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Sacred Circle: Astrology 101 Workshop at Raya Yoga – First Tuesday of Every Month!

Welcome Sacred Souls!!! With so much gratitude for your presence in showing up exactly, wholly and beautifully as you are, I wish to welcome you to The Sacred Circle Series at RAYA YOGA at a beautiful mountain home healing space in Alpine. This circle will run the first Tuesday of every month from 6-8:30pm with optional yoga flow free for Circle attendees from 4:30-5:30.

Each Tuesday will be offered as an intensive transformational workshop for you to choose to heal, enjoy commUnity, have space held for you, hold the space for others, wish to learn these resources and use them for your own workshops, gain experience to form other circles or even if you would like a sacred space to practice/learn/enhance your abilities to work with healing energy in a sacred space.

In our first SC, we had a Letting Go Fire Ceremony to create more space to allow for anew. Our second SC, we introduced concepts about our innate psychic abilities and let go of some myths about society’s portrayal of psychic abilities and further discussed the things that hold us back from unconditionally trusting our intuition and practices we can embrace to support our inherent nature. Vibrational Frequency 101 revealed to us what we needed to hear, feel, intuit and see to shift to a higher vibration of healing and unconditional love. Then, a super talented sister, Amanda Huelesbusch helped us tap in to our creativity by leading Sacred Circle: Lead With the Heart (A PaintNite Experience! Now it’s time to tap into our truth, our soul contracts that we came here to earth to accomplish. Our karmic ties, lessons to learn and how to accept ourselves unapologetically first exactly who we are, and others too! Welcome to Astrology 101!

What to expect:
-Introductions, intention setting and safety needs, tea/cacao gratitude share.
-Follow up share.
-Cosmic dance
-About an hr of a practical look into our personal charts (Sun/Moon/Rising/South Node/North Node) what that means and how to use it in your everyday life. A few tips and tricks will be shared to help you tap into your future schedule on which months of every year and which days of every month will be best to plan or not plan big arrangements.
-Snack Share

What to bring:
– A mat is not necessary but may provide extra comfort.
– A snack or small side dish to share while we collectively share our experiences.
– Water bottle
-A Journal/Pen
– A friend if you feel called to bring and wish to receive a sacred sister discount!
– An intention of:
*3 current events in your life you wish to see from a different perspective.
*One word intention for: I Am/I Feel/I Act/I Love/I Speak
-An open mind and heart for big downloads and a different perspective on life itself.

My Intention is that this sacred circle, held workshop style, will focus on sharing the earned gifts that were taught to me to be shared with you to continue sharing and healing yourself and others for life, raising the collective conscious from a heart centered place that allows us to be clear conduits of love and light that transmute pain and darkness with strength, support, compassion, empowerment, unconditional trust and love.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR BASIC CHART READ, PLEASE CONFIRM, RESERVE YOUR SPOT AND PROVIDE YOUR BIRTH MONTH, DATE, YEAR, CITY, STATE AND EXACT TIME OF BIRTH AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT! Otherwise you will still learn a lot by attending, but I need time to read and put together everyone’s charts in a sensible and intuitive manner.

Location details will be sent out via email once payment is received. Please contact me at: to make me aware of your payment and so I can give you those details.

Payment info:
$44 or $33 for each sister to share pricing discount with each NEW sister she brings. *Pricing is carefully thought out and based upon an equal exchange of energy regarding sharing tools, space, energetic preparation, alignment and workshop value. Payment can be made via Venmo @Andrea-WarsawMatusky or you may pay with a credit card. Please contact Andrea at 619-453-2245 or Email

Pre-sign ups and payment need to be received no later than 24 hrs prior to the event so this gives you time to properly prepare your intentions and gives me a heads up for energetic space and tools/supplies needed. This allows me to prepare the best space for your needs!

More information about Raya Yoga can be found at:



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