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Al Guerra: ALPINE SCHOOL BOARD Candidate (Incumbent)

Researched by Voter’s Edge
Source: San Diego County Registrar of Voters
*Please note that the Alpine Community network does not endorse ANY CANDIDATE. All candidates are welcome to submit information to be posted so the community of Alpine can be better informed.

Governing Board Member, Alpine Union School District/Parent/San Diego County School Board Delegate

My name is Al Guerra and I advocate for an environment where all students, all teachers, and all staff are equipped for success. As the only locally elected officials chosen solely to represent the interests of students, school board members evaluate the superintendent; monitor, review, and revise policies; and are fiscally responsible for the yearly budget. I bring experience and understanding to every decision that I make.

I am a longtime resident of Alpine and know that great schools go hand-in-hand with great communities. My children have been in the Alpine Union School District since 2008 and are now in fourth, seventh, and tenth grade. I hold a degree in Organizational Leadership and have a sincere interest in the quality and efficiency of public education in the community. I also sit as a delegate on the San Diego County School Boards Association where school board members share best practices on topics such as budgets, legislation, and continued board member education.

I ask for your support to serve as part of a school board that will keep the district focused on learning and achievement for all students; communicate a common vision; operate openly, with trust and integrity.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The statement above was entered into Voter’s Edge on 10/22/2018 by a League of Women Voters volunteer, using the PDF version of a sample ballot prepared by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters:

That might not be your version of the sample ballot, though. To find your own sample ballot version, containing all the candidates and measures on your own ballot, please use the ROV’s sample ballot look-up tool at .

1 comment to Al Guerra: ALPINE SCHOOL BOARD Candidate (Incumbent)

  • Mary Harris

    This is a post election comment but I hope it will get Mr. Guerra’s attention. I have been meaning to email him directly but haven’t gotten around to it.
    Your campaign signs were attached to eucalyptus trees at two locations that I took notice of: the corner of Tavern Road and Arnold Way and the island where the Tag Stop is located, near Victoria and either Alpine Blvd or Arnold Way.
    I took notice of the damage done to one or more trees from the metal screws.One is oozing black tree sap from where the metal screw was attaching your campaign signs. the trees have been used as bulletin boards over a period of many years. Besides your screws, there are nails and staples, along with knife carvings. While the signs are down now, many of the screws have been left in the trees.I am not sure whether this is a good thing or not because it may be that more damage will be done to the trees if they are removed. The point I hope to make is: just don’t do it in the first place.
    The trees look strong and that makes one think that they can tolerate all kinds of abuse. Maybe they can but that doesn’t mean that they should have to. Since eucalyptus trees are always being watched for being uprooted in storms, or from falling broken limbs and branches, it would make sense not to do anything to them that could cause them to weaken or become unhealthy. Eventually they are likely to be removed, but till then, keeping them healthy is obviously the right thing to do.
    I hope this is seen by Mr. Guerra. Thank you.

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