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Post 2018 Alpine Election Thoughts – By Mary Harris

Food For Thought: Alpine Elections 2018

Running for a seat on the Alpine Community Planning Group taught me a lot. It was like a crash course on local politics.  I’ve been attending the group for over three years and I can tell you this:  if you have views that are not a carbon copy of the group majority, don’t expect to be warmly welcomed.  When I was campaigning, lies sprouted up like weeds from long term group members, and their friends, on Alpine’s social media sites. Some made little sense. One individual said that I had called Cal Trans and asked them to remove a church banner. This had nothing to do with the election. It was coming from a person grasping at straws, looking to put me in a bad light.

One Alpine woman, who works for Channel 10 News, posted a three year old video (edited) that she made of me and my puppy, walking on Christmas Eve. She was angry that my puppy was off leash in an area where he should have been leashed. I was startled by her abrasiveness. She came at me like a bully, demanding that I tell her my name and where I was from. I was ready to get home after a nice, long walk. I was alone, and, frankly, afraid. Not knowing how to respond to her aggressive demands, I gave her a false name, hoping she would go on her way. Before they left, she gave me this sarcastic greeting, “Merry ****ing Christmas! In all fairness, if one intends to publicize moments like this one, they should either notify the public that it has been edited or publish it in its entirety, which she did neither. She claimed that I gave her permission to do this. While I did tell her, “Go ahead”, it was without understanding her intent. As it turns out, she is friends with planning group members who had their own reasons to discredit me. When she found out I was running for the ACPG, she used the video to make me look bad, saying I was irresponsible, and a liar. Really? Many people were allowing their dogs off leash in that area, and it just emphasized to me how much Alpine needed a dog park. And who has not given a fake name to throw a bully off their trail? None of the good things that I have accomplished were taken into account, and indeed, not many are known by that group. When they want what they want, this is how they go about getting it.

Ironically, it was this meeting along with my discovery of Back Country Land Trust authorizing the use of Roundup at Wrights Field, on the very kind of plants that dogs like to eat, Wild Oats, that brought me to the ACPG in the first place, which was to advocate for a dog park in Alpine. I found out that the planning group had not been able to get a community park here, even after trying for twenty plus years. My efforts then went towards advocating for a community park, with the intent of having a dog park located within the park once it was established.

No one who attacked my character actually knows me. All of this nonsense was just to try to alter the outcome of the election. If someone like me, who is minimal competition, is gone after in such a fashion, imagine what lengths would be gone to in order to affect the chances of one who is significantly greater competition. The only thing I can say is: shame on these manipulators, whose intent is to destroy the names of good people, attempting to discredit them. I hope that the people of Alpine will ‘consider the source’.  As I’ve said, I have learned a lot.

Mary Harris



“A Christmas Carol – A Ghost Story of Christmas” at Steele Canyon High School – December 12-16, 2018

The Steele Canyon High School Drama Department and Instrumental Music Department present the age-old beloved classic, A Christmas Carol – A Ghost Story of Christmas. Show dates are Wednesday through Saturday, December 12, 13, 14 & 15 at 7 PM with a matinee performance on Sunday, December 16 at 2 PM.  All performances are in the Steele Canyon High School Theatre, 12440 Campo Road, Spring Valley. Tickets for all performances are $10 each and may be purchased online at http://www.showtix4u.comor purchased at the box office on the evening of performances. Set in Victorian England, the play is adapted by Michael Wilson from the original work of Charles Dickens. This theatrical and spirited version puts the fantastical qualities of the classic tale center stage. A swirling, dancing chorus of ghosts weaves through this uplifting holiday story. Traditional Christmas music accompanies this tale of redemption, magic and hope that will certainly put you in the Christmas “spirit”. This production is made possible by the generous support of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. and the Michael J. Slater Family.

About the Steele Canyon Players & Instrumental Music Department –

Under the direction of Theatre Director, Nicole LaBella and Musical Director, Heather Luck, students in the Steele Canyon High School drama and music departments produce an annual Fall Semester play and an annual Spring Semester Musical. The Spring Production of The Sound of Music was named the Best High School Musical at the 2018 Broadway San Diego Awards after the first year of entering the competition that celebrates excellence in high school musical theatre.



PARENTS NIGHT OUT at Shadow Hills Elementary School – November 9, 2018

Need something for the kiddos to do on Friday night? Bring them to Shadow Hills Elementary School Auditorium on Friday November 9, 2018 from 6pm to 9pm for a fun movie night and you can have date night!!!!! The cost is $15 per student and $5 per sibling. Dinner and dessert will be provided! **Bring your blankets and pillows! Proceeds benefit the Alpine Spanish Immersion Costa Rica Trip. Shadow Hills is located at 8770 Harbison Canyon Rd, Alpine, CA 91901. For more info please email Erica Lyle

BREAKFAST WITH THE HEROES & FLAG CEREMONY at Shadow Hills Elementary School – November 13, 2018

CALLING ALL VETS AND ACTIVE DUTY! Please join us for BREAKFAST WITH THE HEROES on November 13, 2018 at Shadow Hills Elementary School!  Breakfast will be at 8am, afterwards please join us for our FLAG CEREMONY at 9am. First Responders, Law Enforcement a& Military please wear your uniforms and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! This is a PTA Sponsored event – for more info pleas call Chantelle at 619-922-8501. Shadow Hills Elementary School is located at 8770 Harbison Canyon Rd., Alpine Ca 91901

Al Guerra: ALPINE SCHOOL BOARD Candidate (Incumbent)

Researched by Voter’s Edge
Source: San Diego County Registrar of Voters
*Please note that the Alpine Community network does not endorse ANY CANDIDATE. All candidates are welcome to submit information to be posted so the community of Alpine can be better informed.

Governing Board Member, Alpine Union School District/Parent/San Diego County School Board Delegate

My name is Al Guerra and I advocate for an environment where all students, all teachers, and all staff are equipped for success. As the only locally elected officials chosen solely to represent the interests of students, school board members evaluate the superintendent; monitor, review, and revise policies; and are fiscally responsible for the yearly budget. I bring experience and understanding to every decision that I make.

I am a longtime resident of Alpine and know that great schools go hand-in-hand with great communities. My children have been in the Alpine Union School District since 2008 and are now in fourth, seventh, and tenth grade. I hold a degree in Organizational Leadership and have a sincere interest in the quality and efficiency of public education in the community. I also sit as a delegate on the San Diego County School Boards Association where school board members share best practices on topics such as budgets, legislation, and continued board member education.

I ask for your support to serve as part of a school board that will keep the district focused on learning and achievement for all students; communicate a common vision; operate openly, with trust and integrity.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The statement above was entered into Voter’s Edge on 10/22/2018 by a League of Women Voters volunteer, using the PDF version of a sample ballot prepared by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters:

That might not be your version of the sample ballot, though. To find your own sample ballot version, containing all the candidates and measures on your own ballot, please use the ROV’s sample ballot look-up tool at .

Eric Wray: ALPINE SCHOOL BOARD Candidate (Incumbent)

Researched by Voter’s Edge
Source: San Diego County Registrar of Voters
*Please note that the Alpine Community network does not endorse ANY CANDIDATE. All candidates are welcome to submit information to be posted so the community of Alpine can be better informed.
Governing Board Member, Alpine Union School District
As a Governing Board Member of the Alpine Union School District, it has been my pleasure to serve the students, parents, and residents of Alpine for the last 12 years. We have accomplished so much together including increasing test scores, balancing our budgets, school safety programs, and adapting to the 21st century to include a national robotics program, bilingual language programs and new technology programs. We have continued to reiterate the importance of a primary education in Alpine to ensure all school children are prepared for high school and beyond. Alpine School District will continue to innovate while requiring all school children to understand the importance of mathematics, language arts, and science. Together we can continue to grow our local education initiatives into the 21st century and I ask for your support and your vote.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The statement above was entered into Voter’s Edge on 10/22/2018 by a League of Women Voters volunteer, using the PDF version of a sample ballot prepared by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters:  

Athletic Fields at Joan MacQueen AND a Community Park for Alpine – Dianne Jacobs States There is Financial Room for BOTH

Information submitted by Lou Russo-

The best news for Alpine! A number of ladies (Yolaine Stout, Barbara Murray, Pat Barton and Mary Harris) have been working behind the scenes for a Park for All in Alpine. Friday, Mary got the below email from Adam Wison, on Supervisor Jacob’s staff.  Oh, and UT Reporter Karen Karen Beth Pearlman has been crucial in helping. Give her a shout out also! Read past articles on the proposed Sports Complex & Community Park here


“Hi Mary – It was a pleasure chatting with you today. I wanted to re-affirm my responses in writing to the questions you had related to a few items in Alpine:

Alpine Local Park Acquisition:
During this year’s budget process, the County Board of Supervisors approved an allocation of $6.5M for this fiscal year (2018-2019) for the acquisition and development of a community park in Alpine. I’ve attached a page (#512) from the County’s Capital Program which is within the County’s overall budget. You will see it highlights the funding source and total project cost ($13M) as well as provides a general scope of the project. The County is currently in negotiations with a property owner in Alpine to move this project forward.

Joan MacQueen Middle School:
Supervisor Jacob has also expressed interest to assist with the development of athletic fields at Joan MacQueen Middle School. She is willing to help with the funding of this project as well as long as there is a financial partner(s) with matching contributions. I know recently the Alpine Community Planning Group took a vote to recommend the use of $900K of PLDO dollars to help fund this project. I want to remind you that the ACPG’s action is a recommendation to the County and the final decision to use this money is to-be-determined.

Alpine (Overall):
Based on the information above, Supervisor Jacob is committed to both projects. She believes that both projects do not need to compete against each other (i.e. financially) and that the overall uses for both projects can have a balanced approach to reflect the overall park needs of the entire community.

Green Park Initiative:
Supervisor Jacob brought forward an initiative last year to further promote the development of parks in the unincorporated areas of San Diego. In short, the County established a $13M fund to jumpstart a backlog of parks that were stuck in the development process due to old policies prohibiting us from building them. With new policies in place, this is yet another pot of money demonstrating the County’s commitment to building new parks. Attached is the board letter and prospective park project spending plan associated with this action.

NOTE: This $13M fund is entirely separate from the $13M identified specifically for an Alpine Park.
I hope this information is helpful and demonstrates that Supervisor Jacob is well committed to developing world-class park facilities not just in the community of Alpine but in all the unincorporated regions of the County. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions or comments. Thank you.”

Adam Wilson – Land Use Advisor, County Supervisor Dianne Jacob


TURKEY TROT! Creekside Kindergarten Fundraiser for New Computers, Playground Equipment & More

Alpine’s only Kindergarten needs your help!

Creekside Early Learning Center, our local Alpine kindergarten, is in the midst of a big fundraiser called the Turkey Trot Fundraiser.

It is solely a digital fundraiser. We are trying to raise money for a new computer lab, more chrome books for the classrooms, playground equipment, pay for field trips and assemblies, education technology programs and much more! Your support is vital to the success of our program.

You can also help by easily sharing this fundraiser out to your own network of contacts!  Simply click below to go to the fundraiser page where you can learn more details and support the cause!

Thanks for all of your help!

We are also seeking local businesses sponsorships! Donation Deadline is 11-5-18. Please click here to see the business sponsorship flyer with details: turkey trop business Sponsor Flyer creekside

If you have questions you may also contact Donalee Gonzales – Creekside PTA at



An Open Letter to Alpine About False Political Mailers – By Lou Russo

October 17, 2018 – Submitted by Lou Russo

Good morning all. I am in Norfolk, VA on business this week.  Back there in Alpine, your mailboxes are receiving the latest round of false slime political mailers about me in the election for Alpine School Board.  They began to appear in our mailboxes two elections ago and I knew they were coming this election, and what they would say.  The same person is responsible and as before, not a single one of the people running against me has stood up to condemn them.

To begin, let me state that the assertions on it are false, as have been the ones on the previous elections.  I am 66 years old and have NEVER been fired from ANY job.  I have never attacked ANY fire victim.  I have lost political races in the past but have NEVER lost a race for the Planning Group.

You may wonder why the same person keeps sending these out, election after election.  You will have to ask him (though I learned yesterday he won’t even admit to doing it).  In the end, he, and my opponents, believe a little bit of political power is worth the lies, worth having my family stared at the walk into Albertsons or Starbucks or anywhere else in Alpine and worth lying to Alpine.

The facts are simple, I can bring the change Alpine needs in our schools, while my opposition can only give you more of the same.  Their record is attached.  My ballot statements for both school board and planning group are attached.

Ask yourself if your schools are better off than they were four, or even two, years.  You know they are not.  You know if my opponents had anything positive, they would present it.  Their false slime flyers shows they don’t. Vote Russo!


The West Fire has taught us a lesson that I have known all along…

Development in Alpine must only be done with careful consideration for the fire threat in our area.  Emergency access is essential.  For years I have been the voice of reason on the Alpine Community Planning Group.  My primary concern is the safety of Alpine’s residents and protection of our homes, animals and possessions.  I have consistently stood up for intelligent, safe, development while protecting the private property rights of us all.  In addition, I am the only current planning group member to have worked with a group of residents for a park for all of Alpine, one that has shade, sports fields, picnic areas and a leash-free dog park.  Finally, I was the only current planning group member to have worked with parents to place the lighted crosswalk at Alpine Elementary and the traffic slowing signs at Joan McQueen Middle School.  A vote for me guarantees that you will be represented in planning decisions in our community.  I will not place any special interests above your interests.



AUSD was sued by San Diego Unified for putting Endeavor Charter School in San Diego Unified boundary.  AUSD lost and Endeavor was shut down with employees losing their jobs!

AUSD sued Dehesa School District over the Heights Charter in Alpine.  AUSD lost.  (Recently Dehesa renewed the agreement with the Heights.  AUSD threatened to sue again!)

AUSD sued Grossmont Union High School District over bond language.  AUSD lost.

AUSD applied to the State Board of Education to break away from Grossmont and have its own Unified District.  AUSD lost.

AUSD had to shut down the district office and move the district headquarters to JMMS….because the office was damaged by a storm and AUSD didn’t have the money to repair it.

AUSD had the buses fail inspections by CHP two times and was on the verge of failing a third time.  AUSD couldn’t afford to fix them and had to contract with Grossmont to run our transportation.  AUSD sold its buses for scrap.  Our children rode on them for two years while CHP said entire transportation department was unsatisfactory and the buses unsafe!

The principal and vice principal at JMMS were illegally changing grades.  When caught, the principal was allowed to resign and the vice principal was sent back to the classroom.  Neither had any adverse action filed with the State as required!

One of the Trustees’ wives was illegally promoted and had to be sent back to her old job.

Federal Department of Education Civil Rights Division in San Francisco currently investigating AUSD over bullying/racial bullying!

Essential staff positions are going unfilled.  In particular, JMMS missing both a vice principal and a librarian.  No vice principal means no one to handle discipline.  No librarian means that school certification at risk because a librarian is required by state certifying agency.

AUSD spent over $1 Million of YOUR taxes in legal fees for the lawsuits/illegal activities!

AUSD is rated as AVERAGE by Great Schools ranking website while Heights Charter and Los Coches Creeks Middle School are rated superior!

AUSD running out of money in October and has to borrow.

AUSD employees, from best principal to best teachers to Chief Business Officer leaving district.



*Please note that the Alpine Community network does not endorse ANY CANDIDATE. All candidates are welcome to submit information to be posted so the community of Alpine can be better informed.