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FYI: It’s That Time of Year Again….the Critters Are Out in Wright’s Field!


Just wanted to let folks know….
With the warm weather here, we’ve had confirmed sightings of rattlesnakes, scorpions, and tarantula spiders at Wright’s Field in the past few weeks.
Just a reminder, for those who use Wright’s Field – please RESPECT these creatures!
Stay alert, keep on the trail, and watch kids and pets closely.  Do NOT put your hands anywhere you can’t see them, and if you do encounter one of these humbling natural inhabitants of Wright’s Field, please give them LOTS of space and do not disturb them.
In the event of any emergency, including poisonous bites, call 911 immediately.  Emergency personnel have access to Wright’s Field, and can respond to any incidents out there very quickly.  

For other (non-lethal) concerns at Wright’s Field, including illegal camping, dumping, and ORV use, folks can contact the Back Country Land Trust directly at 619.504.8181.  


Submitted By: Jon Green

1 comment to FYI: It’s That Time of Year Again….the Critters Are Out in Wright’s Field!

  • Shirley

    In conjunction to this post–please be aware–snakes love gardens too. I know of people who have been bitten by rattlers when they reached for tomatoes.
    Always carry a long stick to frighten these critters away before reaching in for those veggies.

    Another tip—if you are fortunate to have a lawn–keep it cut, snakes also love grass, please be aware at all times when walking in the yard, you would be surprised where snakes are.

    Stay out of weeds, if you must pull them use a trimmer for larger areas, and a hoe for in between small areas. Better the snake bites a trimmer or hoe than you.

    Our young tomcat already caught a baby snake. And we also saw another one along the curb of the road out from our driveway.


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