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4 comments to An Update on Alpine Revitalization: Submitted By George Barnett – January 2020

  • Yes we are usually notified of these meetings and are asked to post them. But this was the first time I do not recall getting any notification sent to me. I do not know why, but i am assuming it may have just been an oversight and totally unintentional, as I know that they have been posting a lot of things on the Loving Life Alpine Facebook Page and may have thought they sent it to me to post on the ACN facebook page and website but I dont recall getting the notification for this particular meeting. If they did and I missed it somehow, then I apologize for that. It is very important that all media avenues are used for these notices and not rely on Facebook alone to get the word out as there are a lot of people in our community who do not use Facebook.

  • Mary Harris

    I could not find the Alpine Revitalization Meeting announced anywhere. I usually see community meetings announced here on ACN and in the Alpine Sun. ACN says that Mr Barnett usually sends in announcements of community meetings (meetings about issues affecting Alpine citizens and open to attendance from the public). What happened?

    The reversal of the decision made last year (with the input of Alpine stakeholders) to use grass instead of artificial turf at the Joan Macqueen playing fields came as no surprise. Unfortunately, I witness this happening often. Meaning, that input is sought from our townspeople at Planning Group Meetings, and through surveys (both independent surveys and surveys provided by the county, and then when the people respond,often with the majority in favor of an issue – in this case, to NOT use artificial turf at the playing field’s,the results of the surveys or polls are completely ignored. The Alpine Community Planning Group(ACPG or APG), the entity that is responsible for reporting to our County Supervisor,Dianne Jacob, what Alpine wants, fail to do so, and spout their own wants instead.
    One way this happens is when the ACPG fails to announce the meetings, thereby, insuring that no one from the public attends who may oppose them. At this meeting there were chairs set up for the public, but no one was in them, but myself and two friends I invited.
    I spoke to those in charge at both ACN and The Alpine Sun as to why the meeting was not announced. The general reply was an ‘I don’t know”, without an apology or explanation. An explanation was finally given after a little digging, and that was that Mr. Barnett, failed in his duty to ask for the meeting to be posted.

  • Fred Heske

    Appreciate the Report George! Under Roads & Infrastructure you stated a Road Upgrades & Repaving Project spreadsheet was attached.
    I couldn’t find the attachment on this newsletter–unless I missed it.

  • George B

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