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Commercial Land Available for Development in Alpine – What Business Would YOU Like to See There?


The property at 2721-23 Alpine Blvd. (where the two run down houses are – MAP IT) was recently purchased and the new owners have asked Keller Williams Realty and Bob Petrich to lease the property.

We are asking the Alpine community for suggestions for new businesses to renovate and occupy the existing buildings or tear down the old and build something new. What would YOU LIKE TO SEE THERE?

You can reach Bob Petrich at 619-248-7012 or or leave your comment below in the comments section of this page 🙂


22 comments to Commercial Land Available for Development in Alpine – What Business Would YOU Like to See There?

  • How about an In and Out burger place?

  • Jen – there is another business in town working on the Wine Bar Coffee bar idea right now and its gonna be awesome! I agree that we need a place like that!

  • Hi Linda – I am not sure if you know this but the Alpine Inn IS OPEN again…here is a link:
    Unfortunately thought it is almost impossible to tell that they are open by driving by.. they never seem to have any of the signage lights on or the front door open? I guess they are relying on the rear entrance only for some reason

  • Sophia – yes thats what they are going to do – tear it down to build a new building but they are wondering what type of businesses are desired here so they can attract a good fit for the community and build a building to suit that business :[-)

  • Bakery with freshly baked pastries…like the pastry shop Janet’s used to have behind their restaurant.

  • Sophia

    I would like to see it torn down to stop the mess and activitie that has been and is still going on there.

  • Kim

    A breakfast place would be great (LOVE Janets but it’s always busy and a tad pricey); Mini type Soupplantation, or a cool coffee bar/bakery.

  • Linda Osier

    Please NO DENNY’s or anything like it. We really only have The Med and The Tavern unless you want Mexican and we all know there is enough of that. Breakfast is Janets and it is cute and very Alpine looking. If a restaurant make it a nice one please. I wish we could put a car wash in somewhere though. Why isn’t someone remodeling Alpine Inn into something good. It needs a gut job and opened up.

  • Linda Osier

    We would like car wash. We have to go all the way to La Mesa. TOOO far

  • JenA

    I also love the idea of a sit down coffee shop other than Starbucks and if it doubled as a wine bar in the afternoon/evenings, that would be just about perfect! Another restaurant with a new type of cuisine would also likely be a good fit.

  • fred

    Tear down the existing old structures!
    Build an attractive building to house a quality restaurant.

  • Linda Niman

    Well Alpine certainly doesn’t need anymore half-rented strip malls. I would like to see a coffee house…homemade scones and other pastry delights. We don’t have a bakery here. A coffee house, as mentioned above, with live, unplugged musicians. Alpine has no entertainment. Someplace where we can hang out and meet each other……..

  • Sterling

    Auto parts store

  • Carol Kowalski

    A bakery/breakfast house!!!!! Or a wine bar would be awesome!

  • Susan Lancaster

    A bakery


    Full service car wash, craft store like Michaels, The Habit.

  • Hi Van! Great Idea! In Fact, I cannot say WHO at this time But I know that this exact idea is already in the works for here in Alpine!

  • Daniel

    Two ideas: Food spot Something other than mexican food like thai or indian/Himalayan. Also with our rising family community a skate park would be a great addition/ family attration.

  • Daniel

    Two ideas: something other than a mexican food place like thai or indian food. A skate park would be great for our growing family community.

  • I think this town would be great for a quality coffee/wine bar. rustic mom and pop joint with great coffee and wine. You know that place that attracts live unplugged musicians to play for you while you enjoy your coffee or wine…..

  • JoAnne z

    I would love to see a 24 hour breakfast place, with a rustic décor like a Denny’s or something that could stay open all the time to be honest early breakfasts for those people living close by Nothing against Janet Montanas, but their hours are not easily accessible but a Denny’s would be great

  • Bob Petrich

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