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Janet’s Montana Cafe in Alpine Giving Customers FREE PIES on May 23, 2020 – GET THE DETAILS HERE!

*** FREE PIES!! **** YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! (Beginning May 23)
IF YOU HAVE EVER HAD THE PIE AT JANET’S you KNOW how LIFE CHANGING IT IS! BEST PIES ON EARTH! This is an awesome deal they are offering! Here’s the scoop…….”In observance of Memorial Day and to show our appreciation to our loyal customers, Janet’s Montana Cafe in Alpine, will give a free pie to the first 50 customers who spend a minimum of $30 BEGINNING on SATURDAY, MAY 23, 2020! Serving TAKE-OUT ONLY at this time. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Open 9am to 7pm. Janet’s is located at 2456 Alpine Blvd., Alpine Ca. 91901 – Call us at (619) 659-3874



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