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Where’s The WIND? High Wind Warning Cancelled


12-1-11: The Wind Advisory has been CANCELLED for San Diego and the High Wind Warning for mountains has been downgraded to a Wind Advisory through tomorrow.  The winds are not showing up as expected.


Sorry about that….I was just passing along the severe weather warning … why can’t they ever seem to get it right? But hey, wasn’t it FUN spending a half an hour strapping all your patio furniture down?



6 comments to Where’s The WIND? High Wind Warning Cancelled

  • Yes, I would much rather have a weatherman be wrong most of the time and have our amazing weather! although, today was pretty strange it was supposed to be windy, but it wasn’t, it was sunny, then it dropped in temp and hailed!

  • Ha ha I AGREE! better to be safe than sorry! We know that when the wind DOES blow, it blows HARD!

  • S W

    Thanks for posting the warning anyway … being a native San Diegan, I know not to believe 95+% of our weather alerts. Just spent 3+ months in Erie, PA where they were 95+% CORRECT in their weather predictions … but wouldn’t trade their weather for ours. 😉

    And we appreciate your work on this website, Angie! Loved following it while we were gone.

  • That’s ok, I’d rather secure everything and then have it all to put back out again than have to clean up all the broken stuff because there was no warning and the wind came. Which scenario is better?
    You’re just the messenger, Thanks Angie.

  • Thank you Fred – I am so glad that you enjoy the website! It is a LABOR OF LOVE that is for sure and it makes me so happy that people appreciate it! Thank you again! And as for the wind… yeah, you are right…. i don’t even own any light weight patio furniture at all, just for that reason! I did have an entire TRAMPOLINE lift up and almost come through my house last year though!

  • Angie, no need to fret about the winds not showing up as scheduled! We appreciate the warning, and after living here for the past 16 years have learned how to “wind proof” things. Many years ago we had glass patio tables that were thrown about like frisbees and now have patio furniture that is heavy and secure.
    Also, in Alpine we seem to get the heavy winds whent they aren’t advertised, and folks down the hill are surprised that we had them.
    Thus, your info is appreciatead and keep sending us local news since this is truly a community service that I look forward to each and every day! Your website is terrific!
    Fred Heske

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