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Alpine Resident Has Questions After Many Sunrise Powerlink Grant Requests are Denied

letter to the editorWas YOUR Sunrise Powerlink Grant DENIED? – Posted submitted by Alpine Resident “Dee”

All of my neighbors were denied powerlink grant money this year even though we are two blocks from Alpine Blvd. After our denials came in I heard that many others have been denied as well. I am interested in starting a discussion on this so that we can compare notes so to speak. How many others have been denied and what types of grants were accepted?  Where is the money going this year?  Here is the gist of my denial letter…

“The 2016 Sunrise Powerlink Fire Mitigation Grants Program application review and approval is complete. For the first time since its inception there were more applicants than available funds. Where in the past most qualified applicants were awarded their grant request, this year the overwhelming response did not allow for this to happen. The oversight group, Sunrise Powerlink Fire Mitigation Group (SPFMG) made up of representatives from the jurisdictional fire agencies along the power link route established a matrix for discerning and prioritizing applicants to determine which applicants would be approved and for what amount. A mix of criteria including proximity to the power link, relative fire risk, and grant approval history was considered for each applicant.

As is the case in any “Grant” application process approval is not guaranteed. After review of all applicants your Structure Hardening application for parcel #### was not approved for funding this year. We hope that defensible space or structure hardening protection remain a priority for you and if you are within the 2017 area of eligibility you would apply again next year. Thank you, Sunrise Powerlink Fire Mitigation Group”

***If you have any comments or information about this please leave a comment in the comments section below this post



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