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KUSI “Turko Files” Segment on the Current Condition of Alpine Blvd. 9-22-12

SDG&E Sunrise Powerlink Construction on Alpine Blvd alpine ca 91901


Update on Alpine Blvd. re-paving – Please take a moment to watch this KUSI “Turko Files” segment about the current condition of and re-paving of Alpine Blvd. Turko does a great job getting to the bottom of and explaining exactly what we are in for………MORE CONSTRUCTION.

We will need to support our local businesses even more than ever in the next year – they have been through so much with the powerlink construction! Let’s show them our community support and fighter spirit and commit to SHOP LOCAL 🙂

17 comments to KUSI “Turko Files” Segment on the Current Condition of Alpine Blvd. 9-22-12

  • Howard

    Supervisor Jacob will be at the Alpine women’s club on Thursday from 8:30 – 10:30 for a coffee.
    Get out and let her know about this mess and what you think.
    Its time for the county to get off its back side.
    Not next year or the year after.
    Get this San Diego County leaders and planers.
    The Five “P’s”
    Some thing our Government Has Forgotten.

  • Frustrated Alpine Resident

    Because the County PROPOSED the storm drain project LONG AFTER the Alpine Boulevard Streetscape Improvement Plan was agreed to, the paving is being postponed until after the storm drain work is complete. Unfortunately, the community will now have to wait until the COUNTY project is completed to see a fully finished Alpine Boulevard. So in the meantime, the residents of Alpine will continue to destroy their cars because of the County’s stupidity. SOMEONE AT THE COUNTY NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR POOR PLANNING!!

  • Will Fuller

    Thank you Carveacre for being the first poster to lay out the timing of the road work in a clear and concise manner.

  • I watched this segment…”fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be another bumpy ride!”

  • Linda Ascione Niman via Facebook

    Once again, Alpine gets screwed!

  • Howard

    Supervisor Diane Jacob where are you?
    APG and the CPUC said the county approved this mess.
    Now get the county off its back side and fix the problem now.
    Not next year or the year after that.
    Bottom line who gives a “BLANK” about Alpine.
    Not SDG&E or the county.
    How about you Supervise Jacob?

  • Concerned Citizen of Alpine

    First let me say kudos to Turko for following through. On behalf of my city, the residents of Alpine, friends and neighbors here; all affected directly by this entire issue.

    How is it that, when SDGE spelled out original plans for this entire project; their engineers involved did not consider or have the knowledge regarding the drainage system issue here in Alpine. Perhaps, had they given this part of the story in the beginning, in their original proposal (that it will take an additional year to fix and repair the drain system and main road, when the power link is finished) we, citizens of Alpine, would have had more information to fight this power link project to begin with. So now the power link is finished and the county says wait one more year for drain and main street to be fixed/finished. Again, how does a huge corporation like SDGE and its engineers overlook this part of this project until now?
    Regarless; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SUPPORT OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES AND LETS NOT LET ALPINE, BECOME A MODERN DAY GHOST TOWN. Additionally; PLEASE be careful when driving here, as the lines in the roads keep changing and make for an accident waiting to happen.

  • Neil Howell

    Let them know how you feel, they will not do anything better, unless you say something. Neil

    Land Use & Environment (Agriculture, Weights & Measures; Air Pollution Control District; Environmental Health; Parks & Recreation; Planning & Land Use; Public Works)

    Michael Drake
    Office: (858) 495-5736
    Mobile: (858) 740-0339

  • SDG&E agreed to put down rubberized asphalt, but the county wanted to do their work along the blvd in conjunction with SDG&E’s work. With rubberized asphalt having a 3 year moritorium, they can’t place it until the county’s work is done. Therefore SDG&E is paying for it, but the county has to do the work. Once the county’s work is done, which is supposed to be spring of next year, then the county will put down the rubberized asphalt. This has been discussed for the past year at the planning group meetings. Michael Long from the County will be at the next planning group meeting on September 27 to talk about this issue.

  • Kathryn Perkins via Facebook

    Is the nursery really going out of business?

  • Andrew Hieb via Facebook

    This makes no sense. They paved it when they finished, why didnt they do a better job with grading/paving? Obviously they selected an amateur company for this work!!

  • FYI – Helen owns FLOWER SPORTS NURSERY on Alpine Blvd.

  • Helen, i didnt know you were going out of business??? OMG I am so sorry! If you send me something that i can send out to the community and i will do that for you.

  • Come by the nursey for our going out of business sale!

  • We get another year of this? I sure hope our local businesses can survive another round of construction.

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