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SWAT ACTIVITY IN CROWN HILLS – Alpine Ca 7:11pm – Shooting & Possible Hostage Situation 12-23-11


8:17 UPDATE:   IPN reports that the SWAT TEAM has made entry to the home and the female victim is ALIVE and they have located a 2nd victim/suspect. Location is now stated as being Larkspur Dr., not Columbine.


* 8:11pm UPDATE:   IPN reports that law enforcement on scene is seeing movement from a female shooting victim and that they are “Upgrading to victim rescue”




IPN (Incident Page Network), reported at 7:11pm that there has been a shooting with a possible hostage situation that has taken place in the Crown Hills area and SWAT is on the scene. The location of this event is possibly Columbine Rd.  BOTH ENTRANCES TO THE LEFT SIDE OF CROWN HILLS ARE CLOSED AT THIS TIME and emergency response teams are on scene. This is all the information that I have at this moment – Please reply to this post if you have any addition information.



1 comment to SWAT ACTIVITY IN CROWN HILLS – Alpine Ca 7:11pm – Shooting & Possible Hostage Situation 12-23-11

  • Bystander

    Spoke to a Sheriff about 15 minutes ago who said that the Red Cross is on the way to set up at the Crown Hills community center where people will be allowed to gather until they are allowed to return to their homes. The Sherif did not know how long it would be before people would be allowed to return to homes in the area.

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