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JMMS Sports Fields and a New Park for Alpine Update – February 6, 2019

Parkland for Alpine – Update February 6, 2019 – Submitted By George Barnett

Along with Travis Lyon, Jim Easterling, and Jon Green, I attended meetings yesterday hosted by Brian Albright, Director of Parks and Recreation for the County of San Diego. Mr. Albright’s executive staff also participated. Two major parkland developments for Alpine were discussed. Following are my personal observations:

Joan MacQueen Middle School Playing Fields:
Concept plans are completed, and Alpine Union School District (AUSD) is moving ahead. The County process for directing developers’ fees to the project from the Alpine Park Land Development Ordinance account was reviewed. Ordinance compliance issues were discussed, and were integrated into the timing schedule. A key component will be the preparing of architectural designs and cost estimates. The matter of well water and irrigation infrastructure for grass fields, and the maintenance of infrastructure over time, has been addressed by the very kind offer from an Alpine resident.

Alpine Community Park:
The County has completed negotiations to buy 98 acres of Wrights Field open space not owned by the Back Country Land Trust. Next steps include the Board of Supervisors final approvals on funding and acquisition expected later this month. Once escrow is completed and the land owned by the County, and once the County concludes an environmental survey of the land, the County will begin community outreach through the Alpine Community Planning Group (ACPG) and by County-hosted community workshops. Those efforts will include the solicitation of ideas, wants and needs from the community. The County expects to begin its outreach late April or early May. Environmental studies on the targeted land site have started. Those studies will indicate how much of the 98 acres can be used for parkland (as opposed to passive use as open space), and will give insight into the types of facilities that could be suitable under California’s environmental law. As Director & Officer of the Back Country Land Trust (BCLT), I pledged BCLT’s and its Partners resources in support to the County on biological resource land management, fire fuels reduction, waterway clean-out and restoration, on environmental education via BCLT’s Living Classroom Program in association with Alpine Education Foundation, and on habitat restoration.

By implication, through the sustained efforts of many, and due to the firm commitment of Supervisor Dianne Jacob to Alpine and to our children, Alpine is destined to have unsurpassed open space preserves, a community park, and refurbished, modern sports playing fields at its middle school! 😁

For clarity, the non-County attendees at the meetings were:

George Barnett (me); elected ACPG member & secretary of its Parks Subcommittee, director/officer of BCLT.
Travis Lyon; elected ACPG member & chairperson, elected Trustee AUSD, and director of BCLT. Jim Easterling; elected ACPG member and chairperson of its Parks Subcommittee; & elected member and President of Alpine Fire Protection District. Jon Green; Program & Outreach Director of BCLT

The above comments are mine personally, and are not intended to be those of the others attending.



3 comments to JMMS Sports Fields and a New Park for Alpine Update – February 6, 2019

  • Mary Harris

    Meetings about the County Park and the sports upgrades to Joan MacQueen Middle School have been talked about in Alpine Community Planning Group meetings for well over a year. I have been a regular attendee for about four years. As well, the San Diego County representatives have been holding Alpine Community Plan Update meetings at the Alpine Community Center for over a year where these and other important issues impacting Alpine have been under discussion.As well,Diane Jacob, our County Supervisor, has held meetings at the Alpine Library. Last year she came to town, for what was called Coffee With Constituents, and just a few weeks ago, she was here for what was called The Alpine Revitalization Meeting. You may see these meetings announced on Alpine Community Network, The Alpine Sun, and you can be added to the Alpine Community Planning Group’s email list, and the County’s email list. Also the Alpine Chamber of Commerce has been doing announcements for Alpine events. I agree that still more advertisement could be done and I have made suggestions to both the County and to our planning group. The library is willing to make fliers for meetings held there. They just need to be asked. The planning group could also make fliers or create signage but they choose not to. Only recently did the Alpine Community Center get a sign (incredible). I hope that helps.

  • Joyce Nygaard

    The County is buying the property first THEN deciding what to do with it? How ridiculous is that? Why haven’t the home owners whose property abuts this proposed park been notified? This is not the place for a parking lot, “parkland”, and “facilities!” Why hasn’t this been better advertised before it got to this point? This is wrong!

  • Once the JMMS project proceeds with construction, the benefactor supporting well water irrigation and infrastructure operations & maintenance will deserve our immense public thanks. In addition to facilitating healthful sports and recreation with an all natural upgraded playing fields, the school district will save the costs of buying ‘city water’ for that campus. This could translate into an additional $50,000 plus in cash every year to be directed into the classrooms. To me, I tend to think of that added cash as equating to all new Chromebooks every year for the students in 8 classrooms. It’s a Big Deal.

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