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Alpine Community Church Invites Residents to Place a Flower in Wire & Moss Cross at Steps for Easter

Easter arrives this Sunday!   While we continue to shelter in place, there is a cross made of wire and moss on the steps in front of Alpine Community Church on West Victoria Drive.   Everyone in the community is invited to stop by the church  and place a flower in the cross to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.   You can bring a flower from home or there will be a basket of flowers next to the cross.  Placement of flowers on the cross begins at noon on Saturday and will last through Easter Sunday.  Come when you can.

We can keep a safe distance and still come to celebrate God’s love.   By the end of the day on Easter, the cross will become a colorful celebration of His love.   Happy Easter to all! Alpine Community Church is located at 2225 W Victoria Dr, Alpine, CA 91901 (619) 445-2110

Submitted by Pam Price (Email me here)

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