest listings! Feel free to bring friends and family as well! See you there! For more information please contact Ronald Brookshire 619-279-4258 or Lindsay Brookshire-Darnelle 619-993-3745



(REUNITED) FOUND DOG: Male Black Lab, Via Viejas Oeste, Alpine Ca. 2-21-17

2-21-17 Found Dog male Black Lab Rancho Palo Verde Alpine (949) 547-2903_REUNITED

Black lab wandered onto our property today near Via Viejas Oeste, Rancho and Palo Verde Ranch area without a collar. Vet says lab’s microchip is unregistered. If he belongs to you, call Noel Larsen (949) 547-2903 or EMAIL ME HERE.



YOU ARE INVITED to the Kylie Rowand Foundation Office GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION! – February 26, 2017

IMG_5216-21-02-17-02-40The Kylie Rowand Foundation is excited to announce their ribbon cutting and grand opening of their new fully donated office from 12pm to 3pm on Sunday, February 26, 2017!

They will have BBQ, drinks, desserts, entertainment, and shopping!

They have also been blessed with a $10,000 “donation match” by check only.  So please, if you feel like giving back and helping our mission please bring your checks! All donations up to $10,000 will be 100% matched!

New Office Location: 2358 Tavern Rd. Alpine 91901 (Next to Boulder Oaks Elementary School)

For more info please contact Bree Rowand (844) 511-5959 or email

kylie photo

Watch Video about the Kylie Rowand Foundation

About Kylie:

Kylie Rowand and familyKylie Elizabeth was born on May 11, 2012 at 6:49 am, weighing 6.5 lbs. and 21 inches long to first time parents, Alpine residents Luke and Bree. From the beginning Kylie has always been so full of life, so vivacious, independent, free spirit, smart, happy, smiley, a beautiful ray of sunshine!

On Dec. 26th Kylie went to the doctors for a swollen eye. The first scan showed a mass behind her eye and doctors hoped it was an infection. Unfortunately it wasn’t. In total, little Kylie has her main tumor in her abdomen attached to her left adrenal gland, a dozen small tumors on her liver, over two dozen on her lungs, a tumor behind her right eye, and boney lesions that span from the top of her skull all the way to her ankles, causing her to be unable to walk or crawl because of bone damage… as the doctors described it, an explosion of tumors went off in her body. The cancer spread to her bone marrow as well. On Dec. 30th 2013 Kylie was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk, n-myc amplified, Neuroblastoma.

Kylie mom & Dad 1-2-14On top of Kylie’s cancer, after three rounds of chemotherapy, she was diagnosed with Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP). Kylie is the only child ever seen with VIP in stage 4 Neuroblastoma. VIP has been seen in stages 1-3 when all you have is one tumor in your body….they take that tumor out and the VIP goes away. Most of Kylies VIP is coming from her bones and marrow. The VIP has made Kylie unable to eat since February. For the last 8 months she has been getting her calories and nutrients from a TPN bag that runs intravenously.

We have searched all over including other countries to find Kylie a cure, but unfortunately, because it is so rare there is not much out there on the disease and the few trials we found Kylie does not qualify for. Kylie had four rounds of chemotherapy, 3 of those rounds in San Diego before getting air ambulance over to New York, followed by an intense 7 hour surgery in which they removed the main tumor in her abdomen, her left adrenal gland, 57 lymph nodes, and took a biopsy of her liver and lung tumors. The morning of her surgery she tested positive for the Human metapneumovirus. This increased Kylies risk incredibly. Because of the VIP, the surgery was imperative and we could not push it back.

Following the surgery Kylie got incredibly sick. She was put in a medically induced coma and put on a respiratory oscillater for three weeks. Doctors didn’t think she was going to make it. Her lungs were too sick and her body was too weak. But as strong as our little fighter is, she fought hard and came out on top.

Kylie & Bree_First day of Chemo_1-3-14A week after being discharged from the PICU, 4 weeks after surgery, Kylie was able to start her 5th round of chemo. She was still very weak though, so they had her on a low, not so intense dose. A week later, 2 weeks after being released from the PICU, Kylie got a very serious fungal infection in her blood that put her into septic shock. Her heart rate was in the 200’s, her temp was 105, and she could barely breathe. She was rushed back over to the PICU and put on a respirator once again. And once again the doctors didn’t think she was going to make it. The VIP was making her body so weak making it very hard to fight off any infections. I remember it like it was yesterday. Kylies oncologist came into the room with the most devastating look on his face. He told us that the VIP was going to kill her, that we had no options to heal her and that we should stop treatment.

Well, being the mother I am, that just wasn’t an option. I was not about to give up on my daughter. She was a fighter and my faith in our Lord was much stronger than that. Once again she fought hard and came out on top. She was now able to start chemo again. Kylie got through 8 rounds of chemo and on July 7, 2014 she was declared NED (no evidence of disease). What a miraculous day this was for all of us. The doctors didn’t think they would ever see a clear scan from her. Once you are declared NED you get to stop chemo and start the next step of treatment, which is the 3f8 antibody and radiation. Because her VIP was still so bad making her so weak her body wasn’t strong enough to do that treatment. So onto the 9th round of chemo we went.

Kylie_2-3-15Another unfortunate event, 3 weeks later Kylies disease relapsed on her skull, behind her eye, on her lungs, and her liver. Because she is n-myc amplified and she relapsed in the middle of treatment that meant her disease was very aggressive and starting to take over her little body. To date this conversation was the hardest one to hear. There were no more options for her. Her VIP prevented her little body from being able to handle any of the relapse treatments. They were all too risky. We had the hardest decision of our lives to make. We prayed, prayed, and prayed some more about it.

About a month or so prior to this conversation, we signed a release for them to do extra testing on Kylies tumors. Well, after praying about it for a few days and while we were at clinic one day for a check up, one of Kylies doctors came in to tell us of a very unique finding that they found in her tumor. They had found she had a mutation called BRAF. Yup, once again, Kylie is the only Neuroblastoma patient to ever have this mutation. This type of mutation is normally found in Melanoma patients. The doctors went aggressively looking to what this could mean for our sweet girl. They found a trial that is mostly used on adults and has been proven to be highly effective. But unfortunately this treatment was oral and because of Kylies VIP she could not absorb anything. A few days later we found of that the medication was very fast absorbing and hopefully would absorb before getting to the intestines. This news gave us so much hope! Unfortunately, insurance took over a month to approve it and by the time Kylie had received her first dose it was too late. Kylie’s liver, along with the rest of her body, was protruding with disease. One day she was fine, and the next she was in complete pain to where I couldn’t even change her diaper. It hurt too bad.

Kylie Collage 2-4-15On February 1st 2015, we got the news that her body had been taken over and there was nothing left we could do. On February 7th, 2015, my sweet angel gained her wings. Jesus had finally called her home at 2 1/2 years old and after fighting for 13 months. Kylie won. She fought the good fight never letting it bring her down or take away her smile. She got the ultimate gift, to be cancer free living in heaven. We miss our girl more than words could ever explain, but we get by on knowing she isn’t suffering any longer.

In Kylies 2 short years of life, she managed to change the lives of over 275 thousand people! Kylie taught us what life is really about. She taught us about love, courage, strength, bravery, and to appreciate the little things. Because of Kylie we will continue to fight for other children, while continuing to spread her love around the world!







Barons Market Alpine Weekly Ad Specials: February 22-28, 2017

Weekly ad 2-22-17

Strawberries – 2 1lb containers for $4, Texas Pink Grapefruit 2 for $1, Organic Green Beans .97 per lb and more!

Limited quantity on some items. Not responsible for misprints. Barons Market is located at 1347 Tavern Rd. Alpine, Ca. 91901. (619)445-5600. Open Everyday 8 AM to 9 PM (except holidays) Barons Market

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If I Receive the Structure Hardening Grant from Sunrise Powerlink Will the County Reassess My Property Value?

thinking women

February 21, 2017 – I have a question for East County residents who have received a Structure Hardening Grant from Sunrise Powerlink in the past. Did the county reassess your property value after the improvements (new widows, eave boxing, etc.) were made? Since a building permit is required for the improvements, I’m concerned that

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Vote for ALPINE to Receive Grant to Clean Up Around Alpine Community Center!


The Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council in conjunction with the Back Country Land Trust is applying for a small grant to conduct a community day to clean-up around the Alpine Community Center. We’ve learned that to receive the grant, we must have people “vote”. You can vote more than once but must vote on a

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5 Tips for the Working Mom to Keep Your Home Feeling Organized


It’s The Little Things – How NOT to Feel Overwhelmed as a Working Mother…. Stay Organized! By Lindsay Darnelle Posted on February 20, 2017

It’s 6 am and you are awoken by that sweet little voice saying “Mama!” – It’s your morning mommy wake-up call and your crazy busy life is off to

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The Blue Poppy “Alpines Prettiest Flower” Now Has New Owners!

blue poppy (8)

The Blue Poppy “Alpines prettiest flower” now has new owners!

February 2017 – Alyssa and AJ Reyes offer all of the same great handmade artisan gifts, organic items and antiques that the Blue Poppy has always had, but they are now also offering CUSTOM, rustic furniture and home decor.

Working along with “Rack-n-roll woodwerx”

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