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LOST CAT: Female Striped Tabby Cat, E. Victoria Dr. Alpine Ca. 11-2-19

LOCATION_DESCRIPTION: ALPINE CA 91901: LOST CAT – Female Tabby cat lost near E. Victoria Rd. On sat 11-2-19. She is a large adult cat.

Please contact Jamie at 619-417-3142 or EMAIL HERE


LOST DOG: Male White & Black Border Collie “Ashwin”, **NEEDS MEDS** Alpine CA. 10-31-19

MISSING / LOST DOG – ALPINE CA 91901: 14-Year old white border collie named “Ashwin” – NEEDS MEDS!!!! He wandered away from the Carl’s Jr. parking lot in Alpine on Halloween (10-31-19) . Just vanished while I was having a 5-minute phone call. He had been taking 2X-day pain meds. His rear legs collapse, has trouble walking when in pain. He is old and has arthritis, with limping leg, thin, white coat with dark patch. Has partly lost his sight also. He is very friendly. Would be immensely thankful to anyone with Ashwin’s information.


PLEASE CONTACT Mary Hicks at 619-672-0722 or email me HERE


LOST CAT: Small Female Striped Bengal, Rock Terrace Rd. Alpine 9-28-19

9-28-19 Alpine Ca 91901 LOST CAT! Small Female Bengal (Striped like a tabby) named “Kaliesse”, wearing a pink collar and missing from Rock Terrace Rd. off of Alpine Blvd. in Alpine ca 91901.


FOUND CAT: Male Striped Tabby, Josh & Klucewich Rd. Alpine 9-18-19

9-18-19 FOUND CAT. Found at Josh and klucewich Rd in Alpine Ca 91901. I think he may have been dumped some time ago. You can tell he was a house cat because he really wants to be with people, but, he has been out on his own and is untrusting. I have put a lot of effort into gaining his trust just to feed him and provide a safe area in the backyard. He now wants in the house, lol. I have just been able to touch him for the first time. Going to try and improve the trust so I can get him in a kitty crate and to the vet.

Please call 619 659 1361


(REUNITED) LOST DOG: Male (Grey & White) Blue Nose Pit Bull Mix “Crook”, Midway Dr. Alpine 9-28-19

Update 10-4-19 CROOK HAS BEEN FOUND!

Shorty Blue Nose Pit Bull mix. White chest brindle marking, crooked tail. His name is “Crook” and he is grey and white and stocky. He went missing from our home on Saturday September 28 off of Midway Drive in Alpine Ca. 91901. Our family misses him SO MUCH! If you have seen him please call or text Dusty at (619) 990-7540

LOST CAT: Chunky Black Male Cat with Green Eyes, “Morty”, Highlands Area Alpine 8-19-19

LOCATION_DESCRIPTION: August 19, 2019 LOST CAT ALPINE CA 91901 – Chunky black cat with green eyes lost around the Albertsons area in Alpine, more specifically around Sunhaven development but he probably wandered more. His name is Morty but he may not respond to it. Please call or text Sierra Mellinger or EMAIL HERE

LOST DOG: Male Min Pin Named “Jak Jak”, Harbison Canyon Area of Alpine 8-20-19

Lost Male Min Pin (Miniature Pinscher) Named “Jak Jak” on August 20, 2019 – Harbison Canyon Area of Alpine, Ca. 91901. He is small and Black with brown markings. We miss him very much! Please call (858) 967-4885

LOST CAT: Black, Neutered Male, Green Eyes, Alpine Heights Rd. & Avenida Del Cielo 8-8-19

LOCATION_DESCRIPTION: 8-8-19 LOST CAT ALPINE CA 91901: Male Neutered Black cat, green eyes, short hair, last seen near intersection of Alpine Heights Rd. and Avenida Del Cielo. Contact Aaron at 619-559-9786 or EMAIL ME HERE


LOST CAT: Male Fluffy Orange Tabby with White, Arnold Way & Tavern Rd. Alpine 8-6-19


LOCATION_DESCRIPTION: LOST CAT ALPINE CA 91901 8-6-19. Tavern and Arnold Way lost fluffy Gold Tabby striped with big fluffy tail

Bobbi 619-507-2090




LOST CAT: Male Bengal Striped Tabby “Pepe”, South Grade & La Force Rd. Alpine 7-30-19


missing pet alert lost dogs cats alpine ca 91901

7-30-19 LOST CAT ALPINE CA 91901 – I am Posting on behalf of an elderly neighbor. His cat, “Pepe”, visited another neighbor’s BBQ and never came home.  Pepe has “Bengal stripes with yellow in it.”  He was last seen on South Grade Rd. near La Force Rd in Alpine.  He does not have a collar but he is micro-chipped. This is a companion cat and he is fiercely missed by his owner.  Any help is appreciated.

Please call Tiffany at 619-952-0405 or EMAIL ME HERE