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The Alpine Union School District Supports Students Through Excellent Distance Learning Program

June 11, 2020
The Alpine Union School District is continuing to support and uplift students in obtaining a top of the line education amidst school closures. On the day of school closures, the school staff was able to implement an emergency plan and provide school meals for pickup the following Monday, as well as collaborate with teachers to create an excellent distance learning program that is seen as a model for other districts.

The Alpine Union School District’s distance learning plan focuses on helping students continue to progress towards their end of the year goals with online teaching to accommodate for safety. The district has utilized Google products in previous years and continues to take advantage of the many tools and benefits that Google Classroom provides in its distance learning program. Using great tools and technology, the district has created a plan to include multiple types of learning that will keep kids engaged and active throughout the day. The district is helping provide the necessary technology to students, with over 50% of students in the district having checked out Chromebooks. However, Alpine Union is aiming to keep learning interactive and not just on a screen all day. To do this, Alpine Union is utilizing three different methods, they

Synchronous Learning
Synchronous learning includes things like virtual classes, live streams, and chats. These interactions are real-time and help keep students engaged with fellow students and their teachers.

Asynchronous Learning
Asynchronous learning includes interactions that occur with others but are not real-time, examples of this may include comments on discussion boards and collaboration on google documents.

Low tech/no tech Learning
Lastly, there are low tech and no tech options for students to learn, this may include things like packets or activities completed away from the computer.

The Alpine Union School District is working to help students increase their digital citizenship, keep lines of communication with students and families open, and create an enjoyable and attainable at-home learning experience for everyone. This includes providing social and emotional support from school counselors and social workers from Monday through Friday.

To learn more about Alpine Union School District’s distance learning program and to stay up to date on the latest events, visit the district website!

About Alpine Union School District
Alpine Union School District is nestled in the Cuyamaca Mountains of east county San Diego and serves approximately 1,750 students in grades K-8. AUSD offers a range of programs including dual spanish immersion, performing arts, homeschool, hybrid learning, robotics, and much more. We pride ourselves on having a β€œhometown” feel where students and families come first! Alpine Union School District has a rich history, is eager to build upon its traditions, has a strong track record of putting student excellence first. Community participation is a key ingredient which makes Alpine so unique and special.

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