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Alpine Community Plan Update Visioning & Existing Conditions Workshop – Submit Your Input By 1-19-18

Thank you to all who participated in the Alpine Community Plan Update Visioning and Existing Conditions Workshop this past Saturday, January 6, 2018. Your time and input are greatly appreciated! For those of you who were unable to attend, you may review the materials / exercises presented at the workshop on the project (which also includes a lot of interesting Alpine Demographics HERE

To learn what the Alpine Community Plan Update is all about please click here:

We welcome your thoughts, comments and concerns for consideration. Please submit all additional input no later than next Friday, January 19 (project email provided on the project website above and below). Input provided at the workshop and received through January 19 will be considered in the preparation of materials for the next workshop on plan alternatives later this spring.

For those who attended Saturday’s workshop, please note that the ideas expressed will all be given consideration and no one idea or group’s input should be interpreted as a preferred direction. The preferred direction will be determined in the next workshop when additional feasibility data are available for discussion.

I would also like to make a clarification on the second to last slide in the workshop PowerPoint regarding next steps. Of the four items listed, two involve additional public meetings while two are County/consultant milestones:

  • Goals/Policies Revisions, Jan/Feb 2018 (includes a public meeting)
  • Alternatives Generation, Feb 2018 (County/consultant milestone)
  • Alternatives Evaluation, Mar/Apr 2018 (County/consultant milestone)
  • Alternatives Workshop, May 2018 (includes a public meeting)

Please submit all comments through the project email:


Thank you for your continued participation and input! If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 858.495.5463


Submitted By: Robert Efird
County of San Diego, Planning & Development Services
Project Manager, Alpine Community Plan Update


1 comment to Alpine Community Plan Update Visioning & Existing Conditions Workshop – Submit Your Input By 1-19-18

  • germain krebs

    i think that we have a bad traffic problem on tavern road just north of the freeway where there are two gas stations across the street from each other.street parking in front of the station on the east side of the road blocks the view of cars exiting the station and they pull out into oncoming traffic..this could be corrected by painting the entire curb red in front of this station so the exiting drivers can see oncoming traffic clearly
    how can we get this curb painted red? germain krebs 619-445-6485

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