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Alpine’s Radio Station Mountain Country 107.9 Now Available on Amazon’s Alexa Enabled Devices

The mountain 1079 FM Alpine ca 919012019 will be a year of expansion for East County Broadcasting, a non-profit 501(c)3 operating KRLY-FM 107.9 in Alpine.

As of March 1st, Mountain Country 107.9 is now available on Amazon’s Alexa Enabled devices. “This was a platform that we were excited to be a part of” states station manager Chris Torrick. “Last Christmas, this was THE gift to give and get. So much so that Amazon’s system crashed for a small period of time because so many were being activated.” 100 million Amazon Alexa smart speakers have been sold and are quickly replacing the traditional clock radio.

Torrick says that in order to hear the station’s mix of classic country, Texas country, and neo-traditional country, the skill must be enabled. “When folks set up their speaker, they downloaded a app to their phone for the setup process. To add us you have to go to the app and click the action button in the upper left hand corner. At that point they search “skills” and then search Mountain Country 107.9. The final step is to click the green enable button and at that point you can ask Alexa to play us.” Torrick instructed.

In addition to the Alexa smart speakers, the radio station is available to listen by computer at and on the “Live365” app for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

“This is phase 2 of a 3 phase digital immersion for the radio station, with phase 3 being a live streaming video channel featuring community information, news, and content from the radio station that will stream direct to televisions. The tentative launch date for ‘The Alpine Channel’ is April 1st.” Torrick stated. “The Alpine Channel” will be available on Roku set top boxes and Roku smart TV’s.

Questions about Alpine’s non-profit community radio station can be directed to station manager Chris Torrick at 619-445-1079.

Chris Torrick – CEO/COO
East County Broadcasting Inc.
Mountain Country 107.9
Alpine’s Non-profit Community Radio Station
Donate here: AlpineRadio.ORG
Listen here:

Alpine Non-Profit Radio Station Needs Your Help to Move Forward in 2016!


Dear Alpine Residents – We need your help!

As the Manager of Alpine’s non-profit community radio station Mountain Country FM, we are reaching out to you for your help to fill some basic needs. KRLY was launched several years ago. We are the only non-profit community radio station in San Diego County, and we are here with a mission – to serve this community.

We have invested THOUSANDS of dollars in the latest digital emergency equipment with direct links to Federal, State and Local authorities all with one thing in mind – keeping Alpine safe. You don’t have to go too far back to see the value radio has played in getting vital information to the public. 9/11 was an example. Demands on cell towers left smartphones without basic functions needed to communicate but radio was still there informing the community and keeping people safe.

We want to be able to continue this mission. If there is a fire, we want to provide critical local information to keep you and your family. The same with storms, earthquakes and whatever else may come our way. We won’t be able to do this without your help. The need is real and we need your help now.

We are asking for your financial support and there are two ways that you can help. You can make a individual donation, or your business can be one of our financial supporters as a on air sponsor. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and we do not receive any funding from the Federal Government. Your investment in us is a tax deduction for you and a investment in your community. If you make a donation on our website today, Paypal will add 1% to your tax deductible donation.

We are coming up on our 3 year Anniversary of the launch of Mountain Country 107.9. It was on January 1st, 2013 that we started playing a hand picked country music playlist built specifically for you and it has been well received. We have been able to partner with artists like Garth Brooks and Aaron Watson to get you front and center to some of the best concerts in San Diego County. We sent a ton of Alpine residents to the San Diego County Fair and got them front and center for artists like Gary Alan, Little Big Town and many others. And we feature 56 minute music hours all day long while you work. As a community radio station, we can’t run the screaming car dealership & casino commercials and I have been told by many of you how much you appreciate that. We like that too 🙂

Now we need your help, and we need it today! We operate the station on less than $50,000 a year and for 2015 we are $12,000 shy of meeting basic operating costs. Starting in January we have music licenses that we have to pay along with streaming fees that run about $2000 a year.

We will not be able to maintain operations in 2016 without community support now. You have all been exposed to radiothons and telethons where people get on the tv or radio and beg. I won’t do that. I know this community and I know they see the value in what we do. So do short but important list sponsors that invest in us month after month.

So, I am going to ask you now to help us be here for you. Every little bit helps. As an individual, will you please make a tax deductable donation today? As a business will you consider making a small investment in our radio station and we will in turn be able to give you announcements on the air to let people know what you do? We have a loyal listener family that will support you!

Please mail check donations to: East Country Broadcasting – PO Box 2612 – Alpine, CA 91903 or you can make a online donation at our website www.TheMountainFM.COM If you own a business, please let me hear from you today – 619-445-1079 and I will be glad to drop by and show you the benefits of your investment in this community jewel.

Finally, if you have never been to a radio station, I would like to take a few minutes to visit with you and show off our beautiful state of the art broadcast studio and answer any questions you may have about what we do. Please contact me at 619-445-1079 and if you get voice mail, please let me know you called and I will call you back right away.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Chris Torrick –
Station Manager/Morning Show Host – KRLY-FM 107.9



Use Amazon Smile to Support Local Businesses While Shopping for Christmas

amazon smilesDid you know that there is a way to support our local community even when buying online? If you buy consistently at Amazon, (and let’s face it, Christmas is on the way) you can join Amazon Smile (for free) and a percentage of all eligible purchases will be donated to a charity of your choice. I designated ALFA (Alpine Library Friends Association) as my charity of choice, to help fund the new library. But you could choose Lions, Tigers and Bears or the Alpine Community Center or the Alpine Education Foundation or any one of our local faith-based registered charities to support. When you purchase an item through Amazon, just go to the page first and they take care of the rest. It’s easy, and it gives back to our community!

Submitted By Alison Kermath


Alpine’s non-profit community radio station is now a benefactor of the Amazon Smile program which means a portion of your purchases (1/2 of 1%) go to support community radio here in Alpine. Money raised will help fund day to day operations, replace equipment as needed and help fund our signal improvement project with a signal translator on 88.1 FM. That means that we will be able to serve you better with a second spot on the dial. You will still get access the same Amazon deals and be able to use your Amazon prime benefits. In addition to Amazon Smile, donations can be made on the radio station website at and the radio station has a online t-shirt shop where you can order Mountain Country 107.9 branded merchandise to help fund the station. East County Broadcasting is a 501(c)3 and your donations may be tax deductible. To support Alpine’s community radio station please use this link – And THANK YOU!!!

Submitted By Chris Torrick



A Second Frequency for Alpine’s Mountain Country 107.9 Coming Soon! How YOU Can HELP!

The mountain FM_ final logo

As the Station Manager of Alpine’s non-profit community radio station, I have some very exciting news to share.

Many of you have shared how much you love having a local voice on the radio dial, but you were frustrated about the signal strength of our community station. That is about to change!

 KRLY has a very exciting opportunity to improve our signal and serve Alpine better……..With your support “Mountain Country 107.9” will soon broadcast on a second frequency south of Alpine on 88.1FM. A broadcast construction permit for the 88.1 frequency has been issued by the Federal Communications Comission in Washington DC as a translator radio service.

A translator rebroadcasts an existing radio station (in our case 107.9FM) on a 2nd frequency. The goal of the translator is to increase local radio service to Alpine and help us overcome our existing terrain challenges that we have on 107.9FM. This means less static, less interference and more great music and local programming for Alpine – locally produced from our Alpine studio.

The application for 88.1 was filed in 2001 and has taken a long time to go through the rigorous approval process. The broadcaster that filed for the license was approved in November 2014 and has decided not to build out the Alpine station. We have an agreement with Calvary Chapel Church in Twin Falls Idaho to purchase the broadcast license for $25,000. Once the agreement was made, our engineering team went to work to find a suitable location to host a low profile broadcast antenna. We were able to secure that location for a long term lease in February 2015.

thermometer_Mountain COuntryThe cost for the transfer of the broadcast license and the equipment and labor to get the signal on the air will total around $50,000. It’s not a lot of money for a project like this, but we dont have it on hand to pay.

As a non-profit community radio station, we are asking for your help. There are several different ways to get involved, so we hope that you will click here to see what you can do to help! 

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Alpine’s non-profit community radio station!

Chris Torrick – Station Manager

Visit our website at

Drone Will Be Shooting Video in Alpine – December 1, 2014

The mountain FM_ final logo

Alpine’s Community Radio Station – Mountain Country 107.9 will be hosting a video shoot around Alpine for a upcoming promotional video.

This shoot will include the use of a drone shooting High Definition video overhead as well as a photographer on the ground. The drone will be operated by a pilot and filmmaker. “The purpose of the video will be to share some very exciting news with the community about the future of Alpine’s community radio station” stated Station Manager Chris Torrick.


“Classic Country Saturday Morning” Comes to Mountain Country 107.9!

mountain country 1079-saturday-show-opt

Alpine’s Community Radio Station “Mountain Country 107.9” launched a new show on Saturday called “Classic Country Saturday Morning” If features classic country music from the 50’s-80’s for 4 hours on Saturday morning. Some of the artists include Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Kitty Wills, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and many others. The program airs right after the 5:30 AM broadcast of “Turning Point with David Jeremiah” at 6AM. Click to listen to the podcast of our debut show from November 1st.

Mountain Country FM is Looking for a Few “WEATHER KIDS” for On-Air Forecasts

My 107.9_weather kids

Do you have a kid that has the gift of gab and is comfortable in front of a microphone and audience? We’re looking for a few good kids to be ‘Mountain Country 107.9 Weather Kids’ !

If your child is picked, they will be invited to come to our studio and record the weather forecast for both the day and evening hours. Throughout the day your child will be heard advising Alpine residents of the forecast and conditions on an hourly basis.

Mountain Country FM-Weather Kid-Girl-PromoYour child must be able to do the following:

1. Follow basic instructions a simple prepared script of up to 50 words or be able to follow verbal cue’s and repeat

3. Be able to record at our Alpine studio between 5:30AM-7AM weekdays and be in the company of a parent or guardian over the age of 18

4. Your Child’s picture will be taken during the recording session and shared with our facebook followers.

“Hi, my name is Jessie Smith, I’m in the 5th grade at Shadow Hills Elementary School and I am today’s Mountain Country weather kid. The forecast for today is calling for sunny skies and a high of 95. Tonight we have a 30% chance of rain and an overnight low of 62. Tomorrow you can expect cloudy skies and a 50% chance of rain. That’s a look at the weather – I’m Jessie Smith for Mountain Country 107.9 FM”

5. Parents, you’ll have the option to order a CD of the recorded weather forecasts for a $10 donation to Alpine’s non-profit community radio station if your child is picked.

To get started, visit our website here to fill out the form!

The mountain FM_ final logo

Mountain Country FM Introduces NEW SMARTPHONE APP That Partners With The ACN

Alpine’s Own Radio Station – Mountain Country FM 107.9 Mountain Country 107.9 – has joined forces with Alpine’s digital source for information – Alpine’s Website, THE ALPINE COMMUNITY NETWORK to get you incredible content and local news on ONE smartphone app.

 Mountain Country_App_1  ACN-App  Mountain Country_App_3  Mountain Country_App_2


The mountain FM_ final logoThe Mountain Country 107.9 app is available today in the Google play store and will be available on iTunes soon.

“When I took over FM107.9 two Years ago, the goal was to provide Alpine with a radio station that met the expectations of the community, and I think we are there” says Station Manager and Morning Host Chris Torrick. “We started with a research project that consisted of over 200 Alpine residents. Nearly 70% said they wanted a mix of new country with both the superstars and legends without a bunch of commercials. They also wanted local information. We used that information to build Mountain Country 107.9.”

The station added San Diego 6 XETV reporter Gary Buzel for local news coverage, but wanted to harness the “people power” of Alpine’s Official Website “The Alpine Community Network” digitally to bring Alpine both the music and information it craved.

“We reached out to Angela Brookshire, Creator and Director of The Alpine Community Network. She has been a huge supporter of my efforts to get the radio station focused on the community that we live and play in. When I told her about our concept for an app where Alpine residents can listen to music, talk, local sports AND browse their local website THE ALPINE COMMUNITY NETWORK at the same time – she was excited!” states Torrick. “The partnership was a win/win/win for Mountain Country 107.9, The Alpine Community Network and the residents of Alpine”.

The app is available now for android devices and will be available in the next couple of weeks for iPad and iPhone.

Version 1.0 can be downloaded from the Google play store here:

ABOUT MOUNTAIN COUNTRY 107.9: KRLY-FM is a non-profit community radio station serving Alpine and San Diego’s East County on 107.9FM and TheMountainFM.COM. The station IS NOT government funded and meets day to day expenses thanks to local businesses that purchase sponsorship packages and receive on air announcements for their tax deductible donation.


New Fundraiser to Help Support Alpine’s Radio Station Mountain Country FM

The mountain 1079 FM Alpine ca 91901

Alpine’s community radio station has launched a fundraiser to help meet operational expenses. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3)and rely on underwriters (sponsors) and donations to meet expenses. We do not receive any funding from the Federal government. To find out more about the radio station and to donate, please visit www.TheMountainFM.COM!

We have some pretty exciting premiums, so check it out and thank you for support Alpine’s radio station!

Card with cute bird listening to musicChris Torrick, Station Manager
Mountain Country 107.9FM


Want to Hear Alpine Little League Games on the Radio?

The mountain 1079 FM Alpine ca 91901

Greetings Alpine –

Alpine American Little League Baseball is just around the corner and your community radio station “Mountain Country 107.9” wants to bring the boys of summer to the radios of Alpine and online listeners across the globe.  All that we are missing is YOU!

Last year our broadcast van was burglarized and we lost nearly $3000 worth of broadcast equipment which makes getting these games on the air and broadcasting from other civic events possible.

2013 was a challenging year for us financially and we have not had the resources necessary to replace what we need. Unlike other radio stations, we are a non-profit and CAN NOT run the screaming car dealership commercials you’re used to hearing on commercial stations. We also don’t receive government subsidies like other public radio and TV stations do.

In order to make the broadcasts possible this year we must be able to do 2 things:

  1. Raise the funds necessary to replace some of the stolen equipment. $1200 is the minimum to restore our ability to broadcast from remote locations, such as a ballpark or a parade. Donations may be tax deductible.
  2. Have a minimum of 10 local businesses or donors support the AALL broadcasts as underwriters. You will receive: 30 second announcements during game broadcasts as well as promotional announcements during the regular season games. The cost is $275 per business, organization or individual which covers the regular season games.

“Mountain Country 107.9” KRLY-FM is the only radio station west of the Mississippi River to dedicate on air broadcast time to Little League Baseball and we hope to be able to continue that tradition for years to come.

Donations can be made online at TheMountainFM.COM and clicking the DONATE button or at our studios located at 2065 Arnold Way – Suite 104.

If you have questions about becoming an underwriter of AALL baseball, please contact me at 619-445-1079 or email