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LOST DOG: Tan Female Shih Tzu / Chihuahua Mix, Night Watch Way Alpine 6-25-17

LOCATION_DESCRIPTION: Lilly , a little Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix went missing Sunday evening June 24, 2017 around 7pm from 2966 Night Watch Way (off of Tavern Rd.) in Alpine. She has a pink collar, she’s extremely friendly.

Call Tanya 619-888-1883 or EMAIL ME HERE




LOST CAT: Large Male Tabby, Viejas View Rd. Alpine 6-24-17

6-25-17 Has anyone seen our cat, Don Diego? He went missing yesterday in the Highlands area in Alpine (Viejas View Place). He is our big boy, and we really miss him! If seen please call Trinity at 619-971-4438




LOST CAT: Black & White Long Hair Male Cat, Via Palo Verde Lago Alpine 6-27-17

LOST CAT Alpine Ca 91901 6-27-17: Hello Everyone! Our adorable cat – “Luce” got out last night and did not come home. We live in the Old Ranch (on Via Palo Verde Lago). He’s indoor/outdoor – always in at night – but he slipped out somehow and UGH…we’re so sad. If you see him please email me at: THANKS in advance

CRIME ALERT: Man Under Influence of Narcotics Enters Home in Alpine 6-25-17

At 1:30 am, Sunday morning – June 25, 2017 on Viejas Grade Rd. in Alpine, a man knocked on our aggressively and attempted to get into our house. Thank god our doors and windows were locked. It frightened us, and we didn’t let him in. He was asking for help. We demanded he leave. After sitting on our patio for a bit he left. He then proceeded up the hill to my landlord house. I thankfully notified him, who was in route to check on us. The man made it up the hill in a short amount of time, meeting our very kind landlord in his car. This man attempted to get into/ on top of the car. However, he was scared off by the horn and erratic driving . It was thought he headed for the mountain, but he went around the side of the home and found a way in. Lucky our landlord went inside to call 911 and grab his gun, because he found the man in his kitchen. At gun point the man complied and got on the floor until the cops arrived. This man told cops he was being chased by Mexicans. This man was only arrested for being under the influence of narcotics. I think this man was certainly high, I also think he had dangerous intentions. Hopefully he will be charged for trespassing and braking and entering. However, because the guy didn’t break anything and the door was unlocked, he might not get those charges and this pisses me off. California is a whole other world. We are safe, no one was hurt but I think we were LUCKY. I’ve read similar posts. I’m really happy to know he was arrested. I didn’t see him but my boyfriend saw he was wearing all black and had white shoes on, slim build. He didn’t steal anything but he wanted to get inside. Thank god my landlord had a gun.


Please post this for other people’s safety. I’m concerned this guy isn’t the only one.





Below is a statement from a family member of the woman who was attacked. They wanted to personally let the community know what happened so residents could be aware and possibly help if they have any info…

“While out for an evening walk on Harbsion Canyon Rd. near Hunter Pass, my family member was attacked. He beat her badly, broke her nose, as well as caused many injuries to her face and body. From what she can recall, he was a young male, approximately 30 years old, white, with light unkept hair. Apx 6 foot tall. She was attacked out of nowhere from behind. It is thought that the man may have been hiding in the bushes. Her wounds are healing, but if anyone has any information, or has seen unusual activity in this area or anywhere in Alpine, please respond to this post or contact the Alpine Sheriff Department @ 659-2600. We have been told that people have reported being followed or harassed while walking in Alpine. Please also share this information.”


I’m still trying to get details on this incident that happened…this is just beyond horrible and I can’t imagine it happening here in Alpine especially in such a nice neighborhood. I do not know who this woman is or the extent of her injuries or how she is doing now… If you have any of this info please feel free to comment  below My Apologies for not posting this sooner, but was waiting for more info on this from the Alpine Sheriff Department, but I have yet to receive that info.. so I am posting anyways – Angie (ACN ADMIN)


A neighbor on her nightly walk was badly attacked by a man on Harbison Canyon Rd this evening with no apparent motive. This happened somewhere between Arnold Way & the school. Please say a prayer for her & her family. If you saw anything unusual in the area please call the Alpine Sheriffs Department & let them know.”

Alpine Sheriff STATION 858-565-5200












Alpine Resident Asks ACPG to Communicate More Effectively and Urges More Residents to Attend Meetings

June 2017 – Just my opinion                        


I am an Alpine resident who attended the Alpine Community Planning Group (ACPG) meetings in September 2016 and again in May 2017. What follows are some of my thoughts about both meetings.

The September meeting primarily focused on the expiration of the Forestry Conservation Initiative and the resulting re-zoning of parcels in the Japatul Valley area which will pave the way for development and increase density.

The focus of the May meeting was: the Alpine Fire Department applying to the San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to annex land into its boundary.

These two issues are related, though at first look, they may not appear to be. Because of the complexity of these and other issues affecting those of us that live in Alpine, I’d like to see a greater effort made by those on both the boards of the ACPG and the AFD to more effectively communicate the facts surrounding these issues in laymen’s terms so that the general population may gain a clear understanding of both sides.

The members representing us seem to forget that many of us are not accustomed to attending these kinds of meetings and in addition are beleaguered with the affairs of daily living. This is one reason we elect them to represent us.

We expect their conduct to exemplify fairness, to be courteous, and that they, at all times should exhibit self-control. What I am seeing worries me. One long-standing member whose conduct I observed is frankly lacking in these areas. He wrote in an online magazine that a representative of The Forestry during the September meeting was “tarred and feathered.” This leads readers to believe that all present at that meeting were of the same opinion. Indeed, many were as shocked as I was to read this. His choice of words was poor and speaks volumes about his character.

In the May meeting, it was his unruly behavior that concerned me. He exhibited blatant lack of self-control when he jumped out of his chair to challenge another member that he disagreed with and to threaten to prematurely close the meeting down. I didn’t like how the other members allowed him to rant in this bullying manner. His behavior was incited when the member he directed his rage at simply stated that the AFD chief was not telling the truth and that he had written a letter explaining the matter.

Meanwhile, another topic on the agenda was put on the back burner: a subcommittee report from The Alpine Design Review Board regarding plans to develop the east end of Alpine.

The majority of ACPG members are men. The presence of more women, as well as the addition of younger citizens, would help to balance the chemistry of the board. Consider coming to some meetings and offer your input; we need to hear from everyone.




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Live Music By The Alternatives at the Casino Inn – June 24, 2017

Live Music by the “Alternatives” Band at the Casino Inn on Saturday, June 24, 2017 from 9pm to 1am. For additional info please contact Trish EMAIL HERE

Come see us at the Casino Inn Bar & Grill! We have a full bar, pool tables, NFL Games and Lotto! We now have FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHT DINNERS! The Casino Inn is located at 1155 Alpine Blvd. Alpine Ca 91901. (619) 445-9581


SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Fireworks Placed in Yard (River Dance Rd.) Alpine 6-21-17

Date: 6-21-17 Location: River Dance Community – Across from Albertsons off of Highlands View Rd. Alpine Ca 91901

I just wanted to put the word out and see if anyone knows any information. Last night between 12-1am I heard what I thought was kids running down my street. I got up and looked expecting to see a toilet papered house but I saw nothing. This morning when I went out to my car I noticed someone had strategically placed a big firework under my tree, as to maybe catch it on fire? I think the “running feet” I heard was actually the firework going off. Neighbors have video cameras so we could watch the whole scene play out. Unfortunately we can’t see the license plate. We can see it was a dark 4 door sedan with 3-4 younger looking boys/men.

I called the police to report it because it is a huge fire danger and to be honest kind of scary. They can’t do anything without more info. So I am asking people to be aware, school is out and I guess the kids will “play”.

Has anyone else seen or had this happen to them? Any info would be much appreciated. This could have started a big tree fire which is right next to my kids upstairs window.

My neighbors security camera got video of the incident from 2 different angles.

Watch videos here:

Jessica G


UPDATE: 6-22-17 This was also posted on the Alpine Community Network Facebook Page, where other residents have commented seeing this same car causing trouble in the same are and around Alpine. One resident said “If the car in this video is a dark gray BMW with all the widows tinted, then it is the same car  that crossed a double yellow on Arnold to try and scare me while I was walking. I see the car all the time between 10 pm -1 am. The car also has those tinted rain gutter things on the windows.” Another said, “Same thing happened to me and my husband in the highlands area walking. They actually gunned the gas and swerved over at us and then took off!”

There is also another suspicious activity post here on our website that sound like it may also be the same car / kids:

Update posted by Angela Brookshire – ACN Admin


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SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Smoke Bomb / Fireworks Thrown at House on Highlands View 6-22-17


Someones kids in our neighborhood on Highlands view rd. thought it would be a good Idea to throw smoke bombs at our front door , except it rolled out on to our new turf that cost $19,000.00 and burnt 8 ” round hole in it, My kids are grown up and gone so not sure what brought on the urge other than maybe the kids are bored, if anybody has a clue on some kids that have been playing with fire works lately please contact me , Sure there parents would like to know what great kids they have! I might quit keeping my yard nice and just let it go.

Appreciate any Info.
619-520-3340  EMAIL ME HERE


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Upcylcled Succulent Planter Class at Alpine Garden & Gifts – June 25, 2017

Create your own “Upcylcled Succulent Planter” on Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 10am at Alpine Garden and Gifts! Bring in your own recycled container to create your own succulent planter. Class starts at 10 a.m. with Coffee and breakfast and a short tutorial. Followed by creating your own unique succulent combination planter. Price starts at $25 depending on the size and scale of your planter. To RSVP or for more info please contact Kathy at 619-452-3535. Alpine Garden & Gifts is located at 2442 Alpine Blvd, Alpine, CA 91901.