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Governor Jerry Brown Will Dedicate Sunrise Powerlink Near Alpine Today 7-26-12



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California Govenor Jerry BrownALPINE (CNS) – Gov. Jerry Brown will join federal, state and local officials Thursday to dedicate the Sunrise Powerlink at the Suncrest substation in Alpine as opponents of the new transmission line stage a protest nearby.

The new 117-mile line, which connects San Diego with the Imperial Valley, was put into service June 17 after a five-year environmental review and permitting process and 18 months of construction of the overhead and underground technology, according to SDG&E.

Opponents of the $1.9 billion project cited concerns about property values, views and safety. A group of protestors from several groups, including the Protect Our Communities Foundation, planned to gather before the dedication on the south side of Interstate 8 at Japatul Valley Road to demonstrate.  READ MORE……


Opponents of Sunrise Powerlink and massive industrial energy projects proposed to tie into the line are encouraging the public to join a protest on Thursday, July 26 from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.


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16 comments to Governor Jerry Brown Will Dedicate Sunrise Powerlink Near Alpine Today 7-26-12

  • Angela Bergman via Facebook

    Thank you Linda. Actually though, we all didn’t know about any plant in Mexico. Now I have something constructive to look into further. The way I see it (so far), they were required to produce more “eco” energy, but then were forced to put it in the desert. I never heard one squawk until those towers reached San Diego County limits, then everyone was freaking out. I am by no means a fan of SDG&E and I’m not just here to defend them. I just see that there are plenty of other things they need their feet held to the fire for than providing us eco energy. Everyone wants it, but no one wants it. Really the Green Lobby agenda seems to be “we don’t want a single new house built in this state, but we can’t really say that. So, we’ll just lobby to make it so difficult to build that everyone will just give up. There, see, we don’t need any more energy.” So the way I see it, if you built a new house in the last few years, you are the problem. Thank you again Linda for the information, I will put it to good use!

  • Angela Bergman via Facebook

    wow Sandra. Thank you for offering the great insight and really stepping up to explain your point of view well. (Which was really all I asked in the first place)

  • Angela, if you have 10+ towers in your backyard & you don’t even notice them anymore, you must be blind!

  • Linda Ascione Niman via Facebook

    The answer is local rooftop solar….SDG&E is horribly afaid of this, because they can’t OWN you. SDG&E would own the sun if they could! I was at this protest today and both Jerry Brown and Arnold drove right past us. We wanted show them we not not gonna roll over and play dead. If you think these towers are bad, wait till you see what else they have planned for us! And besides we all know the Sunrise Powerlink is fed by dirty fossil burning coal from Mexican plants….liars, liars since day one. There are three lawsuits against them in the 9th circuit court right now…..believe me, they are evil. Remember when they told us the SRPL would mean lower rates? How big a joke is that? They want a 17% increase in our rates now. East County is doomed to be an ugly energy corridor with no consideration what so ever for those of us who live out here, nor any consideration for the unmitigatablefire hazards they are creating. So people, please don’t learn to “accept” these horrible towers…….continue the fight!

  • Angela Bergman via Facebook

    I agree the city is moving in, I knew that the minute we got a stoplight (I still curse every one of them!) but more people are moving in. Alpine is wonderful like that and more people are realizing it. If we still want a quaint rural town, that will bring tourists. Tourists bring $$. This is good, no? To a certain extent, we do need to make our little town safe to walk in and easy to park in. I too am a long time resident.

  • Dolores Kling via Facebook

    For long time residents it isn’t the town we moved here for . The city is moving in . I loved not having sidewalks , etc.

  • Angela Bergman via Facebook

    Sandra, actually yeah there are. I don’t even notice them anymore. I can see more than 10 to be exact. I was really looking for something more constructive. Every town/city has power line towers, it’s how your home and the businesses you shop at get power. SDG&E took the time and extra expense to put lines underground through Alpine to minimize the obstructions. So far all I’m seeing is “We need renewable energy but I don’t want to actually be impacted in any way by having to look at a power line”

  • I too think Alpine looks better than before all the construction. We have sidewalks, businesses along the Blvd. have some much needed parking. Yes it’s still not finished but I can see beyond my nose and see that it will look nice. I’m really getting a bit tired of all the “green” people wanting to use MY back yard as their “park & forest land”! How would they like it if every time the city of La Jolla, Del Mar, O.B., P.B., M.B., and San Diego wanted to build or improve we “county” folks protested “stop ruining my beaches”! Maybe some of the businesses did go under due to the construction, but there are plenty of closed up shops in El Cajon, Santee, La Mesa, etc. so is that SDG&E’s fault too? We are in some economical hard times and have been for a few years. So lets not blame everything on the construction. If people truly love their town they will shop here no matter how inconvenienced they are, our family did.

  • Are there 10 ugly towers in your backyard Angela? Cause there are in mine!

  • Angela Bergman via Facebook

    ruined? how? I’m not trying to start anything, but I am really confused. I’m just trying to see the other side. Sure, sometimes it was a bit of a hassle getting through town, but it never stopped me from shopping where I wanted to shop and going where I wanted to go. All the workers spent money here and were very friendly. The road is a little wonky at the moment, but the work is not done. I see no sense in paving and then the County coming in and tearing it right back up. The work that is done and being done to Alpine blvd is a vast improvement to what was there. I think it will look more small town charm than it did. It looked run down before. Really, I would love to hear specifics about why residents now think Alpine is “ruined”

  • Dolores Kling via Facebook

    It ruined Alpine !

  • Tom Curley via Facebook

    Do the protesters think the renewable energy was going to fly through the air? The “green energy” lobby needs to make up their minds. Oh…Alpine never looked better! Thank You SDG &E

  • Angela Bergman via Facebook

    I thought we were all for renewable energy? This line brings solar, wind and geothermal power to our region. What is it that we are supposed to protest? Is it the “not my backyard” syndrome?

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