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Alpine Country Day School Director, Marlene Zeigler, Retires After 38 Years!

August 2020 – Alpine Country Day School (ACDS) opened in June,1982, and fortunately for our community and ACDS Marlene Zeigler began her career shortly thereafter in September, not knowing the incredible impact she would have on thousands of our community’s children.

For over 38 years Marlene quietly, lovingly, and with tremendous expertise knew that early childhood development required structure,a diverse daily curriculum,and lots of love. Having started as a teacher at the school, Marlene brought her quiet strength and belief that children need a deep understanding of nature and their place in nature. She also knew that preparing children scholastically for entry into kindergarten was becoming increasingly important and the basis for a child’s success in school.

Over the years, Marlene rose up the ranks and eventually became the Director of Alpine Country Day School’s preschool. If you ask most parents or teachers about their interactions with Marlene over the past 38 years at the school, they will tell you that along with Marlene’s understanding about early childhood development,there has always been an unflinching desire to put children’s growth needs first, as well as their need to feel complete acceptance and love.

The school’s owner Julie Ramirez says “We are happy for Marlene and forever grateful for 38 years of teaching,directing,and guiding our children,teachers,parents and me!” She also announced that one of ACDS’ long time and trusted teachers of 22 years, LeAnne Talada, has been preparing for the directorship of the center for over two years. “In reality” says Julie,”LeAnne has been preparing for the director role for many years and I’m very confident that she is ready.”

As part of the school’s send off for Marlene, they are asking any and all alumni,parents of alumni,and past teachers to send Marlene a note of congratulations,thanks and how she may have impacted your life during any part of her 38-year career at Alpine Country Day Schools.

Please direct all congratulatory notes to Marlene through our main school at:

Marlene Zeigler,Retired Director
C/O Alpine Country Day School
1508 Midway Dr.
Alpine, Ca 91901


*Submitted by Julie Ramirez, EMAIL:




1 comment to Alpine Country Day School Director, Marlene Zeigler, Retires After 38 Years!

  • Heather Straight

    We loved Marlene. Logan & Seth has such a wonderful time seeing her. What an amazing long journey she had at ACD. We miss everyone there & wish her the best of luck and a wonderful retirement.
    Love The Straight Family

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