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BBQ Celebration for Youth, Friends & Families at Alpine Youth Center – July 28, 2018

It has been a little while since Behold Christian Ministry @ Alpine Youth Center did an activity inviting our youth, friends, and families throughout our communities to join for a time of feasting and fellowship.  We have decided to do a bbq (hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.,)  You are invited!  Take a tour.  Learn how you can pray for us as volunteers love kids week after week. A cool place to relax and interact with folks who love Jesus!  Moreover, we hope to have activities for the youth as our most energetic volunteers determine… 🙂

If you’d like to know what the Alpine Youth Center is all about or just want to check it out… please visit and have a hot dog… support our efforts to reach the youth of Alpine through the power of the gospel!  And, say hi to familiar faces and meet a few new folks!  My desire is to kindle relationships, even for a moment with much love and joy!

We always are in need of volunteers to oversee the kids, especially as the fall semester begins in August 2018.

If you’d like to support, but do not have the time to volunteer, we are accepting donations as the Lord leads your joyful giving heart!   No pressure! Pass on this event and if you have time this weekend, drop in for a few or stay for a good while and enjoy hanging out.


Behold Christian Ministry@ Alpine Youth Center

What:  A BBQ celebration for our youth, friends, families.

When:  July 28,  Saturday 12 to 5ish.

Where:  Alpine Youth Center  2153 Arnold Way.  Alpine. 91901

Why:  To enjoy our God through relationships and introduce who we are as a Christian ministry striving to love the youth of Alpine.

For more info please contact Randall Torres at 619-995-6239 or EMAIL ME HERE


FREE 6 Week Guitar Class for Teens – July 10, 2018

Free 6 week class begins on Tuesday, July 10, 2018!

This is a Beginning Guitar Class for Middle and High Schoolers. The 6 week class will be on Tuesdays, 2:00-3:00pm (guitar tuning at 2pm & class starting at 2:15pm). The Class is being held at the Alpine Youth Center (2153 Arnold Way, Alpine). The class will include Basic Fingering and sight reading.

Sign-up in advance! The Instructor will arrange an advance time to tune up your guitar and cover basic info. Students can use their own guitar (acoustic or electric) and there are a number of free loaner guitars if you don’t have one. The Instructor, Keith Acker, has been teaching guitar for over 25 years. He is also the Pastor at Blessed Trinity Anglican Church (El Cajon) and lives here in Alpine.

You can sign up at the Alpine Youth Center or email the Instructor ( or leave your name, phone, grade saying your interested in the Free Teen Guitar Class at 619-722-1772.


It is FREE, BUT… You do have to sign up. You do have to practice. 30 minutes a day works best! You do have to attend the class. Stop by the Alpine Youth Center, email, or call today.


Alpine Youth Center Seeking VOLUNTEERS & DONATIONS for Much Needed Improvements

May 2017 Alpine Ca. 91901 – The Alpine Youth Center (AYC) is going on four years of providing a safe haven for a variety of kids looking for a warm, semi-structured and welcoming place to interact, chill-out, and be supported in “living healthy” in a sometimes unhealthy world.  Although we have recently gone through changes in leadership, our goals and mission remain constant.  If you are not familiar with the Alpine Youth Center please watch this really FUN and informational video! Enjoy!  WATCH VIDEO

Through the leadership of a Board of Directors, volunteer staff, friends of the AYC, local churches, and caring individuals from our Alpine community, we continue to practically love and offer developing youth a safe place to reside after school from 2 to 6pm.  Sundays we are open from 12 to 4pm for engaging activities.

Many families, single, married, our Alpine parents, grandparents, moms and dads value the Alpine Youth Center and what we have provided to their children over the years.  Moreover, the AYC is an ongoing benefit to our Alpine community!  For example, youth are less likely to engage in destructive or unhealthy ways of being because they have a healthy and friendly place to go after school.

Furthermore, the AYC staff consistently offer support and encouragement!  Staff volunteers get to know the kids, spend time with, develop activities, set boundaries, essentially love our youth 6 days out of the week.   Our practical goal is to teach, role model a healthy lifestyle, and promote a constant message to persevere in ways that are socially acceptable and rewarding.

The Alpine Youth Center is a Christian based organization.  We are a 501c(3) recognized non-profit in California under Behold Christian Ministry.  We welcome all youth to be involved and never push or force our Christian views.  However, we do present the amazing grace of God, practically love, and meet youth wherever they might be in this journey of life.

To continue fulfilling our mission, we need community support.   Not only do we need volunteers who agree with our mission, but we need financial support.  We are looking for consistent monthly “champions” who are able to give $100 a month to support our efforts.  If that doesn’t work, we appreciate any amount doable for your giving budget.

We desperately need new flooring, window coverings, etc., however, we have no funds to significantly upgrade the AYC in these essential areas.  If you’d like to give a financial gift toward this end, please joyfully do!   As we move forward and accomplish upgrading, we will be inviting our Alpine community to visit!  An open house is approaching to ask questions, clarify who we are, our goals, and most importantly, how you can be involved!

Please consider financially supporting the Alpine Youth Center.

Most sincerely, and Thank you!

Checks can be made out to:  Behold Christian Ministry

Send to: 2153 Arnold Way, Alpine, CA 91901

You also can give through our website:

Randall Torres, President of the Board of Directors – 619 995 6239


Clay Maudin for 2017 Honorary Mayor of Alpine, Proceeds to benefit the Alpine Youth Center



12809548_1105270762857754_8651233039469699902_nI am running for Honorary Mayor of Alpine and all of my donation /  “Votes” will benefit the Alpine Youth Center. Each dollar collected is a “vote”. The candidate with the most “votes” will become the new Honorary Mayor of Alpine.

The reason I have chosen to support the Alpine Youth Center over the past 3 years (which is a non-profit organization located in the middle of town) is because it brings the community together and is open to all the kids of alpine free of charge! It gives them a safe, supervised place where they can all come hang out with their friends or do homework after school.

Behold_Alpine-Youth-Center_August-2013-outing1They also offer tutoring, homework help, and any counseling the kids might be seeking for help with everyday life.

During the sunnier seasons they love to ride their bikes and scooters on the property and play outdoor sports such as basketball or tag. During the colder seasons they hang out inside and enjoy watching movies, and playing pool or racket ball. The girls really enjoy hanging out with the older girls and doing things like nail painting and doing each others hair.

Learn more about the Alpine Youth Center in the video!

clay & Baby

Clay Maudin and Daughter


People interested in donating can contact Clayton Mauldin at 619-971-2799

or visit, or send a check to Behold Ministries at PO Box 2689, Alpine, CA 91903.

We can provide the 501(c)3 receipts and all donations are tax deductible!



Vote for Alpine’s 2017 Honorary Mayor! Meet the Candidates HERE!

Alpine voting for honorary mayor going until March 1


Alpine residents can once again vote for an honorary mayor for the unincorporated community in East County. The honorary mayoral voting is a fundraising effort championed by the Alpine-Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce and the Alpine Community Foundation.

This year’s candidates are:


  • When the campaign first started, the goal was to raise money for the teachers’ wish lists in the Alpine Union School District.  Several years ago it was decided that candidates could donate the dollar “votes” their campaigns receive to help the community or nonprofit charity.Candidates pick a specific cause, project or other community improvement in Alpine as part of their platform, then try to raise money and votes. Every dollar raised by a candidate is considered a vote for that candidate. And the candidate who brings in the most votes is considered the winner. Candidates keep the money raised and present it to their chosen charity or project.
  • Rose Signore is helping the Kylie Rowand Foundation, which assists child cancer patients and families. *Learn more about Rose and Vote for her here.
  • Frank Sturniolo’s cause is the East County Transitional Living Center in El Cajon, which helps people battling addiction and homelessness.
  • Clay Mauldin is supporting the Alpine Youth Center, a free, safe place for young people 11-18 to gather, play and develop. Learn more about Clay and vote for him here
  • Ronda McLauchlan’s dollar votes will help the Alpine Education Foundation’s Tech 4 Kids program buy technology for Alpine schools. Learn more about Ronda and vote for her here
  • The reigning co-honorary mayors for 2016 are Bob Ring of Barons Market, who also won in 2009, and Joe Perricone of The Canvas Makers. The first winner was Peggy Easterling in 2003. Other winners have included Al Guerra, owner of The Liars Club Tavern & Grill, in 2008, and Alpine Fire Chief Bill Paskle in 2014. Winners are asked to attend as many Alpine Chamber events, grand openings and other Alpine activities as possible.For information on how to vote, call (619) 445-2722 or visit alpinechamber.comVotes for this year’s elections will be collected by the Alpine Chamber on March 1, with the winner announced at Alpine’s sixth annual Honey Festival on March 11.
  • Karen PearlmanArticle Submitted By Karen Pearlman Contact Reporter







Donate to Alpine Youth Center & Get a Discount Gas Card!

Behold_Alpine-Youth-Center_August-2013-outing1 Alpine Youth Center Needs Your Help!

Donate to the Alpine Youth Center and get 10 cents off each gallon of gas for a year! We are raising funds for the Youth Center by setting up a booth at local shops. We will be at Dana’s boutique on Friday, December 16, 2016 from 2pm to 7pm (2271 Alpine blvd. Suite E) and at Chic Boutique on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 from 2pm to 6pm (2175 Arnold Way).  Please stop by, donate and get your Gas Card! Next week we will also start selling tickets for Viejas Ice skating. If you cannot stop by these locations you can also donate by contacting Clay Mauldin at 619-971-2799 or email

Donate $50 – Get 5 cents off each gallon of gas for 1 year (Minimum purchase of $20 of gas each time – Valid 12/01/2016 – 12/31/2017)

Donate $75 – Get 5 cents off each gallon of gas and a free t-shirt (Minimum purchase of $20 of gas each time – Valid 12/01/2016 – 12/31/2017)

Donate $100 – Get 10 cents off each gallon for a year (Minimum purchase of $20 of gas each time – Valid 12/01/2016 – 12/31/2017)

Sinclair Gas Station is located at 2232 Alpine Blvd. Alpine, CA 91901


Shop at the BLUE POPPY TODAY and 15% Will go to Alpine Youth Center – December 10, 2016

Shop and support your community at the same time!

Alpine Youth Center Fundraiser – Sponsored by The Blue Poppy (2554 Alpine Blvd.) Saturday December 10, 2016 from 10am-3pm. The Blue Poppy will donate 15% of Saturday’s sales to The Alpine Youth center.  Shop and support your community at the same time!



Clayco Electric & Solar Thanks Youth Center for Soap Box Derby Fun 10-30-16


Clayco Electric & Solar would like to thank the volunteers at the youth center that helped us build our new car and our drivers (Kellen and Robbie) for racing the Clayco box cars at last weekends event.

Submitted By: Clayton Mauldin, Owner – Clayco Electric Lic # C-10 962955
619-971-2799 Cell


DONATIONS WANTED for Alpine Youth Center Rummage Sale on July 16, 2016

yardsaledonationDONATIONS NEEDED for our Rummage Sale at Alpine Youth Center on July 16, 2016 from 8am to 12pm! We are trying to raise funds for the center, so if you have anything you would like to donate to the sale you can drop it off at the Youth Center until July 14, located at 2153 Arnold Way, Monday-Friday from 1pm to 5pm. For larger items please call ahead – Rebekah at 619-219-0833 or Peter at 619-971-5182. *No broken electronics or computers, No Clothes, No old appliances & No Junk please 🙂 For additional information please contact Joseph at

rummage sale Alpine Youth Center July 16 2016




FREE GUITAR LESSONS FOR TEENS – Starting February 24, 2015


FREE GUITAR LESSONS FOR TEENS – The 8 week class begins February 24th and will be held on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00pm. Parents are welcome to observe the class while waiting.

The is starting a new beginning guitar class for teens at the Alpine Youth Center. Yes, the lessons are FREE! You need to register for the class at the Alpine Youth Center (2153 Arnold Way, 619-659-5088) or call Fr. Keith Acker, the instructor,  who has taught guitar for 20 years. This is group classes and limited size! The classes meet each Tuesday for 8 weeks. You must be 6th-12th grade and signed in each week at the Alpine Youth Center. YES—Practice is required if you want to learn to play.

The class is beginning instruction, reading notes, and playing melody—this is what is taught in my private lessons—and will be working toward playing lead guitar. Acoustic guitars or Electric with a practice amp (loaners available—again FREE!) 

It is FREE, BUT…

You do have to sign up. Stop in at the Alpine Youth Center M-F after school. Or call 619-722-1772 (Alpine Anglican Church).
  You do have to practice. 30 minutes per day.
You do need to be at class (or call ahead to get assignments emailed to you).

GUITARS NEEDED! We are in need of some donations of a couple of starter/beginner guitars (acoustic or electric; practice amp) for some of our students, as we’ve run out of loaner guitars. We hope there are some folks with a neglected guitar in a closet or garage who might help us out.

The classes are about half full, so stop in or call today! More info at (including scheduled class dates). 619-722-1772 or email