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Community Forum to Discuss the JMMS Community & Recreation Facility Project – November 9, 2017

The Alpine Union School District invites you to a Community Forum to discuss the JMMS Community and Recreation Facility Project on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the JMMS (Joan MacQueen Middle School) Gym, located at 2001 Tavern Rd, Alpine, CA 91901Join us as we cover the following topics: Be part of the process and share your perspective on the project. / Engage in collaborative dialogue with other community members. / Hear an update on the proposed project. For more info please contact Mary Ann Alvarez, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Alpine Union School District at 619-445-3236 or email

3 comments to Community Forum to Discuss the JMMS Community & Recreation Facility Project – November 9, 2017

  • Mary Harris

    The announcement for the meeting says “Community Forum to Discuss the JMMS Community and Recreation Facility Project”. I would hope that the Alpine Unified School District would, for clarification, spell out the name of the middle school instead of using the acronym JMMS. Also in an effort to promote clarity, after the phrase “join us as we cover the following topics … that the AUSD would state distinctly what some of the topics are. What is mentioned instead of any topics is : “be part of the process…share your prospective…on the ‘project’. It continues to say: “engage in collaborative dialogue…hear an update on the ‘project’, but does not specify any of the actual topics up for discussion. When the word “community” is used the reader may assume that the AUSD is reaching out to the community as a whole and not just the school or sports communities,but only those of us from A Park 4 Alpine were there to represent the larger community of Alpine. Could this be due, in part, because of the sparse effort that the AUSD is making to advertise its meetings? Colorful flyers in addition to internet postings, will be helpful. Flyers could be posted at the library and community center and on boards where a lot of people will see them, like Barons, the laundromat, Albertsons, Ace Hardware, and the like. The AUSD meetings can be announced at other meetings to help spread the word, as well. Not everyone is an internet user. Not everyone has internet access. Not everyone has a smart phone, etc. How did it used to be done before the advent of these new technologies? As well, not everyone knows that JMMS is an acronym standing for Joan MacQueen Middle School.

  • As Supervisor Dianne Jacob she said when stated her support for this project at her Sept 19th Alpine “Coffee with Constituents”, this project will in no way affect the County’s search for more land central to Alpine for a community passive park; a park for the non-sports oriented people too.

    Indeed, Supervisor Jacob wondered why it has taken Alpiners so long to find a way to improve, upgrade and modernize our middle school’s 20-year old, non-regulation playing fields.

    Come to this meeting. Listen to Superintendent Newman’s explanation of the project. Participate in a positive exchange with your fellow citizens. Contribute to making our school kids’ educational experience the best it can be.

    Help ensure that our school district is The Destination District of the East County.

    George Barnett
    Alpine Education Foundation

  • Lou Russo

    Whenever a developer has their site plan approved, they must help the area within which they are building get some park land, either by paying a fee or providing some land. These developer fees are commonly referred to as PLDO (Parks Land Dedication Ordinance) funds. In the unincorporated areas of the County these funds are kept in separate accounts that match the local planning group boundaries. In the incorporated areas, the same funds are collected and disbursed. (See links below for more info on County Policy and article re: City of San Diego’s fund).

    There are two current proposals on the table for the allocation of these funds for Alpine; one is for a County park which would serve all of Alpine’s community, from the young to the elderly. This would be a space that includes ball fields, off-leash dog areas, picnic areas, and shade.

    The second proposal involves allowing the Alpine Union School District (AUSD) to spend the money to upgrade the athletic fields at Joan McQueen Middle School (JMMS).

    The existing JMMS fields were initially funded with PLDO monies amounting to approximately $400,000. Once built it then became the responsibility of the AUSD to maintain these fields. We in Alpine pay our taxes for AUSD to operate and maintain all things regarding the district, from the buses, to the buildings to the salary/benefits of the employees, etc.

    There are three issues to address here; first, the fields at JMMS are in fairly good condition. There is no gopher damage. Some are dirt fields and they are intact. A little TLC is all that is needed to bring them back to a very good condition. I am a member of the Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD) Citizen Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) and I am familiar with the costs of the upgrades being proposed at JMMS. The upgrades are well within the capabilities of AUSD if it partners with the youth sports leagues; nonprofits such as Alpine Education Foundation, and pursues grants such as the discretionary grants that each County Supervisor has access to.

    Secondly, some have contended that there is NO land available within the Alpine area that can be purchased with the current PLDO fund. But is this true? We are a collective group of innovative people living here. Let’s get creative, whether it entails selling, donating, combining parcels, etc., a solution can be found. I know the County is actively involved in searching for some parcels and I am confident they will be successful.

    Thirdly, regarding maintenance, I have recently been notified that the County no longer will require some entity to provide this. The County will provide it.

    And lastly, there is a concern that directing funds to a park vs. an upgrade at JMMS is “anti-AUSD” or “anti-children.” I submit that a community park not only supports the children from JMMS but serves to enrich their lives as well. It opens up a space for the entire community and gives the kids more to share and experience with a broader spectrum of folks. It’s a good thing.

    This does not have to be an either/or decision. This is an opportunity for Alpine to have a County park for all the residents to enjoy (including our four-legged, furry friends) as well as AUSD upgrading the athletic fields on district property. Let’s come together and redirect our efforts to take advantage of all our assets, and the great people in Alpine.

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