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JMMS “iperform” Presents “Seussical Jr” Play – May 24 & 25, 2018

JMMS “iperform” Presents “Seussical Jr” on Thursday May 24 and Friday May 25, 2018 at 7pm. Dr. Seuss’s best loved characters collide and cavort in an unforgettable musical caper! The theater kids have been working so hard and it will surly be an amazing play. Community members are welcomed! Tickets are available at the door or they can be pre-purchased at (Search seussical jr.) Reserved tickets: $15, General: $10 and JMMS Stiudents are only $5 at the door! JMMS is located at 2001 Tavern Rd, Alpine, CA 91901. For more info please call 619-445-3245

HUGE Easter Egg Hunt & Carnival at JMMS (30,000 EGGS!) – March 31, 2018

EASTER IS ALMOST HERE! Join us for one of East County’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 31, 2018 at Joan Macqueen Middle School in Alpine (2001 Tavern Rd, Alpine, CA 91901) from 9am-12pm! IT’S FREEE!!!!

-Divided age group egg hunt areas
-30,000 Easter Eggs
-Free Food (Pancake breakfast and Popcorn)
-Carnival Games
-Pony Rides
-Pictures with the Easter Bunny AND other Surprise Characters
-Face Painting
-Crazy Hair Booth

We hope to see you there! All are welcome! Invite your friends! Hosted by Bethel Christian Assembly in Alpine! Follow our Facebook Page HERE For more info please call (619)445-5508 or visit our website at


New Video ALL ABOUT Alpine’s Joan MacQueen Middle School (JMMS)

Check out this new video all about Alpine’s own Joan MacQueen Middle School! Its very informative and really points out all the amazing programs the school has to offer, including the “outdoor classroom” in Wright’s Field Nature preserve that is located right behind the school!


Joan MacQueen Middle School is unique in that we are the only middle school in Alpine. Many of our students have grown up here. They went to kindergarten together, then different elementary schools, and now are back together at Joan MacQueen.

You can’t help but be struck by the beauty of our campus. The giant front lawn, beautiful gym, smaller quad spaces near the classrooms, and our own outdoor classroom, Wright’s Field.

Not only do we have our strong academics, but a variety of elective choices for our students’ varied interests. Students participate in hands-on electives such as coding, robotics, maker-space, culinary arts, band, art, photography, and yearbook. They can participate in leadership with ASB, express themselves in performing arts, learn a new language, or receive additional academic support.

Our PE coaches offer after school sports in cross country, basketball, and flag football. Joan MacQueen Middle School is Alpine. It’s a community where we care about each other.

Joan MacQueen Middle School part of the Alpine Union School District and is located at 2001 Tavern Rd, Alpine, CA 91901. For more info please call Mary Ann Alvarez, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at (619) 445-3245 or email



Joan MacQueen Middle School (JMMS) New School Hours Effective August 2018

Joan MacQueen Middle School (JMMS) in Alpine school hours will be changing for the 2018-2019 school year. The new hours will be 8am to 2:25pm.Joan MacQueen Missle School is located at 2001 Tavern Rd. Alpine Ca 91901. For more info please contact Mary Ann Alvarez, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Alpine Union School District at 619-445-3236 or email

STING Program Informational Meeting at Granite Hills High School – January 27, 2018

STING is open to all 6-8 grade students regardless of their high school choice! A day for Middle School Students to take fun classes from High School Students!

Attention all middle school parents! STING (Student Teachers Igniting the Next Generation) is coming up! Join the students of Granite Hills High school on January 27, as we create a day full of untraditional learning designed to excite children about their education! STING is open to all 6-8 grade students regardless of their high school choice! Visit to register. Hurry, classes are filling fast!


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Community Park / Surrounding Issues – By Mary Harris

Letter to the Editor – Submitted By Mary Harris

I was re-reading Lori Bledsoe’s September 2017 article in the Alpine Sun about Park Land Dedication Ordinance (PLDO) funds and how Joan MacQueen Middle School (JMMS) wants to use, the now $950,000, in the fund for athletic field upgrades. Not long ago, George Barnett, of the Alpine Community Planning Group (ACPG), wrote in the Alpine Community Network (ACN), that he envisioned a 9 Acre Sports Complex at JMMS. Lori’s article was thorough, and included that many Alpiner’s wanted a community park built here with the PLDO money. She also covered the land offer made by El Cajon developer, Daryl Priest, and the (alleged) problems that the County found with it.

Fast forward nearly four months as we approach the new year. Things have changed in the last few months that have put Alpine in the running, at long last, to FINALLY obtain a County Park! I have made it to most of the meetings regarding the issues and have learned that, according to Bill Saumier of the San Diego County Parks and Recreation, that “the floodgates are open”, meaning that millions of dollars are now available for building new county parks.

The issue that Lori Bledsoe brought up in her article concerning a problem with the county not paying for maintenance of a park once it has been built, has been resolved. As of June 2017, the county will pay for park maintenance.

Meanwhile, members of our community have had an opportunity to express themselves about these issues through a Surveymonkey survey created by a concerned resident. Over 300 locals have taken the survey to date. Questions are asked of Alpiner’s as to what THEY want to see as far as amenities in a community park, and how THEY would like to see the PLDO funds used. The overwhelming majority are responding that they want the PLDO money used for a community park vs. a sports complex or field upgrades at JMMS.

The most important amenities sought by locals? A dog park and plenty of shaded areas.

Alpiners have been misled by the ACPG to believe that there is no land available in Alpine suitable for a county park. Not so! We have also been led to believe that the County Board of Representatives has already given the green light for either the athletic field upgrades at JMMS, or the “Sports Complex” idea outlined in articles by ACPG member, George Barnett. While the ACPG apparently did meet with Diane Jacob, our County Supervisor, NO DECISION has been made regarding proposed projects at JMMS.

I have criticized the ACPG and the Alpine Unified School District (AUSD), as well as the ACPG Parks and Trails Subcommittee for not doing a good enough job announcing their meetings, not announcing their meetings early enough, and not providing basic signage to facilitate people in being able to locate the meetings.

While the AUSD and the ACPG are good with spending approximately $5,000 to make a preliminary plan for their proposed project, they can’t part with less than $100 to provide signage or flyers. What would it take to make a few flyers and post them (more than a couple of days prior to the meeting), or place a basic sign or two ?

I have also criticized the above mentioned boards for not doing enough to connect with the community they represent. How can they represent Alpine if they don’t connect with the people of Alpine? I call it Community Outreach. This is essential in order that not just a few (who happen to sit on the boards) voice their opinions, but that the community itself, rich or poor, landowners or not, Americans with white,brown, black,or any other variation of skin color, highly educated or not, and of any religious background, and of any age whereby they be old enough to vote, may be actively welcomed to participate.

When I talk to people, I often hear that they don’t think that it matters what they think because those on the boards always get what they want anyway, so what’s the point ? This leads to apathy, and undermines community spirit.

And when a board member states that the public are “warmly welcomed” at ACPG meetings, they didn’t say, unless they disagree with the board, then they may be “welcomed” as I feel was, with rudeness, being talked down to, and with intimidating physical gestures.

It’s nothing new to me, and other single women may agree, to be treated with disrespect. A woman who may be a widow, divorced, having no grown children nearby, or other family who may care what happens to her, I feel are seen as prey by predators. The reputations of some planning group members, have become tarnished in my eyes, after I feel that I have been repeatedly treated like someone that doesn’t matter.

I lived here in the mid 70’s. I helped raise my nephew here. I became a single parent in the 80’s, and moved to where the quality schools were located. I coached and supported my daughter, from her preschool years to college, and attended her graduation, where she earned her Master’s Degree. I am retirement age now, and volunteer teaching the ESL program. I attend adult school, participate in a writer’s group, and help my “older than me” neighbors who are without family and/or money.

When the ACPG and the AUSD and Alpine Education Foundation (AEF) said they all voted unanimously to prioritize the spending of the PLDO money on sports related projects at JMMS,instead of making a community park for all to use, I asked what made sports agendas the priority when there are so many other needs of students being neglected? I didn’t get an answer.

Mainly, and I finish with this, Alpine is LONG overdue in getting a community park. A recreational facility at JMMS is designed for the school community, not the community at large. The school can find its own funding for sports projects and leave the PLDO money alone. It was originally designated for a park. Just because the PLDO fund was dipped into before, approx. ($400,000) for sports fields at JMMS, does not mean that it should be permitted again.

Concerned Resident – Mary Harris


Register NOW for AEF’s Rockin’ Trail Run 5k & Fun Run – February 25, 2018

Register now for AEF’s (Alpine Education Foundation) Rockin’ Trail Run 5k & Fun Run on Sunday, February 25, 2018 (9am)at Joan MacQueen Middle School – Wright’s Field (2001 Tavern Rd. Alpine, Ca. 91901)

AEF’s Rockin’ Trail Run 5k & Fun Run is a unique trail run through beautiful Wright’s Field in Alpine, CA. Live bands play every 1/4 mile to cheer you on and pump you up! This family-friendly community event raises funds that support the schools within the Alpine Union School District. A Finisher’s Fair is held after the event with free bounce house, games, and vendors.



All proceeds benefit the Alpine Education Foundation (AEF). AEF generates funds that support educational opportunities for students of the Greater Alpine Area to better prepare today’s youth for the future through programs supporting the use of technology in the classroom, innovative practices, enhancing staff, professional development, and supplementing teacher support to allow for small group and individualized approaches to student learning. Thank you for supporting the students in Alpine! For more info please visit


We are proud to partner once again with the Back Country Land Trust for this event. Thank you to the BCLT for allowing us to use Wright’s Field so that all may enjoy its beauty during this event. For more information on the BCLT, please visit


MOVIE NIGHT FOR ALL AUSD STUDENTS at Joan MacQueen Middle School – December 12, 2017

ALL AUSD STUDENTS ARE INVITED to the Alpine Union School District’s MOVIE NIGHT on December 12, 2017 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in the Joan MacQueen Middle School Gym (2001 Tavern Rd, Alpine, CA 91901) We will be watching Despicable Me 3! The cost is only $10 and includes pizza and a drink (Bring additional $ for the JMMS ASB Snack Bar) There will be Superintendent, Principals and Staff supervision. For additional information please call (619) 445-3245

Internet Crimes Against Children and Adolescents Presentation at Joan MacQueen Middle School – November 16, 2017

The Alpine Union School District is holding a Parent Education Night on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 6pm in the Joan MacQueen Middle School gym (2001 Tavern Rd, Alpine, CA 91901) A speaker from the San Diego District Attorney’s office will be presenting on Internet Crimes Against Children and Adolescents. Please join us for this informative event.

  1. Learn essential aspects of keeping your child safe online.
  2. Develop strategies to assist you in talking with your child about the dangers of the internet.
  3. Understand ways to safeguard your network.


For more info please contact Mary Ann Alvarez, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Alpine Union School District at 619-445-3236 or email

Community Forum to Discuss the JMMS Community & Recreation Facility Project – November 9, 2017

The Alpine Union School District invites you to a Community Forum to discuss the JMMS Community and Recreation Facility Project on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the JMMS (Joan MacQueen Middle School) Gym, located at 2001 Tavern Rd, Alpine, CA 91901Join us as we cover the following topics: Be part of the process and share your perspective on the project. / Engage in collaborative dialogue with other community members. / Hear an update on the proposed project. For more info please contact Mary Ann Alvarez, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Alpine Union School District at 619-445-3236 or email