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NEW PARK “Albertsons Park” TO BE BUILT IN ALPINE: Please Show Your Support at the ACPG Meeting Feb 8th, 2012

Alpine Proposed Albertsons Park Drawing Alpine Ca 91901

UPDATE: 9-29-14 Due to fire accessibility issues, the location was deemed not suitable. (Info Submitted by Larry Evans)

The Alpine Community Parks & Recreation Sub-Committee would like to let the community know of a new park to be built in Alpine,  “Albertsons Park.”  A meeting is set, but we need to spread the word.  The park needs community support! Please ATTEND!


On February 8th at 6pm at the Community Center the Alpine Planning Group Parks and Recreation subgroup along with the City of San Diego is holding a meeting regarding a proposed park behind Albertsons.   The issue at this point is that there has been a complete lack of any sort of support from residents in favor of a new park at all. Albertson’s has donated the land, Back Country Land Trust agreed to maintain it.  The city agreed to build it.  But the city won’t build it if Alpine residents don’t want a park.  And so far the city has seen no interest from residents.  Part of this problem is that no one knows about it.  We need people to show up at the meeting to say YES we would like this vacant lot that is full of weeds and brush turned into a park.  From there we can influence design.  If enough people do not show up in support of a park, the issue will be dead.  Please go to the meeting.  Show your support of a park.  Please let anyone else you think might be in support of any kind of park know about it.  The current design has a tot play structure, an older child play structure, covered seating, and a path around the entire park with fitness stations.  The actual end design is not set in stone.  Some courts would be great, don’t you thnk? 🙂

Submitted By: Vincenzo Zoni – Alpine resident since 2001


Alpine Community Parks and Recreation Sub Committee Meeting Info & Agenda

Wednesday February 8, 2012
6:00 pm
Alpine Community center,
1830 Alpine Boulevard Alpine, Ca. 91901



I.             Call to order

II.            New Members Sign UP

III.           Round Table Discussion on How to go forward with the Park plans

1.            County Department of Parks and Recreation will be at the meeting to help answer Questions and get us headed in the right direction to build a park in Alpine.

IV.          Officers Reports

1.            Chairman                             Jim Archer

2.            Vote by Secret ballot on whether or not to proceed with the proposed park plan behind Albertsons

V.            Request for Agenda items for upcoming meetings

VI.          Announcement of Next Meeting

VII.         Adjournment of Meeting


County of San Diego – Alpine Community Planning Group

P.O. Box 819 Alpine, CA 91903-0819

Questions? Jim Archer (Chairman) at

30 comments to NEW PARK “Albertsons Park” TO BE BUILT IN ALPINE: Please Show Your Support at the ACPG Meeting Feb 8th, 2012

  • Jim Archer

    Howard, as the commettee and the County progress on the plans I will post info for all to see on this webb sight and any other media that will print it. Thanks Jim Archer

  • Howard

    Can we get the up date on the latest plans for the park?
    Thank You

  • Howard

    Jim Archer;
    Thank you for a well run meeting.
    I know some folks thought it was stacked against them.
    Sorry folks this was the first time a lot of us had heard of this park idea.
    I for one get my information on the net.
    Not the local newspaper.
    If you have seen some of my other posting.
    I’m not a big fan of our APG.
    If this is how to get something done in Alpine.
    I guess we have to work with APG.
    Its time for all of us to get out to the meetings.
    Its a Alpine thing not just one neighborhood thing.
    We still have to look after the folks living next door to this new park.

  • Jim Archer

    Thank all of you so much for showing up to show your support for a park behind Albertson the vote was 21 for and 11 against. Now I will take the issue to the APG for a vote on allowing the commettee to help the county design the new park for the family’s in Alpine. The Meeting of the APG is February 23 at 6:00 pm at the Community Center. Please plan to attened and show your support. Jim Archer

  • Jim Archer

    Great Hope to see you all tonight. Jim Archer

  • Kellie Wise

    I mentioned a Skate Park earlier this week, although I think any type of park would be great! My only concern would be do we really need a small park with walking trails and sitting areas?? We have the field and live next to a National Forest? It seems to me that we have a community with three elementary schools, a junior high and hopefully someday will have a High School! We could use a park that our kids in the community would use? Otherwise we are driving to El Cajon and Santee to take our kids to parks outside our community? I wouldn’t want to waste the money on something when it wouldn’t get much use??

  • Howard

    Nice to see that some folks have a positive out look on this park idea.
    Get out to the meeting tonight.
    If you can’t come to the meeting call or email Jim Archer, APG or Dianne Jacobs our county supervisor.
    Or post on this site.
    Its a free deal as far as the land.
    You can’t turn it down.
    Free is a good thing.
    Maybe a fund can be set up or some kind of a grant ?
    Or hammer SDG&E for funds.
    On second thought that’s a JOKE!

  • Lynn

    I think a Park, even a “small” one would be a great addition anywhere in Alpine. As a Homeowner who would be directly impacted by the aforementioned “downfalls” of the proposed location, I think a Park would be a great use of the land.

    It was mentioned in a prior post that the land is being used for animal waste, so make it a Dog Park?? This Poster forgot to mention the following:
    The kids that play up there during the day (and throw rocks at houses).
    The teenagers that party there at night and leave their trash, not only there but all over the surrounding area.
    The occasional idiot that uses the slope up to lot as an Offroad Area in the middle of the night, breaking a water main, causing the Sherrif and Fire to respond, and the Water Department to come out at 2am, costing all of the surrounding Homeowners money in the long run.

    It seems to me all the issues the Opponents of this Park have seem to occur already, by developing the land the activities that occur there may become a little less shady.

    So what if there are no bathrooms and parking, more than likely the people to frequent this Park will be from the surrounding homes anyway. There have been plenty of small parks built in the United States that have not brought on Armageddon. Usually an addition of an area like this improves property values and in case those opposed don’t follow the market we need all the help we can get at this point….

  • Drew

    Its funny how people that live next to the proposed park worry about themselves. Its no ones fault but your own that you bought property next to open/empty land. If its a problem, then move next to private preserve.
    I think its a great start to one of many parks Alpine should have. The land was donated and it would be stupid to turn down this opportunity….just my 2 cents

  • Linda Niman

    Since SDG&E seems to have taken control of Alpine, let them build us a larger park. Actually, who wants to spend much time in Alpine anyway, with all that high voltage just under your feet.

  • Jessica

    I personally would love to have a safe park for my kids to play. Will this park be fenced in? I have two small children one with a disability and would love to be able to take my kids to the park. My children are very limited to outside play since I cannot leave one unattended to catch the otherfrom running in the street. Safety is my biggest concern.

  • Robert Ramsey

    A park is a great idea, and the fact that there will be minimal parking available means that more of us could walk to the park, which in itself is a good idea. Alpine really is not that large of a town that you can’t
    get to any part of it by walking. A place where children of any age can be safe while playing OUTSIDE is always a great idea. But the question I have is why should any money be spent on building a brand new “small” park, when the small town of Alpine already has a nice park by the community center that could
    Be upgraded. With the community center located there and the cement bandstand, as well as the Softball/Baseball fields located in the very same area, it is actually a place for the community. I think that a park built in the proposed area behind Albertsons would only really be to the benefit of the people that live right there in the Highland St. Area.

  • Cheryl Minshew

    What I haven’t been able to ascertain is the amount of land donated .. Is there more land available? what are the creteria for development from Albertsons? Are they willing to participate in development of the project?

    I’m sorry I won’t be able to be there tomorrow night but I do have a lot of questions – and perhaps a few ideas to make it a worthwhile community project — best way to get community involved is to address the needs of the community

  • Dihanne T

    No bathrooms, no parking, no thank you. It’s not some great place for a park. It’s up behind Albertsons with backyards on the other side. What about making it a dog park since it’s currently being used for the neighborhood dogs restroom anyhow. And if you check around the neighborhood you will almost always see people out walking their furry family members.

  • Howard

    Its a start folks.
    Yes i know its a small park.
    Then we have the folks who look for ways it can’t be done or “I Don’t Want this by my home!”
    We also have a park at the west end of town.

    Kelli Wise had the idea of skate park.
    Not a bad idea.
    You could have room for parking and the skate park on 1.6 acres.

    Oh! THEN we would have to deal with all those kids!
    Remember this.
    We where all kids.

  • Elisa

    How is a 1.6 acre park adequate for the 14,000 or so residents of Alpine? Only 2-4 parking spots for people to use? Where is the rest of the community going to park; on the outlying developments in front of people’s houses? Who is going to pay for the up keep of this park? Who is taking out the trash? It seems to me like this parked is being pushed onto the residents of Alpine for some other reason one not being that the “community” wants it. If the “community” of Alpine supposedly went to Albertsons asking to donate the land for a park why does nobody in the “community” know about? I believe this money can be used elsewhere in a bigger area so more people can come together to enjoy it. If Alpine really needs a park why don’t we spend the $400,000 or so somewhere centralized to the community where there will be plenty of room for everyone? Why not have the BCLT donate some acres to the community so we all can have a nice wide-open space for the community to gather. As I have stated before Alpine needs something better then a 1.6 acre park to accommodate more then 10 people at a time. A park to me is somewhere “families” not just 10 or 20 people can enjoy at one time. So logically a bigger park somewhere centralized and easy to get to with plenty of parking etc. would be better for the community of Alpine.

    Resident since 1991

  • David Pinal

    Notices regarding the Albertsons park meetings were posted on this website. The Alpine Sun also had an article regarding the park. Yes I’m in total agreement that Alpine does need a park. Is spending in the neighborhood of $475,000 on a 1.6 acre park with possible 2-4 parking spots the answer?

    Between my wife and I and our neighbors in the surrounding area of the proposed park we have attended all meetings related to this park. We will be the ones most impacted by this decision. I’ve spoken to many of you over several weekends and hope to see you all there.

    We need more natural open space for nature the animals don’t need ordered structure of their habitat.

    Yes the BCLT our community preservationists has agreed to insure and maintain for 4 years.

    “Nature is not a place to visit, it his home.

  • Howard

    Jim Archer;
    Why did you and or the APG not let the folks know about the park?
    I never saw a thing about this in the Alpine Sun or in the minutes of the APG.
    This is gift we can not turn down.

    As for the location it was and is a weed lot before Albertson built!
    In fact it was a rock pile where the store is standing now.

    I know some one on here was looking for a place for there kids to play.
    Now would be a good time for folks to get off there dime and let the APG or County know how you feel about a park.
    You can call or email the APG or Dianne Jacobs to let them know as to your wants if you can’t make the meetings.

  • Erica Wyse

    I am for a new park in Alpine but am unable to attend this meeting. If anyone knows of a way that I can show my support without actually attending the meeting, please let me know. I would like very much to show my support.
    Thank you,
    Erica Wyse

  • Jennifer

    Could we use or something similar to determine community support?

  • Jim Archer

    The park has already been approved by the APG and sent to the County for action over a year ago. The intent of the secret ballot was to keep neighbors from having conflict with one another (one neighbor wants a park and others don’t want a park there) Also let us understand something about this vote; it only commits me, as the Chairman of the Parks and Recs, to go back to the APG with a recommendation to let the families in the neighborhood and the Alpine residents assist the county in the design of the park. It does not commit the APG or the County of San Diego to anything more.

  • Hi Jennifer – I AGREE… I have suggested the same thing.. that many families are too busy or have conflicting schedules and may not be able to attend. I have asked if there is another way for people to show their support without actually attending the meeting as well, but i have not heard back yet.

  • Jennifer

    Several conflicts interfere with families attending this meeting. Granite Hills holds its introduction for 8th graders on the 8th at 6pm. Families in this community are often busy with kid’s sports and activities in the evenings. I believe many Alpine residents would support building this park once provided information regarding the costs. Is there a possibility for an online ballot to show support for this proposed park including details of who provides the money to build? This would be much more efficient and still allows board members to vote based on resident support.

    Resident since 1979

  • Kellie Wise

    What about a skate park for our kids?

  • Howard

    Why a secret ballot?
    The public would like to know how you vote.
    Is this more of the ACPG not letting the folks know what is going on in Alpine?
    We know how this works after the mess we have with the ditch down Alpine Blvd.
    No more secrets please.
    Resident since 1981

  • Howard

    Yes that would be nice to have a park.
    This is the first time we have heard of this.
    Question what has the city of San Diego to do with a park in the county?
    I would think it would be a San Diego County’s jurisdiction not the city of San Diego
    I’ll be at the meeting on the 8Th.

  • hilde hinchcliff

    I can’t attend the meeting, but would like to have the park. Hilde Hinchcliff

  • Lynn Owens

    What is the location? One man’s weeds are another man’s natural environment which albertsons eliminated then apparently tried to mitigate by eliminating plastic bags (big whoop).

  • Why would the City of San Diego build a park in Alpine? This must be a mistake.
    Must have meant the County of San Diego-there is a big difference between the two.
    A correction needs to be submitted if its the County instead of the City of SD.

    Fred J. Heske

  • Peggy Easterling

    The County will build the park not the city. Alpine needs pocket parks for all our residents to enjoy. The park next to Boulder Oaks School is a wonderful example of what can be created when we all work together.

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