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Reflective Fire Code-Compliant Address Markers

Do you know what the County of San Diego Consolidated Fire Code standards are for residential house numbers?

1. Numbers shall be placed on all new and existing buildings and at appropriate locations

2. Plainly visible and legible from the street or roadway fronting the property when approaching from either direction

3. The numbers shall contrast with their background or be reflective

4. Numbers shall be 4 inches high with a ½ inch stroke

The Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council now provides support for creation of reflective address signs. The signs are $25.00 each, the 4” white numbers are reflective, the metal sign is either blue for parcels with a 4 inch standpipe and a 5,000 gallon or larger functioning water tank OR green for parcels without a water tank. The signs are easily seen at night, in the fog or smoke. To order sign if home is in the Alpine area: please call 1-469-993-4141. Year 2019 approved Sunrise Powerlink Fire Mitigation grants must meet code address standards to receive a grant reimbursement.

The Alpine and other grant area Address Marker Order Forms are available at the Sunrise Grants office: 2241 W. Victoria Dr. Alpine. Grants office Phone: 1-619-722-7512


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