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SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Suspicious Man in Vehicle and Door to Door Sales on Alpine Oaks Dr. 10-31-13

Suspicious Activity_Header

SUSPICIOUS_ACTIVITY:  (10-31-13) Today when I drove up our private road on Alpine Oaks dr I saw a white older model car off to the side of the road parked. It was heading out of our street toward South Grade. As I passed I noticed an emblem on the driver door stating”volunteer fire” The car was at least 20 yrs old and had damage to the back. Out of state plates. The guy behind he wheel was a thin white male in his late 20s early 30s. After I passed I became suspicious. I paused and expected him to move on. He did not.I backed up to his car and noticed he was looking at a cell phone. I asked if he need help finding a location. He said “Yes , where is the Wall Mart”! The conversation was obviously made up as he went on because at one point he asked me where the hospital was and said his GPS was all messed up. When I asked if I should call him some help he said he had a broken nose and had to go to an evening appointment. I gave him directions to the Wall Mart and watched him leave our road and called 911.

When I got home I told my husband and he said that there were two men on foot selling stuff door to door. Within minutes the sheriff arrived (he was sent due to the 911 call) and we pointed out the direction these two men had gone down our road. They found them in our neighbors garage and they were taken away in the sheriff’s SUV. Another neighbor said the sheriff arrested them (not sure of that detail) and that this is a common ring casing homes. Not sure if they found the driver yet. So if you see strangers on your street that don’t seem right let someone know.


NAME: The  Herzigs

DATE_STAMP: 31/10/2013



8 comments to SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Suspicious Man in Vehicle and Door to Door Sales on Alpine Oaks Dr. 10-31-13

  • Anne P.

    Thank you to the Herzigs for the heads-up! You are good Alpine citizens and I know we all appreciate you letting us know of these thugs.

  • Tom Myers

    The station commander in Alpine suggested that whenever any suspicious activity happens you should call the Sheriff’s non emergency number 858-565-5200 immediately. They will dispatch deputies ASAP to check it out. It is great that so many notify ACN about these issues – it helps keep us all safe. But, please also contact the Sheriff – no matter is too trivial.

  • Bret N Michele via Facebook

    Yeah, I’m thinking it’s probably not that safe to be approaching any suspicious characters in their car either :-/

  • Toni Mitman via Facebook

    Magazine sales guy also, very unsettling

  • Celeste Bowker via Facebook

    Don’t open the door to strangers! Please.

  • Wendy Scarbrough Gilbert via Facebook

    Does anyone know why the astria helicopter was in alpine last night flying over our neighborhood (Sneath) around 9:00pm??? Nobody could understand what they were saying?

  • Sara Lawson via Facebook

    Wow! That’s creepy!

  • Herzigs

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