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The Alpine Inn Re-Opens After 5 Years!

Alpine Inn Logo

March 22, 2017 – THE ALPINE INN IS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yessss! It is TRUE! I have had many residents over the past few days telling me that the Alpine Inn is now open and many have even told me they went there for dinner last night! Those who ate there said that it was VERY BUSY and that it was just like the OLD ALPINE INN we have loved for SO MANY YEARS! They said that the menu was limited due to it being a SOFT OPENING. If anyone knows who the owners are or have details to add please comment in the comments section below! I am sure that everyone in Alpine is so EXCITED to have OUR ICONIC RESTAURANT BACK!! Alpine just wasn’t the same without it! – Angela Brookshire (ACN Admin)


7 comments to The Alpine Inn Re-Opens After 5 Years!

  • Heather Santana

    The new owners are the same as Marietas and Antonio Hacienda. We havent done advertising yet because its still the soft opening. Just trying to work out the kinks! Come in and see us anytime!

  • L

    Seems strange that they’re not advertising that it’s reopened?! You can’t even tell it’s open by driving by. You’d think the (new) owners would be responding to the comments on this website?

  • It would be good if they could post their menu on this website. I’d love to go back for crab legs or prime rib after all these years waiting and wishing they were back again.
    Catherine Hand

  • Good news! Hope they can get a website up soon and keep the business going!

  • Kathie

    I believe the owners of the Alpine Inn are the same ones who own the shell gas station next door.

  • wdrner recabaren

    Dinner at Alpine Inn! We ate their on the last day and returned for the girdt dsy! Familiar looking menu, bar is open! We enjoyed the Top sirloin and Rack of Lamb
    . So good to have the Alpine Inn open again!

  • Teela Marie

    Maybe you could call the Alpine Inn? Their old number was 445.5172, and ask for the Owner? Just a thought…

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