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“Let’s Talk About a Park” BCLT Guided Fenceline Hike at Wright’s Field – May 4, 2019


Saturday, May 4, 2019 – “Let’s Talk About a Park” BCLT Guided Fenceline Hike at Wright’s Field from 9am-12pm.

Have questions about the new SD County Park coming to Alpine? Want to know how it will affect BCLT-owned lands at Wright’s Field? Join us on May 4th for a guided hike and Q&A with BCLT land manager for Wright’s Field, Jon Green. We’ll be walking the property boundary that BCLT will share with the new County Park, and we’ll be available to hear your ideas and answer some questions. This walk will also be a listening session for BCLT to gather community input about how a park might affect the trail user experience on our 230-acres of conservation land at Wright’s Field. For this hike, we’ll be meeting at the Old Ranch trailhead to Wright’s Field at 2500 South Grade Road.
Please wear appropriate hiking clothes and shoes. Water and sun protection are recommended.

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Contact Jon Green at Back Country Land Trust (BCLT) at 619.504.8181 or email

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4 comments to “Let’s Talk About a Park” BCLT Guided Fenceline Hike at Wright’s Field – May 4, 2019

  • Jon Green

    Michael – no one “stacked the crowd” at a public meeting of the ACPG subcommittee. If anything, there were quite a few dissenting voices in that meeting wanting all different things for a new park. As far as the survey sent around by a DogPark4Alpine, of course they were focused on developing amenities, that was the purpose of their survey. And it was a very general survey, not specific to Wright’s Field. As for BCLT “trying to get something for free” – you’re simply showing your bias here. The previous owners were asking $8M for 142 undeveloped acres in 2007. Does that sound free to you? In 2017, they approached BCLT again to buy the land, with a price tag of $2-3M. Again, not free. And BCLT doesn’t have that kind of money. Never has. It’s getting harder and harder to see your point that BCLT just wants to “get something for free” when the price tag was always several million dollars, with NO endowment for maintenance or upkeep. The next best alternative, in most peoples’ opinion, is the County acquisition for public parkland (which does come with taxpayer funded maintenance and upkeep). This 98 acres is much too large to ALL be active parkland, and will inevitably be designated by the County into active and passive parkland amenities on different portions of the property. You may want a driving range and aquatics center and all manner of urban development, but most folks in Alpine want a quiet, small town country feel with a place to hike, bike, and enjoy nature in peace.

  • Michael Alena

    Mr. Green, stacking the crowd at one meeting does not an opinion make. Take a look at the surveys Ms. Stout, etc. did. They all point to active park amenities, by a wide margin and in much greater numbers than your meeting. Next, if the middle school upgrades were sufficient, neither the residents nor the County would have bought this land for active parkland. As to the minuscule park behind the library and adjacent to the community center, the community center volunteered to maintain that, a decision they should not have made if they weren’t able to do it. (Also, as with the fields at the middle school, other entities control the baseball field by the community center, baring most users at convenient times.) George Barnett said on FB that BCLT tried to buy these parcels but were denied and that the County ended up buying them for LESS than your offer. That in and of itself shows that if the owner wanted this land to be passive, they would have sold them to BCLT. I will hand it to you, you never give up trying to get something for free. Well, in this case, the taxpayers money was spent by the County for active parkland, where they don’t have to worry about staying on paths or not stepping on something they shouldn’t. Please enjoy Wrights and its passive activities and let the community have a park where the activity is active. Everyone should also remember that once land goes passive, it will never come out again. What cannot be built now, e.g. things like an aquatic center, driving range, etc. can be built later with PLDO fees as long as the land is designated active. Thank you for your input.

  • Jon Green

    Michael – again you are mistaken in your criticism of BCLT. The majority of Alpiners want Wright’s Field to remain as it is: an open-space preserve for multi-use trails and wildlife habitat. The members of the community that attended the Planning Group’s Parks & Recreation Subcommittee meeting on the new park were quite vocal about wanting to minimize the development at the new park and to improve the parking and trails for outdoor recreation, with some picnic tables and a playground, maybe an off-leash dog park.

    There is no need to overbuild active parkland on one side of Wright’s Field while active parkland is simultaneously being built on the other side of Wright’s Field at Joan MacQueen Middle School (to the tune of about $2-3million in public and private investment). What we should be doing is investing in the underfunded public parks that we already do have – for example, the Alpine Community Center already has a baseball field, a playground, a concrete amphitheater, and a picnic area – but they’re constantly underfunded and under maintained because of a lack of community investment. Do we really need more of the same thing?

  • Michael Alena

    Sounds like BCLT is still trying to get as much of the County purchased park land to be passive instead of what the overwhelming majority of people want, e.g. ACTIVE parkland. I’m not going to fall for it. Our families want ACTIVE parkland.

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