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Community Effort is Making Alpine Boulevard GREENER!

December 5, 2018 – By the alpine Chamber of Commerce

Twelve new native drought-tolerant plants, including two oak trees, are officially growing along Alpine Boulevard!

About 15 volunteers participated in the preparation, digging and watering on Dec. 1 to replace greenery outside The Alpine Sun newspaper at 2144 Alpine Blvd. and the nearby Alpine Woman’s Club headquarters at 2156 Alpine Blvd. As curious passersby turned to watch and business people came out to praise the beautification effort, five plants and one tree were placed at each location.

“We had a fantastic turnout,” said Jon Green, Back Country Land Trust (BCLT) program and outreach director. “We got a lot of kudos.” The Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce, BCLT and the Certified Community Wildlife Habitat organized the effort to replant the boulevard after construction damage.

A Lush Handmade Cosmetics grant to the land trust has provided 500 free plants for participating businesses and property owners. Watering arrangements can be made for the first year.   Counting two plants placed unofficially in November outside Alpine Motorsports & Equipment Repair at 2435 Alpine Blvd., 14 new plants are growing so far. More are due in December and January.

During the latest planting Green provided free seminars about native planting techniques, plant selection, watering needs, mulch and erosion control. “It was amazing,” said Jennifer Tschida, The Alpine Sun’s associate publisher and Alpine’s 2018 Honorary Mayor. “Jon was super organized, ready to go.”

Tschida, who is expecting a baby soon, said she was touched by the tree selection. Green said he chose a 2-foot-tall tree for the Alpine Woman’s Club and for the newspaper “a little baby oak so it will grow up with her son.” “Fifty years from now my son will be driving on Alpine Boulevard with his family, pointing and saying ‘That’s my tree,’” Tschida said.

For more information, to be a sponsor or to volunteer to water plants, call the Chamber at (619) 445-2722 or e-mail; or


Alpine Chamber of commerce Logo Alpine Ca 91901Jo Moreland, Communications
Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce
1620 Alpine Blvd., Ste. 208
Alpine, CA 91901
(619) 445-2722

FOUND DOGS: 2 German Shepherds, South Grade & Big Wagon Rd. Alpine 12-14-18

FOUND DOGS: Two German Shepherds found on Friday, December 14, 2018 at 7:30am on South Grade near Big Wagon Rd. (Near Wrights Field) One female (lighter color) and one male (darker coloring, not fixed). They have been checked for microchips by a vet, but they are unchipped.

Please call Christy Jones at 619-838-5231 or EMAIL HERE

(REUNITED) LOST DOG: Male White with Black French Bulldog “Marti” Alpine Blvd / Marshall Rd. 12-14-18



12-14-18 LOST DOG ALPINE CA 91901: Lost white with black French Bulldog “Marti” on Marshall Rd & Alpine Blvd behind the Sinclair gas station. Very friendly. Please call if seen.

NAME: Beth S 928-302-4405 or EMAIL ME HERE



Alpine’s Annual Night Parade & Snow Festival Turn Out Spectacular! – December 2018

By The Alpine Chamber of Commerce

Merry Christmas!” That happy greeting throughout the “23rd Annual Alpine Village Christmas Parade of Lights & Snow Festival” on Dec. 7 brightened the season for several thousand people!

With more than 100 lighted entries, the hometown parade down west Alpine Boulevard was the longest, brightest one ever. The Snow Festival was a mix of relaxed entertainment, free snow sledding, dining and holiday shopping. “Thank you everyone who came out to enjoy this wonderful event!” Alex Ward, Executive Director of the Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce, said later. “It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our sponsors, volunteers, and of course, our guests!”

The Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber presents the holiday extravaganza every year with the help of many Chamber members, sponsors, businesses, organizations and individuals. Major sponsors this year were the Alpine Creek Town Center; Barons Market Alpine; Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.; San Diego Gas & Electric and Alpine Urgent Medicine/California Mobile Physicians and Waste Management.


Children, families and visitors from around San Diego County enjoyed the shining parade and the Snow Festival in the Alpine Creek Town Center at 1347 Tavern Road. “We love that there are more people entered in the parade,” said Marsha Do of Alpine. “Everybody really went all out this year.”

Shining floats of all kinds, vehicles ablaze with lights and walking, dancing and gymnastic units that glowed brightened the boulevard. A big bulldozer with a red, white and blue flag made up of colored lights was a perfect backdrop for the traditional color guard from Alpine’s Veterans of Foreign Wars Bert Fuller Post 9578.


At the Snow Festival, carols professionally performed by the Alpine Christian Fellowship, organized by Brenden Prout, were an inspiration. While Santa Claus chatted with children, Mrs. Claus handed out free cookies at the Alpine Community Center booth. There were also other children’s activities. Vendors offered unique gift possibilities while restaurants and stores in the Alpine Creek Town Center enjoyed a business boost. Posing for free selfies with Rorie, the Alpine Historical Society’s well-known fiberglass gorilla, brought in donations for the local historical museum.

U.S. Border Patrol agents and Explorers carefully placed tots and older youngsters or the young in heart on sleds for endless free rides down the white, chilly Snow Hill. “It’s going very well,” said Agent Jonathan Munoz. “A little tiring, but well.”

View all 80 photos here!


Alpine Chamber of commerce Logo Alpine Ca 91901Jo Moreland, Communications
Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce
1620 Alpine Blvd., Ste. 208
Alpine, CA 91901
(619) 445-2722

Dickey’s BBQ in Alpine is Under NEW MANAGEMENT! Come Check Us Out!

December 2018 – Dickey’s BBQ is under new management and ownership! Sam Azzu, who is currently the owner of “The Living Room Cafe” in La Jolla and La mesa and used to run VIP World Ice Cream & Video that was located in the ssame location as Dickies here in Alpine many years ago, has taken over this Dickey’s location! In appreciation for your support of the new ownership change, Dickey’s BBQ would like to extend these offers to our community members in Alpine. Come in and try Dickey’s again, experience the changes and let us know what you think! We are located at 2165 Arnold Way, Alpine Ca 91901.  Call us at 619-722-6052

8 Week “BODY BACK” Workout Program by Fit4Mom Begins January 2018 in Alpine!

Your New Year´s Resolution Goals starts here!


Ready to take your health and fitness to the next level?  Our specially trained coaches will take you on a journey to reach your fullest potential. Our meal plans, accountability and assessments are proven by university backed studies to shed fat, increase strength and endurance, tone muscle and improve energy. Our coaches will help you meet your specific fitness goals in a supportive and inspiring environment. In just 8-weeks, you will be amazed at your personal transformation of mind, body and spirit.

Body Back® is a results-based workout program. The workouts offer high intensity, interval formats that give a total body workout.  The cardio, strength, core format of workouts both in class and at home is the foundation for the program. The workouts along with nutritional support are a recipe for success for any mom wanting to get her “mind, body and spirit back”!

GET INSPIRED! Watch this fantastic video HERE!

What it includes: Our Body Back® Transformation program offers 2 high intensity interval workouts (HIIT) per week in a small group format (5-12 people)

-Before and after Fitness assessments, measurements and photos
-Meal Plans and Nutrition Guide
-Weekly Fit Planner and Food Journal
-Download workouts
-Inspiration, Motivation and Meditation in every class
-Online support group of peers and your coach

Need a childcare? Let us know!!!

Contact Us!

Don’t see the session you want to enroll in or need more info? Some of our sessions require personal assistance to enroll. Email or call us at 619-722-0190. For more info visit:



Angie Capetanakis

“What makes Body Back® different from other workouts is (1) it’s harder than just about anything you’ll find – Unrelenting metabolic boosting cardio with core and strength woven through (holy squat jump!!), (2) amazingly, never ever boring, and (3) you are surrounded by other moms who understand what you are going through. They get how hard it was to get to class but that you did it anyway even though you were up all night with a teething baby or a toddler with bad dreams. They will push you. They will cheer for you. This is a rarity. Tagline:  Get your whole self back: body, mind, soul”.


Christa Sperry

“Body Back® will change your life. It’s by more than training and support. It will help you be and do what you didn’t think you could. It will push you past the I can’t and show you that you are able and you will. You will amaze yourself with how far you can come in 8 weeks”.


Sophia DeSantis

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Early Bird Price! Until December 31st. Or Session Sells Out! Only 12 Spots are available! *** Payment plan available. Sign Up Today!:



Alpine Chamber HOT TOPICS Breakfast – December 11, 2018

Alpine Chamber of Commerce Hot Topics Breakfast on December 11, 2018. Celebrate what the Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce accomplished in 2018 and find out what is planned for next year!

The Chamber’s monthly breakfast meeting starts at 7:15 a.m. at the Alpine Community Center, 1830 Alpine Blvd.
Chamber Executive Director Alex Ward will share the inside scoop during his review and preview of activities. ​Bring business cards, event flyers and brochures to share with Alpine and Mountain Empire movers and shakers so they know more about you, your business or organization.

The $20 cost includes breakfast, opportunity drawing tickets, networking and brief self-introductions.
Reservations are needed now. Call (619) 445-2722 or email Lori Bledsoe at  Visit

DECORATE A GINGERBREAD HOUSE & Help Our Alpine Schools – December 22, 2018

DECORATE A GINGERBREAD HOUSE! Benefiting the Children of Alpine public Schools on Saturday December 22, 2018 from 11am to 2pm at Christ the King Church in Alpine (1460 Midway Dr.) Cost is $20 for each house.


For more information and tickets please call 619-445-3419 or visit our website at

Post 2018 Alpine Election Thoughts – By Mary Harris

Food For Thought: Alpine Elections 2018

Running for a seat on the Alpine Community Planning Group taught me a lot. It was like a crash course on local politics.  I’ve been attending the group for over three years and I can tell you this:  if you have views that are not a carbon copy of the group majority, don’t expect to be warmly welcomed.  When I was campaigning, lies sprouted up like weeds from long term group members, and their friends, on Alpine’s social media sites. Some made little sense. One individual said that I had called Cal Trans and asked them to remove a church banner. This had nothing to do with the election. It was coming from a person grasping at straws, looking to put me in a bad light.

One Alpine woman, who works for Channel 10 News, posted a three year old video (edited) that she made of me and my puppy, walking on Christmas Eve. She was angry that my puppy was off leash in an area where he should have been leashed. I was startled by her abrasiveness. She came at me like a bully, demanding that I tell her my name and where I was from. I was ready to get home after a nice, long walk. I was alone, and, frankly, afraid. Not knowing how to respond to her aggressive demands, I gave her a false name, hoping she would go on her way. Before they left, she gave me this sarcastic greeting, “Merry ****ing Christmas! In all fairness, if one intends to publicize moments like this one, they should either notify the public that it has been edited or publish it in its entirety, which she did neither. She claimed that I gave her permission to do this. While I did tell her, “Go ahead”, it was without understanding her intent. As it turns out, she is friends with planning group members who had their own reasons to discredit me. When she found out I was running for the ACPG, she used the video to make me look bad, saying I was irresponsible, and a liar. Really? Many people were allowing their dogs off leash in that area, and it just emphasized to me how much Alpine needed a dog park. And who has not given a fake name to throw a bully off their trail? None of the good things that I have accomplished were taken into account, and indeed, not many are known by that group. When they want what they want, this is how they go about getting it.

Ironically, it was this meeting along with my discovery of Back Country Land Trust authorizing the use of Roundup at Wrights Field, on the very kind of plants that dogs like to eat, Wild Oats, that brought me to the ACPG in the first place, which was to advocate for a dog park in Alpine. I found out that the planning group had not been able to get a community park here, even after trying for twenty plus years. My efforts then went towards advocating for a community park, with the intent of having a dog park located within the park once it was established.

No one who attacked my character actually knows me. All of this nonsense was just to try to alter the outcome of the election. If someone like me, who is minimal competition, is gone after in such a fashion, imagine what lengths would be gone to in order to affect the chances of one who is significantly greater competition. The only thing I can say is: shame on these manipulators, whose intent is to destroy the names of good people, attempting to discredit them. I hope that the people of Alpine will ‘consider the source’.  As I’ve said, I have learned a lot.

Mary Harris



“Rorie” Alpine’s Historic Gorilla Will Be Available for SELFIES at the Snow Festival on December 7, 2018

“Rorie” the famous Alpine Gorilla, a big fiberglass critter that hangs out at the Alpine Historical Society’s museum, will be available for selfie photos at the Snow Festival this year as part of the 23rd Annual Alpine Village Christmas Parade of Lights & Snow Festival  in Alpine! About 8 feet tall and weighing about 40 pounds, Rorie has been a popular local landmark for years.


Where’s Rorie? Alpine’s historic ‘gorilla’ is snow bound!

Once upon a time a big gorilla lived in the eucalyptus trees near a history museum in Alpine.

Now the eucalyptus trees are gone and Rorie the Gorilla, a huge Fiber glass creature, will be at the 23rd Alpine Village Parade of Lights & Snow Festival at 6:00 p.m. on Friday evening, Dec. 7.

Created in the 1960s and a long-time resident at the Alpine Historical Society’s museum, Rorie will be ready for selfie photos at the historical society’s booth during the Snow Festival in the Alpine Creek Town Center at 1347 Tavern Road. “We cut down six eucalyptus trees in early November,” Tom Myers, president of the Alpine Historical Society, said about Rorie’s current adventure. “We did that because they were a danger to the three historical houses on the site.”

In the past, Myers said, repairs have been required because of branches that fell on the John De Witt Historic Museum and Library at 2116 Tavern Road. He added that the wood from the tall trees was given away as free firewood. “We’re planning to replace the eucalyptus trees with some native oak trees,” said Myers. “They should be lower water demand and they should become good shade —- habitat friendly.”

Meanwhile, people have been asking what happened to Rorie, an area landmark.   “That’s the mystery question of today —- ‘Where’s Rorie?’” Myers said. “We’re going to give him a bath, brush his teeth and give him some cosmetics, treatment for his hair.  He’ll be back.”

That’s only one of the changes happening at the museum. This year the historical society received a $15,000 grant from the County of San Diego to remove the eucalyptus trees, replace the concrete floor of the carriage house and install a shipping container to store documents and artifacts.

Known as a great place to explore the county’s pioneer history, the museum is also designing a new exhibit about the Willows Resort, one of the earliest ones here, Myers said. “The 1906 buggy that’s been restored will be in the Willows exhibit,” he said. “We’ll have information about the Willows Resort and the multi-generation family (that started and ran it).” Descendants of resort owners S.B. Walker and his wife, Bevie, still live in the area, Myers said. The family came to Alpine in the 1890s.

It’s making that kind of history relevant today that museum docent Carol Morrison, former historical society president, loves to share with tourists, area residents and schoolchildren. “What type of life people led when they first moved here, the local beekeeping history and the farming equipment and more,” Morrison explained. “There’s a bathtub with a hand pump that the children really like. That’s so much more interesting than video games!”

The museum is always in need of docents, volunteers, members and donations. “I think being a docent is exciting, because people don’t know much about our history,” said Morrison.


Submitted by: Jo Moreland, Communications, Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce.