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My Take – Alpine Revitalization: By Mary Harris

My Take – Alpine Revitalization – By Mary Harris, February 2019

I am always happy to hear when Dianne Jacob is coming to town. She rolled in with her posse to head up the Revitalization Meeting. What follows are my observations.

While talk of integrating sports programs at Joan Macqueen Middle School with other community facilities and sports fields and venues were discussed, the bigger news was about the new park! Choosing to save the best for last, find details near the end.

Chamber of Commerce director, Alex Ward, had done his homework, providing multiple suggestions, including sprucing up the Triangle, the area behind the Tag Stop where Arnold Way and Alpine Boulevard merge at the traffic signal and renovating the ‘Welcome to Alpine’ sign.  He boasted of the project in which the Chamber has partnered with BCLT to install native plants and even native oak trees along Alpine Boulevard.

Mr. Green, of BCLT, shared his success in getting a grant that helped with funding the purchase of native plants and young oaks for the Alpine Boulevard project. The Engelmann Oak, a threatened species, was top choice for the tree selection, but it appears that the Coastal Live Oak was chosen instead, unless an Engelman was added since this writing.

Tom Myers, of the Historical Society, received grant money which will pay for the restoration of the concrete floor of the Carriage House. Grant money is available for projects deemed worthy, through the Community Enhancement Project. Ms. Jacob cautioned that the grant’s application deadline is coming up in March. Money went for the removal of eucalyptus trees at the museum site on Tavern Road, as well, and native Oaks were planted in their place.

Public Works was able to obtain grant money for improving a sidewalk at the Rios Canyon School. The ACPG chairman stressed improved circulation. The ACPG suffered a loss when Circulation Specialist, Jim Lundquist, resigned last year. Neville gave a detailed presentation explaining the needs of better circulation for the purpose of fire safety. More development necessitates road improvements.

The HIGHLIGHT was the announcement that the county is just steps away from purchasing long awaited parkland. On Wednesday, February 27 at 9 am. a public hearing will be held regarding this landmark purchase. It is almost time to break open the champagne bottles!  After twenty years of persistence, during which some of our elected officials had given up on getting a county park, we will finally taste the fruit of our labors. The maintenance issue was a hang up until recently because of a law prohibiting the county from being able to provide maintenance for new parks. Thankfully, that changed! Of the near hundred acres, ten to twenty acres are purposed for an active County Park. The remainder is slotted for open space. The County is considering options as to which nonprofit entity may be chosen to manage the open space part of the parkland.

Ms. Jacob clearly stated that Alpine shouldn’t short itself when it comes to choosing park amenities, and Bill Saumier, of County Parks and Recreation, assured me that a dog park will be included. Look for announcements of meetings encouraging community participation on Alpine Community Network, and the Alpine Sun. The rewards of becoming involved in the community where we live are feeling a part of creating a supportive environment for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.





5 comments to My Take – Alpine Revitalization: By Mary Harris

  • Barbara Murray

    Jon Green, I think she complimented you, why don’t you accept a compliment without being snarky?

  • Mary Harris

    Mr. Green, As long as I have been attending the planning group, I have heard more times than I can count, from those you mention , that there is NO LAND anywhere in Alpine suitable for a park. There are many witnesses to that. Even though they knew that there was land, right under their nose. Land, that BCLT had tried to purchase for itself, but the seller would not agree to sell them. Then the seller decides that it will sell to the County, and for less money.I did live here in the 70’s, and am not a ‘newcomer’. Where do you live? You are welcome to your opinion, but it is just that.

  • Jon Green

    It should be noted that this opinion piece contains several factual errors and misinterpretations of facts. This is most likely due to Ms. Harris arriving late to the meeting and then leaving early. I would also add that after decades of working to bring a park to Alpine, many of our community leaders deserve credit and recognition for their hard work and dedication in exploring all possible options. I’m not sure how moving to town and sending out a survey is cause for a victory lap by a newcomer, but in my humble opinion, the real credit here belongs with the people that have been working on getting Alpine a County Park for 20+ years. The Haven’s, the Perricone’s, Jim & Glenda Archer, George Barnett, Travis Lyon, and many others that have put their time and energy into working with the County for literally decades to find a suitable place for an Alpine Park. Let’s give credit where credit is due – to the long time residents and community leaders that have worked tirelessly on a park for Alpine and will now see this vision become a reality based on their sustained efforts for many many years.

  • Joseph Wolf

    It s Good that Mary is interrested in getting us a dog park in Alpine. We are fortunate to have someone like Mary Harris is our corner to make Alpine a great & happy place to live . Joseph Wolf

  • Mary Harris

    I want to give a shout out to Lou Russo for his encouragement and support during the last three years since I first went to the Alpine Community Planning Group asking for a dog park. He is the only ACPG board member that offered me support. I also want to acknowledge Yolaine Stout, whom Lou Russo introduced me to. Yolaine used her own money and time to create the A Park 4 Alpine survey and offer her expertise in organizing a grass roots effort. Others have been so helpful, too. But without Russo and Stout I doubt we would be seeing the actualization of this long held dream for the enhancement of the lives of all Alpine residents, of all ages, a County Park for Alpine. Thank You !!!

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