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Curbside Palm Frond & Arundo Chipping Programs Introduced by Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council!

The Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council is introducing two new programs: a curbside palm frond and Arundo chipping program.


  1. Pilot Curbside Palm Frond and Arundo Chipping Program

For years we have been unable to chip palm fronds and Arundo but in 2018 all that changed!!  Now, courtesy of Supervisor Dianne Jacob, we have a brand new Eliet Pro Cross Country Chipper that solves that problem and we are starting a pilot Curbside Palm Frond & Arundo Chipping Program!  We will offer this program once per year to customers in all our zones, following the schedule below:

Zones 1, 2, 3, 4                      May 28 – June 1, 2018
Zone 5                                    September 3 – 7, 2018
Zone 6, 7                                November 12 – 16, 2018

Note: doing 4 zones on May 28 – June 1, 2018 allows us to catch up to our quarterly schedule for the rest of the year.

We will advertise these events at the beginning of each quarter for chipping two months later.  We will send you a reminder by email then and another when on-line registration opens for your Zone, which will follow the current Curbside Chipping process.

For Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 this is your two-month notice! Your on-line registration will open on Monday, May 7th.

Additional Rules

You must follow the regular Curbside Chipping Rules but in addition, because of the special nature of palm fronds and Arundo, your green cut piles must dry out for at least 2 but no more than 4 weeks before the event. When stacking your piles, make sure the stems face the chipper, and are located where the chips may be piled.  The Eliet chipper does not broadcast chips!

And the good news is that this is a No Cost Service!

The Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council



Working with the US Forest Service, the Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council recently finished cutting the Viejas Creek Fuelbreak and now has 1100 piles of brush ready for burning. CALFIRE will start these prescribed burns on Monday, April 16 and is expecting to complete them in approximately two weeks time. Don’t be alarmed when you see smoke plumes in the air east of Alpine during this period!

Celebration of Life and Wall of Honor Ceremony For Lifetime Alpine VFW Member Charles Howell – April 14, 2018

There will a celebration of life and wall of honor ceremony for one of the Alpine VFW’s lifetime members and community members, Charles Howell, this Saturday April 14th at 2 PM. The memorial service will take place at the Alpine VFW located at 844 Tavern Road.

“Mr. Charley” passed away on March 18, 2018, and was a highly-decorated retired U.S. Army Sergeant First Class who served in Korea and Vietnam. He was well-known, very loved, and a selfless volunteer. Join us in celebrating his life. May he rest in peace.


“I Love A Clean Alpine” Community Cleanup – April 21, 2018

Join Back Country Land Trust to help clean up our beautiful town of Alpine.

I Love A Clean Alpine will take place on Saturday, April 21st at the Alpine Regional Center (1620 Alpine Boulevard) from 9 am – 12 pm.

We’ll be cleaning up trash at Alpine Blvd & Tavern Rd with our partners at I Love A Clean San Diego as part of the 16th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup!

Last year, a record breaking 6,588 volunteers came out to our 112 sites and successfully removed over 194,169 pounds of litter and debris. Instead of turning a blind eye to the abundance of litter found across San Diego County, our volunteers channeled their passion into action for San Diego’s environment to protect and enhance it.

Online registration is here:


Alpine Family Haircuts is NOW HIRING!

Looking for a job? Alpine Family Haircuts is hiring! Come join the fantastic team! Call (619) 445-8639 to APPLY!

Alpine Family Haircuts is open 7 Days a Week – Mon-Weds 12pm to 7pm and Thurs-Sun 9am to 7pm. Walk-in’s are ALWAYS WELCOME! We are located at 2353 Alpine Blvd. (Next to the Alpine Beer Tasting Room) (619) 445-2022


COMMUNITY INPUT NEEDED: Alpine Community Plan Update Preliminary Draft Goals and Policies Changes

Alpine Community Plan Update Stakeholders (Residents)


The County is requesting public comment on preliminary proposed changes to the existing goals and policies of the Alpine Community Plan (originally approved December 1979, with minor updates through December 2016). The update of goals and policies is one part of the overall Alpine Community Plan Update. Additional changes will include updates to the land use and mobility maps (based on findings of the infrastructure feasibility analysis), design guidelines, and community plan text/narrative.


Goals/policies materials for review can be found on the project website:


A hard copy binder of the materials below will also be available for review and/or photocopy (at the reviewer’s expense) at the Community Resource Area at the Alpine Library.


To aid in your review, County staff have prepared the following resources:

  1. A Goals & Policies Update Overview document. This document provides some helpful guidelines and tips for commenting on the text of goals and policies.
  2. A Microsoft Excel version of the Goals & Policies Review Matrices file with four tabs:
    1. Policy Comment Tracking Sheet. Includes all existing and proposed goals/policies, along with relevant General Plan goals/policies references and notes/recommendations/justifications from County staff and the CPG steering committee for each proposed change. This file/tab is the preferred location for the recording of stakeholder comments.
    2. Header Description. Includes a description of each column in the Policy Comment Tracking Sheet
    3. GP Policy Text. Includes the full text of each referenced General Plan goal/policy from the Policy Comment Tracking Sheet tab, sorted by General Plan element and number.
    4. Includes an explanation of all acronym abbreviations used on the first tab.
  3. An Adobe PDF version of the Goals & Policies Review Matrices file. In the PDF version, the four tabs are converted to bookmarks accessible through the viewing pane on the left side of the screen (look for the small triangle/arrow and click, then choose the bookmark icon).
  4. A strike-through/underline version of the proposed changes. This format is typical of code changes and includes both the existing and proposed text. The content of these changes is the same as presented in the Policy Comment Tracking Sheet, but is presented in this alternate format for ease of review. Changes are noted in the following manner:
    1. Black text: existing text to remain/be incorporated into revised document
    2. Black text, strikethrough: existing text to be deleted/replaced
    3. Blue text, underlined: proposed new text
    4. PLEASE NOTE: This format is not the format of the final document, and no updates beyond those to goals and policies are reflected (e.g. maps, titles, section numbering/formatting, etc.). Please do not provide comments on these non-goal/policy items as they will be revised separately at a later date.


If you do not have a program that can view PDF files, you can download the free Adobe Reader program here:


The review period for comments on the preliminary goals and policies is from Wednesday, February 28th through Wednesday, March 14th. Instructions for submitting comments are below. The final set of goals and policies will be presented, discussed, and voted upon by the Alpine Community Planning Group at a publicly noticed meeting at a future meeting (date not yet set).


Comments received during the public review period will be considered for incorporation into the goals/policy language. Reviewers are encouraged to be mindful of the parameters spelled out in the “Goals & Policies Update Overview” document to ensure their comments are appropriate to the scope of the community plan and the jurisdiction of the County.


It is preferred that comments be submitted electronically in the provided Excel file to ensure legibility and speed the consolidation/review of comment by County staff. Handwritten comments (either scanned or mailed to the County) will be accepted, but are not preferred. In either case, please use the last column in the Policy Comment Tracking Sheet to record your comments. If necessary, you can provide comments in other formats, but it is very important that you provide the corresponding element name, type (goal or policy) and number of the goal/policy you’d like to comment on. Proposed new goals/policies can be labeled with just a type (goal/policy) and proposed text.


Please submit all electronic comments through the project email (also listed on the project website):


If submitting hard-copy comments, please mail to:
County of San Diego
Planning and Development Services
Attention: Robert Efird
5510 Overland Avenue, Suite 310
San Diego, CA 92123


Next steps include the previously mentioned Community Planning Group meeting to discuss and seek recommendation of the consolidated changes. Concurrent to the work on goals and policies, the County and its consultant team are synthesizing input received to date in the formation of plan alternatives for consideration by the community. These alternatives, and the accompanying analysis of each, will be presented at our next public workshop in May 2018 (exact date TBD). At this workshop the public will provide input on their preferred direction and the plan will move into Draft stage.


Thank you for your continued participation and we look forward to your input!


Submitted By:
Robert Efird, AICP, LEED Green Associate
Use/Environmental Planner
County of San Diego
Planning & Development Services| Advance Planning Division
5510 Overland Avenue, Ste. 310 | San Diego, CA  92123
Phone: (858) 495-5463 |

Alpine Resident Urges Others to Attend Community Plan Update & Planning Group Meetings to MAKE A DIFFERENCE

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Submitted By Mary Harris – February 2018

The next meeting of the Alpine Community Plan Update is around the corner. Look for information that will be posted soon here on ACN. You can also read more about it HERE. People living in Alpine need to attend and let their county representatives know what is on their mind. Let your voices be heard loud and clear! Tell them what YOU want and what you don’t want….. Some say that in the next twenty years, Alpine’s population may double. Development is on the rise. What do you want to see preserved in Alpine? What do you value here enough to fight for?

I have many concerns for our little town of Alpine. What style of development would you approve of? Would you prefer as little development as possible, or would you like a Walmart between Starbucks and Viejas Casino?

I am personally clamoring for a park! Not just another pocket park located on school property where no dogs are allowed. Not a thimble sized park with no shade. Not a Sports Complex “park” at the middle school….and not a park where 50% of its area is designated for athletic fields. I want a substantial park, a park we can be proud of, as a community. A minimum of 15 acres, and hopefully much more! A park which has a good sized dog park located within its boundaries. A space with green grass and big shade trees, a water feature,where we can go and enjoy nature, and bring our children and families…a park where there will be no signs saying “No Dogs Allowed”.

What do YOU want to see in a park? “A Park 4 Alpine” invites you to take a SURVEY HERE and express your wishes. If developers get what THEY want, open space in Alpine may become scarce. One way to preserve green space and habitat for wildlife, plants, and people is to create an awesome park. If I could get whatever I wanted in a park, it would be as grand as Balboa Park in San Diego or as beautiful as the park in Portland, Oregon that rises high up over the city with a view of Mount Hood.

Naysayers here want to tell us to give up on ever getting a park. We have to go to the meetings that are discussing this and many other issues relevant to us in Alpine. We need to show up to the Alpine Community Plan Update meetings. They are scheduled as a series of six meetings, and we have three to four more to go….

Also, attend the Alpine Community Planning Group meetings…they meet monthly at the Community Center next to the library, on the fourth Thursday of most months at 6 pm. The meetings are announced in the Alpine Community Network and in the Alpine Sun. (The Next meeting is March 22, 2018) You can find the agenda for the monthly meetings printed in the same publications, both online and “hard copy”,  I have learned a lot about our community since I have been showing up. I have learned a lot about who sits at the table and represents us. We can make a difference.

If you want to find out when the next meeting is you can always type the words “Alpine Planning Group Meeting” in the search bar here on the Alpine Community Network Website, or look in the Community Calendar.  You can also subscribe to the Alpine Community Network EMAIL LIST and you will be emailed all the events happening in Alpine Weekly!

Mary Harris




COMMUNITY ALERT: Controlled Burn On Anderson Rd. TODAY 2-12-18

February 12, 2018 – SEE SMOKE? NO WORRIES….THERE IS A CONTROLLED BURN OFF OF ANDERSON RD in ALPINE I just talked to the Fire Department – Angie B (Alpine Community Network Director)

Alpine Community Plan Update Visioning & Existing Conditions Workshop – Submit Your Input By 1-19-18

Thank you to all who participated in the Alpine Community Plan Update Visioning and Existing Conditions Workshop this past Saturday, January 6, 2018. Your time and input are greatly appreciated! For those of you who were unable to attend, you may review the materials / exercises presented at the workshop on the project (which also includes a lot of interesting Alpine Demographics HERE

To learn what the Alpine Community Plan Update is all about please click here:

We welcome your thoughts, comments and concerns for consideration. Please submit all additional input no later than next Friday, January 19 (project email provided on the project website above and below). Input provided at the workshop and received through January 19 will be considered in the preparation of materials for the next workshop on plan alternatives later this spring.

For those who attended Saturday’s workshop, please note that the ideas expressed will all be given consideration and no one idea or group’s input should be interpreted as a preferred direction. The preferred direction will be determined in the next workshop when additional feasibility data are available for discussion.

I would also like to make a clarification on the second to last slide in the workshop PowerPoint regarding next steps. Of the four items listed, two involve additional public meetings while two are County/consultant milestones:

  • Goals/Policies Revisions, Jan/Feb 2018 (includes a public meeting)
  • Alternatives Generation, Feb 2018 (County/consultant milestone)
  • Alternatives Evaluation, Mar/Apr 2018 (County/consultant milestone)
  • Alternatives Workshop, May 2018 (includes a public meeting)

Please submit all comments through the project email:


Thank you for your continued participation and input! If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 858.495.5463


Submitted By: Robert Efird
County of San Diego, Planning & Development Services
Project Manager, Alpine Community Plan Update


EMS Community Meeting for Improving Emergency Medical Services in Alpine & Backcountry – August 21, 2017

We Want Your Feedback!

The County of San Diego’s Emergency Medical Services wants your feedback about improving emergency medical services in San Diego County’s backcountry communities. Monday August 21, 2017 from 1pm to 3pm at the Alpine Library 1752 Alpine Blvd., Alpine, CA 91901. Members of the public will have an opportunity to provide input during upcoming community meetings. Look for County EMS personnel, and their well-marked vehicles in the parking lot, in designated locations during these times to discuss proposed ground ambulance service adjustments, as well as other questions, comments and concerns you may have about the EMS delivery in San Diego County. For more information or to submit feedback, contact or (858)505-6382. Additional meetings will take place in Julian, Valley Center, Deer Springs, Campo, Crest, Solana Beach & Mssion Gorge. SEE FULL SCHEDULE HERE: EMS (USA) Community Forums_Flyer.FINAL 08 17 17

Pamphlet_Improving EMS (USA) Delivery_FINAL.8-17-17

USA Presentation Map.Draft Overlay