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GAFSC (Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council) Free Alpine Chipping Program Changes for 2018

Hi Chipping Fans! Last year was a fabulous year in our world of Defensible Space due to all of your hard work creating and/or maintaining your defensible space!  But as the year progressed, we found that each two-zone chipping event became a larger and larger challenge for our chipping crew to complete in the week allotted because of volume of brush you all cut and stacked.  And that is a GOOD thing!  The downside was that our crew was overwhelmed at times and our service to you customers suffered.  So in 2018 we are revising our procedures to create more customer and crew friendly events.   Please check out these new procedures and schedule for 2018 on Our Website (

1-31-11 GAFSC at our house! (8)

The first change is that each event will be for one zone only.  So when registering, please use our new Zone Map to confirm which zone your project property is in.   Then note that each event is now spread over the number days our chipping crew will be working.   Finally, note that the TOTAL VOLUME [Length x Width at Base x Height] of your pile MUST be less of 4000 cu ft.  If you have multiple piles, add the volumes of each pile to get your Total Volume.


Thanks for your interest in keeping our community safer from wildfire.

Dennis Larsen

Volunteer/Chipping Mgr

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