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County to Open Erosion Control Center in Alpine for Valley Fire Businesses, Residents

County to Open Erosion Control Center for Valley Fire Businesses, Residents

The County will open a new erosion control center in Alpine Thursday to help businesses and homeowners in the areas burned by the Valley Fire by giving out free sandbags, fiber rolls and items to stabilize properties before winter rains arrive.

The Erosion Control Homeowners’ Assistance Center will be located at San Diego County’s Alpine Road Station at 2914 Tavern Road and is being opened specifically for unincorporated residents and businesses inside the burn areas.

Starting Thursday, the center will be open to those business and property owners from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sundays.

Through this weekend, appointments will not be required. Appointments will be required starting Monday. People can make an appointment to pick up erosion control materials by calling the County’s Stormwater hotline at (888) 846-0800.

In addition to the free sandbags, fiber rolls and stakes, people can get brochures showing how to properly install the items so that rains don’t damage properties by washing people’s soil away.

County Department of Public Works staff will also be at the center to advise people about how to protect their properties, homes, garages, sheds and other structures.

Staff will also be able to go to people’s properties to visually inspect and offer information about the best practices to protect structures.

New SDG&E ALERTS App for Public Safety Power Outages, Cameras, Weather & More

I would like to share with Alpine residents a new and helpful APP that’s out called “SDG&E Alerts”.  You can register 4 different locations, see info regarding a PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoffs) in those locations as well as all the different websites available (cameras, weather stations and more). Pretty helpful! Check it out! Just go to your App Store on your phone to find it!




Please remember to also follow our Facebook Page at  and our Twitter Page to get the MOST ACCURATE AND UP TO THE MOMENT INFO 🙂

***WAYS TO STAY INFORMED**** As you know, I am doing everything I can to keep you all updated with the most current information on the #VALLEYFIRE so please IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS & FAMILY IN THE ALPINE (and Backcountry area) please SHARE OUR website and FACEBOOK PAGE (We also have a TWITTER PAGE) and PLEASE PLEASE also – VERY IMPORTANT – Follow the San Diego County Wildfires page on Facebook – They have an INCREDIBLE TEAM and have up to the minute information that is invaluable!



UPDATE 9-11-20 9:30am
GOOD MORNING ALPINE! #ValleyFire Southeast of Alpine is now 17,665 acres and 39% contained!!! Our hero firefighters ROCK!! 😊
Below is the current update on road closures and evacuation warnings, etc:



#VALLEYFIRE UPDATE 9-10-20 9:30am
The fire remains at 17,665 acres and 32% CONTAINED! Woooo-Hoooo! 😍 Expect interior burns for at least a week on this fire. All interior burns are heavily staffed by fire crews.
There is a very informative event coming up that is hosted by SDG&E. The 2nd Annual Wildfire Safety Fair will be on Saturday, September 26, at 10am. This event is FREE! Preparedness backpacks and buckets will be provided on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. (Please see all the details below)
Come & join us for our 2nd Annual Wildfire Safety (Drive-Thru) Fair!
This fair will be taking place at Viejas Casino in the East End Parking Lot (past casino).
Fire season is around the corner and we want you and your loved ones to remain safe. Learn what you can do to protect your family and property as well as how to become more resilient. We’ve listened to feedback from your community and want to share safety tips that are relevant. You’ll receive information about stocking an emergency kit, developing an emergency plan and designing or modifying the space around your home to resist wildfire. You can also learn about our Generator Grant Program, Public Safety Power Shutoffs and speak to our Meteorology and Fire Science and Climate Adaption team about what SDG&E is continually doing to keep the region safe. See below for drive-thru dates and locations.
Due to social distancing and public health concerns as a result of COVID-19, SDG&E is implementing enhanced community outreach efforts in 2020. As an alternative to annual Community Safety Fairs, we are offering drive-thru events to provide preparedness information to communities at risk for wildfires. We are asking participants to please wear protective face coverings or masks to these events.
We’ll have staff there to provide information on:
Assistance Programs
Aviation Services
Emergency Management
Energy-efficiency programs
Engineering · Environmental Services
Infrastructure Projects & Construction
Medical Baseline Program
Vegetation Management
Many other industry experts
Don’t miss out on this important event. Preparedness backpacks and buckets will be provided on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. One backpack per car only. Admission is free and includes displays, information, music, fresh kettle corn and drinks while in the comfort of your car. If adverse weather conditions arise, this event may be postponed or canceled.
Get information on fairs in other cities at


UPDATE 9-9-20 3PM

LATEST BURN MAP (click here to see larger) – Thank you to San Diego County Wildfires for sharing this info)

UPDATE 9-9-20 1PM


The Santa Ana winds, which officials worried would push the fire to the west, started late and ended earlier than predicted. That is giving firefighters a chance to expand containment lines around the fire, which has charred more than 17,000 acres since it ignited Saturday afternoon. The National Weather Service canceled the flag warning at 12:45 p.m. It had been expected to last until 8 p.m. We will continue to have gusty winds but won’t have the concern for the strong east wind push, which will really help us get a handle on the #VALLEYFIRE. *Read more


UPDATE  9-9-20 2:30PM

New SDG&E ALERTS App for Public Safety Power Outages, Cameras, Weather & More

I would like to share with Alpine residents a new and helpful APP that’s out called “SDG&E Alerts”.  You can register 4 different locations, see info regarding a PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoffs) in those locations as well as all the different websites available (cameras, weather stations and more). Pretty helpful! Check it out! Just go to your App Store on your phone to find it!


UPDATE 9-9-20 1:00PM

Valley Fire Update: Valley Fire Remains Stable as Santa Ana Gusts Stay Low

CALFIRE is reporting that the Valley Fire remains 17,565 acres and 11% contained Wednesday morning after the expected strong Santa Ana winds did not materialize Tuesday night, keeping the fire from spreading.

The Red Flag Warning remains in effect until 8 p.m.

Please see the evacuation map for the current evacuation order and evacuation warning locations.

As a reminder, an evacuation order requires immediate movement out of an affected area due to an imminent threat to life. An evacuation warning is given to prepare people for a potential evacuation order. Those who require additional time to evacuate, and those with pets and livestock should leave now.

However, everyone should be prepared to evacuate and should evacuate if they do not feel safe. Residents who are asked to evacuate or choose to evacuate can go to El Capitan High School at 10410 Ashwood Street in Lakeside, 92040 and Steele Canyon High School at 12440 Campo Road in Spring Valley, 91978.

Road closures continue to be in effect at:

  • Japatul Road and Lyons Valley Road/Japatul Road
  • Japatul Road at Tavern Road/Dehesa Road
  • Lyons Valley Road and Honey Springs Road
  • Wisecarver Lane at Wisecarver Truck Trail
  • Skyline Truck Trail and Lawson Valley
  • Japatul Road at Via Asoleado (also at Sequan Truck Trail)
  • Corrall Canyon at Buckman Springs (but Buckman Springs is open)
  • High Glen Road
  • Hidden Glen Road

If you need emergency assistance in evacuation, call 9-1-1. Residents in the areas impacted by the Valley Fire can dial 2-1-1 for non-emergency fire information such as evacuation orders, shelters and road closures.

For the latest emergency updates in English and Spanish, visit, and download the SD Emergency.




Update 9-9-20 8am

First of all …. THANK GOD the winds were NOWHERE NEAR as bad as they were predicting! Because there was a flare up on north side of Loveland Lake that was beyond the retardant line. Fire crews hit it hard with water drops and it looks like that have got it out. (This picture is taken from the view streets (highlands) area looking across the old and new Palo Verde Ranch)


Official UPDATE DAY 5: (Wednesday, September 9, 2020) Valley Fire #valleyfire (Shared from San Diego County Wildfires)

“Good morning, all the control lines held last night. No fire crossed the line anywhere. There were several areas where fire flared up but it was interior of the control lines. They did have to pull firefighters off of the line at one point due to safety concerns. Things have started to calm back down. You can call last night a success for now. All eyes are on one more day of winds to see what show up today.”


Update 9-8-20 (5:30pm)

#ValleyFire Update: There is a NEW evacuation site for horses. All horses should be brought to Lakeside Rodeo Arena, 12584 Mapleview St. Please do not bring horses to any other evacuation sites. They are at capacity. Our Emergency Response Team is standing by to help. (San Diego Humane Society)


Joan MacQueen Middle School is closed due to capacity. A new shelter is being opened at
El Capitan High School,Ashwood Street in Lakeside, 92040 or go to Steele Canyon High School at 12440 Campo Road in Spring Valley if you evacuate due to the Valley Fire.


UPDATE: 9-8-2020 (8am)

#ValleyFire [update] The fire remains 17,345 acres and 3% contained.  There was not much growth overnight. Air support cannot start until it is clear enough for them to see. We are under a RED FLAG WARNING TODAY from Noon to 8pm on Wednesday wit Max Gusts 35-55 mph. PLEASE BE PREPARED.

Check out these photos from the front line of the fire yesterday (Photos credit Ryan Grothe)

We ALL LOVE and APPRECIATE OUR FIREFIGHTERS and many are looking for ways they can thank or help them… please read this post below that was shared on Facebook from a Fire Captain that will give you a good idea of how YOU can REALLY help THEM 🙂

The newest #VALLEYFIRE Map (Click on the link to view the PDF Larger)




UPDATE 9-7-2020:

Good morning Alpine!
the fire has burned 10,258 acres and is 1% contained. CAL FIRE/SAN DIEGO COUNTY FIRE Started this morning “Because of the proactive efforts of CAL_FIRE, today we will be exercising the agreement we have with the Navy Third Fleet and the First Marine Expeditionary Force to utilize military aircraft on the #ValleyFire”. It has been stated that there will be 6 helicopters that they are adding to the fire fighting efforts! That’s awesome! Below is the current map of the #valleyfire. Here is a statement from Cleveland National Forest: “The fire remained active in the night with uphill runs and wind driven runs. Firefighters held the spread to 408 acres, bringing the total acres to 10,258. Crews are continuing to do point protection and perimeter control. Firefighters will be building line. The military has been activated, adding an additional 6 helicopters to the fire suppression efforts.
With forecasted cooler and lighter winds today, it should provide a slight reduction of fire spread. However, there are a lot of dead fuels that will continue to be receptive to fire spread. Fire growth is impacting the Lawson Valley and Carveacre areas.
There is an immediate threat to Loveland Reservoir and the surrounding water shed. We have 374 personnel, including: 5 crews, 56 engines, 6 dozers and 7 water tenders.
Please call the San Diego Sheriff’s Department for evacuation information at (858) 565-3490.
Temporary evacuation points have been set up at Steele Canyon High School, 12440 Campo Road, Spring Valley; and Joan MacQueen Middle school, 2001 Tavern Road, Alpine for evacuees. “
**ALPINE RESIDENTS PLEASE STAY ALERT AND WITH BAGS PACKED IN CASE OF AN EVACUATION NOTICE. Tuesday is when we will get those Santa Ana winds – 🙁  Angie (ACN Director)
Current fire map: (click to view larger)


ORIGINAL POST: September 5, 2020 – FIRE in JAPATUL. #valleyfire Started on Spirit Road near Carvacre. Explosive rate of spread Cleveland National Forest now says it’s 300 to 400 acres and expected to be major extended incident. It appears to be blowing west. The community of Carveacre is threatened and under evacuation orders. Multiple air and ground resources are on scene and en route. There are reports that this fire started by some sort of explosion.

Board Approves Plan to Boost Wildfire Resilience – June 4, 2019

The County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to implement a pre-fire strategy in its highest-risk areas to reduce wildfire loss.

The Board unanimously approved the plan presented by public safety staff with one modification: to develop a grant program to help residents in the high fire risk communities pay for fire-resistant building improvements to their homes. San Diego County CAL FIRE Division Chief and Fire Authority Chief Tony Mecham told the Board the plan consists of four steps:

  1. Fire Authority will ramp up community education so that more homeowners understand how wildland fires start and behave and how to prevent them. This will be accomplished with community courses and workshops coordinated with Fire Safe Councils and Community Emergency Response Teams, also known as CERT.
  2. Fire personnel will double annual inspections on homes in fire-prone areas and recommend improvements to reduce the fire risk on their homes. Mecham told the board there are 102,000 structures in the unincorporated areas of the County and that County Fire plans to increase annual inspection of homes to 20,000 a year.

Mecham added that while San Diego County’s new construction building and fire codes are already progressive, Fire Authority staff plans to include more ember-resistant vents and eaves, landscaping guidelines and other ways to make exteriors more fire resistant. Fire Authority is also launching a new pilot program to provide ember-resistant vents to homeowners. A Knox Box grant program will also allow County Fire to purchase and install locked boxes with a copy of the house key, allowing them to gain access to homes of at-risk residents without having to resort to breaking doors.

3. Firefighters will do more to safeguard communities by reducing fire fuels such as grasses and brush. The goal is to treat 5,000 acres a year using prescribed burns, chipping and fire crews cutting back brush by hand.

4. Firefighters will help clear overhanging trees and brush over roadways that are primary and alternative evacuation corridors. The initial goal is to treat 40 additional miles of County roads and maintain 40 miles of fire roads and truck trails a year.

Mecham told the Board that County Fire will be focusing its risk reduction efforts on four communities a year. This year they will focus on the communities of Guatay and Crest, followed by Palomar Mountain and Jamul’s Lawson Valley.

To implement the plan, the County requested funding for five additional staff positions and additional contracted services through CAL FIRE to provide fire code enforcement, vegetation management, geographic information systems mapping, defensible space inspections and other support.

County of San Diego Ramping Up FIRE SAFETY in Highest-Risk Areas

NEWS ADVISORY – June 3, 2019

Chairwoman Dianne Jacob and Supervisor Jim Desmond – San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Heavier-than-usual backcountry brush and other fuels this year could spark disaster. San Diego County leaders, joined by Cal Fire officials and others, will announce several initiatives to better protect people and property in the most wildfire-prone parts of the county. The improvements will include thousands of additional property inspections and the creation of fire breaks, with a special focus on Crest, Guatay, Palomar Mountain and other communities in the crosshairs of a potential firestorm. The Board of Supervisors is expected to formally sign off on the initiatives at a meeting prior to the media gathering. While the county has invested over $500 million since 2003 on fire protection improvements, there’s broad agreement that more needs to be done to protect the most high-risk communities. Officials also say the thick vegetation this spring, fed by months of rainstorms, has heightened the risk of wildfire.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 4, 12:30 p.m.

WHERE: County Emergency Operations Center, 5580 Overland Ave., Suite 100, San Diego. Park in the designated “media” spaces outside the entry gate, near the Medical Examiner’s Office.

WHO: Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, Supervisor Jim Desmond, Chief Tony Mecham, Cal Fire/County Fire Authority, Chief Don Butz, President, Fire Safe Council of San Diego County Kandhy Franklin, Crest Fire Safe Council.

Media inquiries: Steve Schmidt, 619-206-9108,

Donna Cleary, 858-805-1395,


Prescribed Fire Burns Planned at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park – May 13-31, 2019

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif.,-The California Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the California Department of Forestry and Fire protection (CAL FIRE) are planning a prescribed burn in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park between May 13 and 31, 2019. This burn is part of a forest health and recovery program including vegetation management, hazardous fuel load reduction, wildlife habitat improvement, and other ecological benefits. This treatment will enhance the health of the forest by restoring essential nutrients to the soil and reducing the chance of a catastrophic wildfire. The prescribed burn is being planned and coordinated with the San Diego Air Pollution Control District in order to minimize the smoke impacts on surrounding communities. All burning depends on weather and air quality conditions that are favorable for smoke dispersal. If the conditions, such as weather or vegetation are not conducive for burning, the burn will be rescheduled. Some public trails near the burn area may be closed the day of the burn. People traveling near the fire burn areas may see smoke from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the day of the burn. In the unlikely event you smell smoke, County officials urge you to take precautions and use common sense to reduce any harmful health effects by limiting outdoor activities. Prescribed burns produce significantly less smoke than a wildfire does. If you see or smell smoke in your surroundings, officials recommend avoiding strenuous outdoor activity and remaining indoors as much as possible. These precautions are especially important for children, the elderly and people with respiratory and heart conditions.

Please use extreme caution while driving near prescribed fire operations due to fire personnel and equipment in the area.


SDG&E Engages Giant Aircrane Year-Round for ‘New Normal’ Fire Season

SDG&E’s Caroline Winn announces plans for year-round use of the giant Erickson Aircrane. Photo by Chris Jennewein

*Article shared from The Times of San Diego

With San Diego now experiencing a continuous fire season, San Diego Gas & Electric announced Wednesday it has contracted for year-round use of a giant Erickson Aircrane helicopter tanker.

“We are working hard to mitigate the risks associated with this ‘new normal’ of a year-round wildfire season and trying to protect the people and communities we serve,” said Caroline Winn, SDG&E’s chief operating officer, in making the announcement.

The Aircrane can carry 2,650 gallons of water — seven times the capacity of other fire-fighting helicopters — and refill from a lake in 45 seconds. The giant orange craft is flown by Erickson pilots under the direction of Cal Fire.

The utility has engaged an Aircrane during the traditional three-month fire season for the past eight years, but Winn said San Diego County is now in the “year-round grip” of wildfires.

“The SDG&E Aircrane has been and will continue to be a game-changer for Cal Fire,” said San Diego County Fire Chief Tony Mecham. “To have this critical tool available to us during the early stages of a fire has already had a very real impact on fires this year.”

In addition, to year-round use of the Aircrane, Winn also announced that the utility is taking steps to help customers whose power must be cut during a wildfire emergency. She said the utility is installing equipment to reduce the number of circuits affected, and planning for nine centers where residents can go for information, snacks and to charge cellphones.

The utility is making use of remote cameras and weather equipment to track fires, and on Wednesday unveiled a public web page with this information at

Winn said increasing use of the giant Aircrane already this year has made the craft something of a local attraction. She announced a Twitter handle for people to follow the craft’s activity at @SkyMaverickSDGE.

The giant Erickson Aircrane dwarfs people at its hanger in El Cajon. Photo by Chris Jennewein


Local Emergency Ends for West Fire

Local Emergency Ends for West Fire


The County of San Diego proclaimed a local emergency on July 6 for the West Fire in Alpine. The proclamation allows the County to request all federal and state assistance available to help fight the fire and rebuild. Current conditions no longer warrant a local emergency and therefore the Local Emergency for the West Fire has expired, effective midnight September 6.

Immediately following the West Fire, the County set up a Local Assistance Center at the Alpine Library to provide information and resources for residents who were affected by the fire. These resources included information on rebuilding, dealing with insurance, safe handling of ash and debris, and various other programs and assistance from governmental and nongovernmental partners.

During the recovery process, all 38 of the properties with destroyed structures have initiated or finalized clean-up of the fire debris and ash on their private properties. The County assisted fire survivors in recovery by providing debris bins in the community that resulted in approximately 1,570 cubic yards, or nearly 160 dump trucks, of ash and debris being removed from the impacted areas. There were 114 vehicles burned in the West Fire, for which the County was able to offer a free vehicle abatement for the vehicle owners.

Any residents affected by the West Fire who still need assistance with rebuilding should visit for information and resources.

West Fire Victims Can Get Help at the Alpine Keller Williams Office (Donations Also Accepted)

UPDATE July 14, 2018

Keller Williams of Alpine and East County says thank you to all the donors for your generosity! You all are amazing! We are completely overwhelmed with donations! OUR SITE IS FULL and we can ONLY COLLECT donations of gift cards, water, Gatorade and boxes / rubbermaid buckets for moving the items at this time as the Alpine office is now FULL… which is AWESOME!

We will be allowing victims to pick up any items they need on Monday, July 16 from 9am – 4pm. We have clothes, food, toiletries, pet supplies, household items, sheets, towels, bedding, baby items etc. If you know someone who has been impacted by the fire, please let them know we’re here to help!  We will be moving all donations to a unified site at Boulder Oaks Elementary School (2320 Tavern Rd.) More info HERE

Original Post below:

Keller Williams of East County have joined the efforts to provide help for the West fire victims in Alpine. Our offices in Alpine, Santee and El Cajon are collecting items and gift cards this week. Victims can come by our Alpine office to get help.  We have already helped quite a few families. Please come by Wednesday July 11 thru Saturday July 14. Other pick up times to be determined.

Our Alpine office is at 1911 Alpine Blvd and we are open 9-4 daily to help (often longer). Santee Office (235 Towne Center Pkwy – next to Home Depot) from 9am-4pm, and our main office in El Cajon (1030 Fletcher Pkwy) from 9am-5pm. Donors or fire victims can call us at 619-722-1409 or email


We are still collecting:

– Gift Cards/Cash
-Cleaning Supplies including Shovels, Rakes, Buckets
-Pet Supplies & Food
-Baby Clothes & Supplies
-New/Unused Undergarments
-New/Unused Socks
-Non Perishable Food Items
(We no longer have a need for clothing at this time)


Group GoFundMe Page for West Fire Victims

We have also created a general GoFundme page for all the victims. A committee of our licensed, back ground checked agents will distribute the funds among nominated families.



(Scroll down to see Fire Victims Stories, Photos and GoFundMe Pages)


THIS POST IS BEING UPDATED CONSTANTLY – Please keep checking back:-)

July 9, 2018 – Note from the Admin Angela Brookshire

This is going to be a LONG post because I felt the need for this to be ONE post and not many posts, in the hopes that you will be able to scroll through and see ALL info about ALL of our neighbors who have suffered such a huge loss in this horrible fire IN ONE PLACE. Please check back periodically as will be adding more info as I receive it. Also – please consider joining our EMAIL LIST (click here to join) so you will always be notified directly with Emergency Alerts as well as “everything Alpine”. A strong community is a CONNECTED COMMUNITY:-) We also have a VERY INFORMATIVE FACEBOOK PAGE with real time info that is SO IMPORTANT during fires like this last one.  If you have any comments or questions or have information to add, there is a comments section at the bottom of this post or you can email me directly at





“The Alpine Community Foundation” Has Been Created to Fill the Gaps and Raise Funds for West Fire Victims That Agencies and Insurance Do Not

Results from Community Meeting Regarding How to Help West Fire Victims on July 10, 2018 Meeting at The Alpine Vfw .  We had a great turn out at today’s meeting regarding community support for our neighbors affected by the fire. In addition to community members, we also had a county representative and advocacy group, Community Recovery Team that has helped hundreds if not thousands of people rebuild after natural disasters.


What we learned:
1. There are lots of resources available at the Alpine Library for everyone affected by the fire, even if your house was not burned down.


2. We found out that there are some people in dire situation. At least 4 do not have insurance. We will need to pull together as a community to fund raise and donate to their restoration of a home. There are some people homeless, not because their home burned down but because Alpine Oaks Estate is closed while they repair gas leaks and other things. We are working to get them to the right agency and then fill in the gaps as a community.


3. The biggest need is raising funds for rebuilding and filling in the gaps that the agencies and insurance don’t.

We will be accepting donation through The Alpine Community Foundation.

We will have several drop off locations including the Alpine Chamber of Commerce (1620 Alpine Blvd #208, Alpine, CA 91901 / (619) 445-2722) and On-Line Tax Services (2065 Arnold Way #103, Alpine, CA 91901 / (619) 445-5523). There is no fees or costs taken out of these funds, all money will go to the people affected by the fire and their needs and resources will be verified so that we make sure we take care of those that need the most help first…. CONTINUE READING THE FULL POST HERE




Alpine Fire Victims Personal Stories and Donation Information

*Note – If you are concerned with the legitimacy of these gofundme accounts, please know that ALL of these were sent to ME by friends or relatives of these families..



Group GoFundMe Page for West Fire Victims

Alpine Keller Williams office has created a general GoFundme page for ALL THE VICTIMS. A committee of our licensed, back ground checked agents will distribute the funds among nominated families.

Many of these people had to evacuate with little or no notice, leaving behind everything they have. Help your Alpine friends and neighbors who lost their homes and everything they own. Funds will be used to help victims with immediate needs such as clothing, toiletries, food etc. and will be distributed by a committee of local licensed and background checked Keller Williams agents who are local residents. Donations of items also being accepted at 3 local Keller Williams offices (Learn more here) – By Sandra Kebert.  GoFundMe Page:



Campbell Creek Ranch Fire

We who have our horses at the Campbell Creek ranch are saddened at the loss suffered by so many from the Alpine fire on Friday July 06, 2018. The Campbell family lost their homes on the ranch but they also lost their business. Many people over the years have attended weddings at the beautiful Campbell Creek ranch. This historic 48-acre ranch estate is tucked into a secluded valley in Alpine, and the Viejas Creek runs through it. The property borders the Cleveland National Forest.

This Ranch offered a unique and versatile setting to conduct a variety of events from fundraisers, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, sorority dinners, and quinceaneras. The Campbell Creek Ranch was also used as a filming and photo shot location. The property dates back to the 1880’s and its original size was believed to have been 300 acres. You can learn more about the Campbell Creek Ranch on their website HERE.

A go fund me is being started for the campbells and anyone who would like to help please donate below. By Tracey Martino




Al & Sharon Haven – Scenic View

They have lived in Alpine for DECADES and are very active in the community and loved by so many. Sharon has lived in their family home since she was 9 years old. They have been married for 38 years and it was Al’s 88th Birthday the day after the fire. Please read their story below which also has a GoFundMe link attached.


Help Gretchen and Pat Menzies

For two people who would do anything for anybody, now is our turn to help them through this devastating time. On July 6th Gretchen and Pat lost their home in the Alpine fire. They went to work that morning and rushed home that afternoon with only the clothes on their backs to watch their house burn to the ground. Lets help them get back on their feet and start rebuilding their future together. Anything you can give we know they will greatly appreciate.

By Kori, Ashley & Mandy




Jay and Tiff Devlin – Alpine Ca

“If anyone knows these guys, Jay and Tiff Devlin, you know how much they give for others. As the unfortunate victims of the recent #westfire in Alpine, they are in turn gonna likely need a lil support as they need literally everything. I lived this same life during the cedar fire, so I know just how devasting this can be. Good news is the dogs are ok! But they are gonna be hungry. I know they wouldnt ever ask in their own, but we owe it to them for all their generosity” Read more and see the GoFundMe link here:



Dan & Mona Barnes – The View Streets, Alpine
(On January 6th, Dan and Mona Barnes lost their only child, Trevor, to suicide)

Six months later, to the day, they lost their entire home to the West Fire. The only things they were able to save as they evacuated, was their dog, Red, and one photograph of Trevor. This fire stole a lifetime of memories and the only mementos of Trevor they had. Thousands of photos, and a room full of his cherished belongings…all gone. As Mona and Dan continue to grieve the loss of Trevor, they now face the daunting task of rebuilding a life from scratch. Please help us support them during this tragic time. All funds raised will go directly to the Barnes to help them start over. Read more and see the GoFundMe link here:



Chase and Melody Alvarez – Scenic View Rd. (They had been in their brand new dream home for less than a week)

“Chase and Melody lost everything Friday in the fire in Alpine. They had been in their brand new dream home for less than a week when the fire took it all. Please if you can help in any way they have 2 children, a toddler and a teenager. Pretty sure they need just about everything. Please if you are in the area and can part with some little boys toys or gift cards or money to help them get clothes/toys/essentials i know they would appreciate it so much! Thank you!” Here is the link to donate to them:



Jen Inman & Her Two Boys

“My dear friend Jen Inman and her two boys lost their home and their family kitty, hank today in the fires in Alpine. She didn’t have a chance to get any of their personal belongings. They are now left with just the clothes on their backs. If you know Jen, you know she is the most selfless person you will ever meet. She would probably give you her shirt off her back today even after losing everything. She is an amazing friend and mother to her children. My heart aches for her and her family. If you could please donate or share this with your friends. Anything helps. Thank you so much!” – By Julie Kennedy.

GoFundMe link here:



The Driscoll’s

“As many of you know, the recent Alpine fires devastated many families and homes. One of the homes affected belonged to a coworker and close friend of mine from work. Blaine, his brother, and his parents all lived in this house and it was completely destroyed. They were able to save their 2 dogs and whatever they had on themselves at the time, and that’s about it. Everything else was ruined. They basically need anything and everything; clothing, shoes, toiletries, food (for them, and their doggies), supplies, etc. I’ve started this GoFundMe to hopefully raise some extra money for the family to help them begin to rebuild. As I’m sure you could guess, any amount of donation would help. Thank you so much!” – By Madi Green



Chris & Kelly Walker

“A small brush fire quickly devastated 350+ acres today in the quaint town of Alpine, CA today. My brother, sister-in-law and nephews lost their house and literally everything they owned. There was no warning and no time to pack treasured belongings.

Their house was the perfect, peaceful retreat and a wonderful place to raise a family. We have so many amazing memories there…. family parties, music around the fire, spectacular sunrises & sunsets and giggles and games with the boys. The memories at their beautiful home are priceless and will never be taken from us, but now they need to rebuild. If you are in a position to spare even $1, we appreciate the support to help them get back on their feet. If you are unable to donate, please keep them in your prayers. It’s going to take some time to recover. If you don’t pray, please thank a firefighter.” – By Kristen Warner

Update: Chris here… Hectic days ahead but wanted to send a quick update. With all of this immediate support we are already rebuilding, at least mentally. The family had minutes to get out from the initial detection of fire. Always have a plan and train. Brothers and sisters in green who responded immediately to save other homes, protected the community from looters, donated shirts off backs, risked their own lives to evacuate others, manned hoses….HONOR FIRST. Never been more proud. The media will never portray your daily service correctly but my community and family thank you. We will rebuild. Never quit.

Love from the Walker family.



Pulsipher Family – View Streets

“My name is Kacey and my Dad and his family lost their home and all their belongings in the fires. Yesterday was a day that started out like any other. But things quickly changed when news got out there was a fire in Alpine. When my dad and brother found out how close it really was they rushed home, running every road block and passing cars left and right to get to their dog. My brother managed to get inside and feel his way around a house filled with smoke and found Diesel. He scooped him up and rushed out of there leaving no time to grab anything else. Within 10 min they made it safely to my home only to see their house in flames on the news. They left with their dog and only the clothes on their back. At this point anything will help them. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the fires yesterday.” – By Kacey Thomason



Ned & Patty Holmes – Alpine Oaks Estates

As many of you have heard a horrible fire ripped through part of Alpine on the weekend after 4th of July. Many families lost their homes and all their possessions. These two have not only lost their home to the “West Fire” but also lost their home on Anderson Rd. to the ’03 Cedar Fires. After rebuilding their home on Anderson Ned & Patricia decided to move a little closer to town to be closer to family and make everyday tasks easier. Unfortunately their home was one of the several lost in Alpine Oaks. They were unable to get any of their belongings. Them and their family would never ask for a thing, but they can really use the help at this time. If you would like to send a donation outside of here you can mail it to : Ned & Patty Holmes PO Box 775 Alpine, CA 91903 Or PayPal – Thank you!- By Anthony Cavigliano



Sarah & Alberto and Baby (Alberto Jr.) AltamiranoSouth Grade Rd.

“As you all may have heard my sister and brother in law lost their home today along with all their life hard earned belongings in this horrible ongoing Alpine fire. We are all heart broken, but are very thankful with god for keeping them and my baby nephew safe and sound! Im not very sure how this gofund me page works but some of our friends and family have been asking if we have created an account which is tremendously appreciated! Any little thing will help so so much! Thank you all for your donations! May the lord bless you all! We have no words to thank you”- By Ralph Steph Gilbert



Help out our Heroes!! – help raise funds for two Agents who lost their homes

“The Code Four Foundation and the Border Patrol Agent Family Network are teaming up to help raise funds for two Agents who lost their homes in the San Diego Wildfires over the weekend. These organizations are registered 501 C 3 non profits with the IRS and provide assistance to Border Patrol Agents in their times of need. Besides the homes these Agents lost and most of their worldly possessions, one of the Agents also lost his retired K-9 partner to the flames. All monetary donations will be split between the two families in their efforts to rebuild their homes and lives after this terrible loss. If we hear of any other Agents who were affected by these wildfires we will add them to this fundraiser. These families lost everything and any help you can give will be a huge step in the long process of rebuilding their homes. All of us at the Code Four Foundation and Border Patrol Agent Family Network thank you for your donations!” – Scott Zimmer–President of Code Four and Nuri Vitiello—President of Border Patrol Agent Family Network



Lisa Ford – Mother who lost everything – Alpine Oaks Estates

“My mom needs help. I know everyone can’t donate .. but if you can share the go fund me link and we can try to get it out there as much as possible I would appreciate it so much. My mom is such a loving, giving, person and has worked so hard her whole life. Now to see everything she’s worked for just disappear into thin air .. just GONE. Every memory she has collected, every heirloom she cherished, every just everything she owned .. GONE. The emotional turmoil is really starting to set in and take its toll and I hate to see her have to struggle with the financial aspect of everything now on top of it. I know this isn’t gonna be easy.. but Day by Day hopefully she can get back on track. She lost her job just last week due to her boss and long time dear friend passing away … then the next week .. her house burns to the ground and everything she ever owned in it. 🙁 Her comfort, security, where she laid her head at night .. just gone. At this point in her life I just wish she could be happy and enjoy life. Instead she has found herself out of work and now basically homeless and feeling very displaced and defeated. The look of defeat, panic, and sadness on my moms face when I showed her the picture of the burnt house and she realized it was hers .. was a look I’ll never forget. I just want to see her smile again and get back on track. Thank you And also to anyone that has already shared and donated .. words can’t even express how thankful I am for you and how appreciated you are .. from the bottom of my heart and soul… thank you” – Meg Gan



Ed & Lauren King

“So many people have reached out asking how they can help my parents so Kyle and I decided this might be the best way. My parents are the strongest people I know and will get through this devastation with all the love and support of our friends, family and community. If you would prefer to give, On Friday, July 6th the “West Fire” ripped through Alpine and unfortunately Ed & Lauren King’s house caught fire and burned down. The lost everything. Thank y’all for the love and support!!! – Kimberle King Elbery



Tom & Cinda Jauregui 

“My parents lost their home in the West fire in Alpine. They lost everything, when a fire happens it doesnt just take a home it takes a lifetime of memories and items that will never be replaceable. If you can please donate to help with the cost of the tragedy. Anything helps thank you all for the love and support.” – Torrie Jauregui



The Beaty Family

Please help us to help the “The Beaty Family” who have lost everything in the West Fire.  Not only have they lost their home and belongings they also lost their business, trucks and equipment.  They are the first to help their friends out so let’s help them.   Any amount will help.



Help My Sister Kaitlyn Rebuild

“Early today my sister Kaitlyn, lost her house in Alpine due to the West fire. If you know my sister or know of her, one her many amazing characteristics is her ability to help others in need anyway she possibly can. I’m setting this page up for her to help ease the pain she is feeling in this devastating time for her and her two kids. Talking to her right now is one of the most heart breaking feelings I have ever felt. If you or anyone you know can in anyway lend a hand in helping her rebuild I know myself and our entire family would be forever grateful. I hope everyone stays safe and avoids this tragedy in this terrible event. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Joey Tiolo



Help the Cartwrights Rebuild

“Many of us know Mr. Cartwright because of his dedication to the teaching profession. To this day Mr. Cartwright is still my favorite and most memorable teacher. Our family was blessed to have his daughter teach my daughter. Finally I was able to meet Mr. Cartwright’s other daughter while working at Lakeside Farms. I want to be able to help and I know so many of you will to. Here is a post from Mr. Cartwright’s daughter Jenna…

For all of our family and friends that are asking for updates. Here is my parents house that they lived in for 31 years. The house they got married in, the house my sister and I were brought home to as babies and the house that the grandchildren spend so much time at with Grandpa and Grandma. From the outside the walls are standing but the inside is a complete loss. Everything is charred, smoke damaged or soaked. This is a picture of their living room. Mr. Cartwright’s daughter and Alexander were able to help firefighters by pumping water from the pool onto the roof which may have helped keep the structure standing. My parents are doing ok. Definitely in shock but we are so grateful that everyone is safe. It’s just a house with things inside. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

This is a post from the Cartwright’s other daughter Kara…..It is so sad to see the devastation. My dad took my mom to the house when it was first built and told her it was hers if she would marry him. They got married in the living room. I spent my entire childhood there. We are so thankful to the firefighters who were able to help us get some pictures out. Many memories in this house! Please share, donate and help!!! Let’s show the Cartwright’s how much we care!!!! Thank You!” – Melanie Van Oostende



Victor & Carrie

July 6th was a horrible day for two wonderful human beings who are my Brother Victor and Sis in law Carrie.
A fire hit Alpine where they lived. Well that fire wasn’t able to be contained and their house went down in flames. We are Thankful to God that they are fine and in good health. But just the fact that everything they owned and all the memories they had are completely gone. I think about all of my brother’s Star Wars stuff, his collection that he was so proud of is all gone! They had just remodeled not to long ago and were so happy. Now they don’t have anything.
They are very hurt but they’re still staying strong and staying positive. They’re thankful to God they’re ok and have each other.

This was a devastating loss and I know this fundraising won’t bring their memories and everything they lost back but it will sure help them. It’s a start. It will definitely help them buy clothes and all the essentials they need. Let’s help these two wonderful people out. I know my brother and he won’t ask for the help that’s why I’m doing it for him!
I’m so sorry guys, I love you! ❤️ – Martha Silva


Jamie & Joey Alfaro

Please consider donating to the Alfaro family, they lost their home in the West Fire and need all of our support. Any amount will be appreciated and goes directly to the family while they navigate through this tragedy.

Thank you for your time and support!




Kim & Ashley Johnson

This account has been established to support Kim Johnson and her daughter, Ashley, who lost their house and all its contents in the recent Alpine fire. Because many of you have graciously reached out to ask how you can help, this fund has been established.

Thank you so much for your compassion and support.