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Goodwill LOGO_Jobs_opt


Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is pleased to announce the long awaited opening of the retail store in the historic firehouse on the grounds of the Alpine Community Center on Thursday, May 23, 2013.   A Goodwill donation center opened over six months ago while Goodwill’s contractors and staff remodeled the vintage building, and stocked the store with treasures to help give the new location a great new start.  “The doors will open to our customers at 10am, after the Alpine Chamber joins us for a ribbon cutting at 9:45am.“ Customers and donors will be treated to free cake and bottled water (while supplies last).

The Alpine store is Goodwill’s eastern-most retail location, one of 23 stores in San Diego County.  “As the population moves east, we follow!”  said Mike Rowan, CEO of the organization.  “I’m especially thrilled” added Beth Forsberg, Vice President of Operations, “We have staff who grew up in Alpine and are living in East County, and we are proud to bring Goodwill’s mission to our hometown.”

Local residents now have the choice of shopping, or donating, or both! We are open 7 days a week for your convenience.  Goodwill invites local residents to stop in, or drive by; to drop off clean reusable clothing, and working, gently used household goods. Donating to Goodwill helps the organization hire and train San Diegans – and assists others in their job search free of charge. Opening each new location allows Goodwill to create new jobs in the neighborhood and a clean, friendly budget-conscious place to shop.

Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is an autonomous, local 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization, part of an international network of independent charities sharing a common vision.  Goodwill’s mission is ‘To get people with disabilities and other barriers to employment jobs by developing their skills and work habits through training and real work.’ Our purpose is ‘Getting People Jobs’.   We offer job related programs that serve people with varying levels of ability, giving everyone the skills, the time and the confidence to get to work. San Diego’s Goodwill chooses NOT to conduct traditional fundraising activities; we use the revenue we gain from selling donated items; fee-for-service, reuse, recycling and salvage activities to fund the operation of paid job training programs and employment services. The things you no longer need become the product we use to give real work experience to your neighbors.  The local Goodwill has nearly 1,300 employees in San Diego County, and is headquartered in Pt. Loma.


Alpine Store & Donation Center 
1834-B Alpine Blvd., Alpine CA 91901
(619) 722-7585

Opening Thursday 5.23 at 10:00am – 7pm

Hours effective 5.24.13:  9am-7pm Monday through Saturday, and 10am-5pm on Sunday.

For more information on this, and other locations, visit




  • Kimmberly smith

    Goodwill is not making too many friends here…

  • Wally – In this case I don’t believe that big business put the small thrift store out of business. I have been told by the Community Center that they leased this space to Goodwill so they would have a steady income from the property (which the community center owns). Instead of continuing to run their own thrift store. They are not government funded like a lot of other Community Centers and they have to do everything they can to raise money. From what I have been told, Goodwill leasing this space was much welcomed by the community center 🙂

  • Wally Deverson

    I’m also not too happy about reading the Goodwill’s statement on how it brings jobs to Alpine and offers the chance to donate, shop or both, when in fact we already had that with our thrift shop that was just put out of business.

    Small business loses again – Haven’t we lost enough small business in Alpine? Do we really want to be another El Cajon/Santee/Lakeside? Heck no!

  • Yes, Lou, I recall that the sidewalk was put in by the scouts and thought it was strange that it was blocked off. I frequently parked there when my daughter was at AES. It’s safer than trying to cross Alpine Blvd.

  • Lou Russo

    That, liability, is a red herring. If it were true, the ACC would have done it a long time ago and it would have closed off the entire lot. My sources tell me the fence and locked gate came directly from Goodwill. Of course, if Goodwill or the ACC want to refute this, Alpine is all ears…and eyes. BTW, the sidewalk was put in in 1995 by Eagle Scouts and now, all of a sudden, it is a problem?

  • @ Lou Russo, I believe the Community Center, who owns the property, put up the fence blocking off Alpine Elem. because they thought it was too dangerous to have children running through their parking lot. They did not want the liability.

  • suzanne

    Wally, I to agree and said the vary thing about the first stop light and first cheap fast food place. Then the town allowed the tearing down of an old building on the corner of Victoria and Alpine Blvd., for yet another liquor dispensing store, along with the ancient native american mattes in the back right hand side of the property. I do have pictures of them and did try to get ahold of someone at Viejas offices to make them aware, which got me no where. Also, called Calif state to inform them. Another idea, was the swap meet that was at the community center, which a lot of people enjoyed, sellers and buyers, that was told that would not be allowed any longer because of the Goodwill opening up. Somehow that does not sound like goodwill for the people of Alpine or goodwill at all!

  • Wally Deverson

    So sorry for the demise of our small hometown thrift store… Alpine needs to put the brakes on big business – Albeit it’s likely too late – the Albertson’s implementation ruined our community already… Our Board has failed us miserably, and now we’re going to waste 10 million on a library – Give me a break… Time to move to Pine Valley and try to hold off the same progression….

  • Sharon Corrigan

    Subscribing to comments

  • Lou Russo

    Goodwill, care to comment on the closing of the sidewalk behind your building and next to your circular drive and how it will force children and parents from Alpine Elementary out to an unsafe route?

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