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**NOTICE** VOLUNTEERS NEEDED at the West Fire Victim Supply Post!

We desperately need more volunteers over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday of next week to help prepare the donation items
We are still open and happy to help fire victims at Boulder Oaks Elementary School (2320 Tavern Rd.) . Whether you lost your home and need immediate supplies, you sustained severe smoke damage and need to replace items in your home, or even if you just lost power and need to restock your refrigerator, we have lots and lots of supplies. Please please please come and take what you need!  


You can also find important updates on this supply post and information on items still needed by liking and following the Alpine West Fire page (like below).

Contact Stephanie for volunteering and donating at (619) 573-5638.

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST to spread the word and reach as many people as possible!

Donation needs:
Activities for kids 6-17yoa
Storage containers
Non perishable foods
Working boots



2 comments to **NOTICE** VOLUNTEERS NEEDED at the West Fire Victim Supply Post!

  • Hi Torre please contact them directly at the phone numbers on the post and they can answer all the questions about volunteering for you. They will not seee your comment here because I posted this for them 🙂

  • Torre Carter

    I live in the area and was evacuated. I would love to volubteer and help any way i can. I am only available in the evening time though. Is there any availability for evening volunteers?
    Also, we were evacuated and had to spend our only extra money on a hotel to stay with the kids. We also had to throw most of our food out last week due to it being spoiled from the power outage. Is there any help that you know of that i can recieve??
    Thank you so much for your time. I would love to help this community any way I can. Even if i am not eligible to recieve help.
    Thank you

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